Below Deck Season 11 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities!

Below Deck Season 10 will be concluding soon and guess what, fans are again going crazy over the renewal of the show. All eyes are currently stuck on Below Deck Season 11. Our hopes are super high and according to our estimates, you won’t have to wait that long to witness another intriguing season of the show. Below Deck Season 11 is in high talk and we can’t wait to update you on the same.

It seems like the show will be renewed soon but the main question remains when will Below Deck Season 11 release? Well, the answer to this question solely lies with the production house! But guess what, we have recently received some exclusive updates on Below Deck Season 11, it seems like someone is planning to leave the show! So, here is everything we know so far about Below Deck Season 11. 

Below Deck Season 11 Release Date

Below Deck Season 11 Release Date

First things first, let us answer the most asked question out there! Is the popular reality series renewed for another installment? Should we begin our countdown for Below Deck Season 11? Well, the show is yet to be renewed officially but you can surely start the countdown for Season 11. We are pretty much sure that the popular TV show will be renewed this year, probably by the end of this month! 

We are still looking forward to channel Bravo, hopefully, they will soon show the green flag to Below Deck Season 11. We won’t blatantly lie to you but as of now, there is no such concrete or estimated release date available for Below Deck Season 11! If we go by the usual timeline of the series, then Below Deck Season 11 has a good chance to roll out in February 2024. It is quite safe to say that another exclusive installment of the show is just a year away from us. 

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Below Deck Season 10 Recap So Far

Below Deck Season 11 Release Date

The crew is back on stage! Everyone is trying to go out of their usual comfort zone. All the staff members of the luxurious yacht are up for new experiences and challenges! The guest list is pretty long, but our beloved yachties can handle anything and everything. Bring on the heat as they are ready to explore some crazy groups of passengers! A lot of challenges lie ahead of Chef Rachel, she must cook to perfection, and her one wrong move can cost her a lot. Moreover, how could we forget about the conspiracy between Camille and Ben? She has decided to fire Ben and this was a major shock for us. 

That’s not all, but the chaos in the yacht is highly bothering Captain Sandy. A lot needs to be changed now, their internal issues cannot be the reason behind the failure of the popular yacht program. They must keep the tensions among themselves, the guests must be treated rightfully. We have already witnessed a bunch of drama this season but guess what the farewell of Season 10 is still a bit far from us. If we are not wrong, Below Deck Season 10 Episode 17 has been scheduled to premiere on 20th March 2023. Hopefully, by the end of March, the reality series will be renewed for Season 11. 

Is Captain Lee Returning For Below Deck Season 11?

Unfortunately, Captain Lee will not be a part of Below Deck Season 11. Not only you but we too are shocked by this news. We weren’t expecting to see such a drastic change in the tale but it seems like the rumors weren’t false at all.

For the past ten years, he had been an integral part of the show. To some extent, that man has got a different fanbase as well. But it seems like nowadays his health has been a hit! Yes, fans you heard it right, Captain Lee is not well, his health is drastically deteriorating and now this calls for proper medical attention.

As per various sources, Captain Lee had some serious nerve problems and that’s why for the time being, he has decided to quit the show! Now, you must be wondering who will take up the spot next. Well, sources say that Captain Kerry will be filling up the position of Captain Lee. 

Below Deck Season 11 Release Date – FAQS

1. Is “Below Deck” renewed for Season 11?

As of March 2023, Below Deck is not renewed for Season 11.

2. When will Below Deck Season 11 premiere?

According to our estimates, Below Deck Season 11 might roll out in February 2024.

3. How many total episodes are there in Below Deck Season 10?

As of now, Below Deck Season 10 holds a total of 17 episodes.

4. Is “Below Deck” concluding with Season 10?

No, Below Deck is not concluding with Season 10.

5. Is Captain Lee out from Below Deck Season 11?

Yes, Captain Lee won’t be a part of Below Deck Season 11.

6. Who will be the next Captain of Below Deck?

Our estimates say Captain Kerry will be filling up the gap of Captain Lee.

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