Who Does Mellie End Up With In Scandal?

In recent years, the popularity of TV series has exploded as more viewers have turned to various platforms to get their entertainment fixed. One genre that has surged in popularity is political thrillers. Series like House of Cards and Homeland have captivated audiences with their high-stakes drama and complex characters. One such TV series that has captivated audiences with its unique plotline and impeccable characters is Scandal.

Scandal is a political thriller television series with 7 seasons. It is created by Shonda Rhimes. The protagonist in the show is Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington. The show revolves around Pope, who is a former White House communications director.

The show delivers shocking plot twists, complex characters, and a unique storyline. In this article, we will take a closer look at what made Scandal such a success and also discuss some of its characters, like Mellie.

Who Does Mellie End Up With In Scandal?

Mellie Grant is a complex and fascinating character in the Scandal television series. The wife of the show’s main antagonist, President Fitzgerald Grant. She is a skilled political operator, and her ambitions often clash with those of her husband.

Mellie is not only a ruthless political operator; she is also a woman with a tragic past and a deep vulnerability that she often tries to hide from the world. Her relationship with Fitzgerald is full of secrets and tension.

Throughout the series, Mellie experiences growth and emerges as a powerful figure. In the series end, Mellie Grant remains the president and is seen ending up in a relationship with Marcus, who was her companion at the White House.

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Scandal Season 7 Recap

The season finale starts where the previous season left off: after Olivia Pope’s plans to overthrow the president of the United States are exposed, she is in a precarious position. She is seen struggling due to her past actions and thinking very little of herself.

As the season progresses, Pope works to redeem herself, while former president Fitzgerald Grant is trying to find his place in the world after leaving office. The new president, Mellie Grant, is adjusting to her new role as she has the big responsibility of keeping the United States safe.

The season is full of political drama as the characters navigate through struggles and personal crises. Olivia has formed some new enemies and is also facing threats from the old ones. To tackle this treacherous situation, she must confront her own demons. The other characters are also seen making difficult choices in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The season’s final episodes tie up loose ends and bring the series to a satisfying conclusion, with Olivia and her team finally finding redemption and closure. The season also includes several surprise appearances and cameos and ends on a satisfying note.

Scandal Cast

The cast of Scandal television series entails a vivid cast, with some of them joining later in the series and some appearing throughout the series. Some of the main cast members of the series include:

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant, Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant, Jeff Perry as Cyrus Beene, Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan, Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins, Guillermo Diaz as Huck, Joshua Malina as David Rosen, Scott Foley as Jake Ballard, and Joe Morton as Rowan Pope.

Frequently Asked Questions- Scandal

1. What is Scandal about?

Scandal is a political thriller TV series that follows the life of Olivia Pope, a former White House communications director who starts her own crisis management firm in Washington, D.C. The show revolves around Pope and her team as they navigate through the political landscape, solving problems and handling scandals.

2. When did Scandal first air?

Scandal premiered on ABC on April 5, 2012, and ran for seven seasons until April 19, 2018.

3. Who created Scandal?

The scandal was created by Shonda Rhimes.

4. Who stars in Scandal?

Scandal stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant, Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant, and many other talented actors and actresses throughout the series.

5. What awards has “Scandal” won?

The TV series has won several awards throughout its run, including multiple NAACP Image Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Peabody Award.

6. Where can I watch Scandal?

Scandal is available to stream on several platforms, including Hulu, Netflix, and ABC’s website.

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