MH370: The Plane That Disappeared Ending Explained And Review!

227 passengers and 12 crew members on board were wiped off the radar of the whole world! This documentary series takes us back to the greatest aviation suspense mystery of all time, the one which still remains unsolved. MH370: The Plane That Disappeared is now streaming on Netflix and what a brilliant documentary series it is! Was this an act of war? Whom should we blame, Russia or America? Was this a mass murder?

Is the pilot responsible? Was the plane hijacked? How is it possible that 239 people flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing were declared missing? How did the plane vanish from the South China Sea? Who is responsible for this act? The Malaysian Government was highly bombarded with these many questions and their public statements were disappointing and confusing! This series reminds us of 239 missing individuals, whose families are still waiting for them to come back. 

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared Ending Explained

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared - Review

Nine years have passed by, but we still don’t know what originally happened to MH370! This series takes us back to 8th March 2014, the plane has taken off from Kuala Lumpur and is traveling through the South China Sea. It was exactly 12:41 am when the plane went missing from the electronic radar and to date no one knows what happened to MH370. The plane must have run out of fuel, either it could have been crashed or hijacked or landed somewhere absolutely unknown to the whole world, but what’s more important is whether those 239 people are alive or not. If we believe they are dead, where are those dead bodies? They are all questioning one another but where is the answer everyone is looking for? 

Numerous theories came up, some said that the plane became a victim of the Russian or American government, some say Captain Zaharie executed the mass murder mission, and some went deep enough to claim that the plane landed in the deserts of Kazakhstan. Well, these are just a few of the theories portrayed in the fascinating documentary series, the stories don’t end here, it goes beyond one’s imagination. Some were investigating just for fame and popularity while some were truly digging deep into mathematical facts to give a conclusion to the whole story. 

But what’s important is, what about the families who were grieving in pain? What about the woman who lost his husband? What about the couple who lost their children? What about the son who still misses his mother every day? Well, the count is endless, numerous families were left in sheer shock, they were crying and sobbing, and their tears have dried up but that hope of seeing their loved ones again remains! A total of 154 Chinese men were traveling on the same plane, upon knowing about the suspicious missing case, their families hurried to the government authorities. All these families were angry, confused, and disheartened, they were questioning the government but in return, they only got haphazard replies, which fired a bunch of protests in the country as well. 

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MH370: The Plane That Disappeared – Various Conspiracy Theories! 

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared - Review

From Jeff Wise to Blaine Alan Gibson, we heard them all, they all have tried to solve the mystery case but somehow all these theories can’t be trusted accurately. They all come with some loophole or the other. Their theories are not free of flaws. Jeff Wise had two theories, initially, he was blaming the pilot but then he started blaming the Russian Government. According to his theory, the plane was mainly hijacked, he believes it might have landed somewhere in Kazakhstan but his theory lacked evidence and solid proof. Inmarsat released a statement quoting that the plane must have traveled either north or south, this is what their satellite captured and they finally went ahead and released their confidential data to the whole world. Thus came different theories which said that the plane must have crashed into the Indian Ocean but again where are the remains of MH370? Two long years passed by from the date of the tragic incident and yet the investigation team didn’t find any evidence supporting the same.

Moreover, the most shocking news was the sudden discovery of the flaperon. It appeared somewhere in the middle of the La Réunion beach and thus began Gibson’s unique search, where he traveled to many islands surrounding the Indian Ocean and found a few more parts of a plane. But whether these parts belong to MH370 or not is yet not known to anyone! Then comes Florence De Changy, the renowned journalist and writer, who decides to work on this mystery case. She started studying the whole thing and realized that the theories placed weren’t quite right. 

According to her statement,  MH370 became a victim of two AWACs, all planted by the Americans. She believes they have shot down the plane by a missile and thus the remains lie beneath the South China Sea. Her statement is backed by one of the Tomnoder volunteers as well, who personally found some evidence relating to the same. Well, these are just a few counterparts of the theories, the series is filled with a bunch of information that was never discussed publicly before! To learn more about other intriguing conspiracy theories surfacing MH370, watch the whole documentary series, exclusively just on Netflix

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