Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 2 Recap: Did Shin Win The Lawsuit?

A new courtroom drama is now trending on Netflix! Divorce Attorney Shin, the latest comedy K-drama has become one of the most-anticipated K-dramas of March 2023. Netflix recently dropped Divorce Attorney Shin episode 2 and it has been quite thought-inducing, hasn’t it? With several incidents happening simultaneously, we are left with numerous questions unanswered, aren’t we?

So far, Divorce Attorney Shin has been a perfect blend of comedy, drama, romance and thrill. We have a divorce attorney, Shin Sung-Han, who is slowly becoming one of the best attorneys in South Korea. The mischievous yet mature attorney now takes up the case of Lee Seo-Jin–a lawsuit no other lawyer was interested in. Has Shin set up himself for an impossible mission? Or he proved everyone wrong and win the lawsuit? Let’s find out!

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 2 Recap

Netflix released the first episode of this K-drama on 4 March 2023 while the second episode dropped in on March 5. Scheduled for a weekly release, Divorce Attorney Shin is a light drama revolving around Shin and his endeavours. A pianist turned lawyer, Shin is quite polite outside the courtroom. But once he steps in, Shin is a force to be reckoned with. He is ruthlessly competitive and doesn’t stop until he wins.

But Lee’s case is quite a complicated mess. She is a celebrity radio artist who cheated on her husband with a waiter, Ji-Hun. And now the entire world is aware of her shenanigans, thanks to the explicit video recorded by Ji-Hun. While this is the truth, it is just the surface of Lee’s exterior. On the outside, she holds her head high and wears a cold mask. But she’s hiding several scars and bearing an abusive husband.

At first, Shin denies taking up Lee’s case but when she narrates the entire story of her dominating husband, he agrees to fight for Lee. In the first episode, we witnessed how Lee was on the verge of giving up on the lawsuit. In this episode, Lee agrees to fight for her son and herself. But of course, her husband, Kang Hee-Sub, doesn’t make it easy for them.

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Did Shin Win The Lawsuit?

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 2 Recap

We all know Kang is someone who doesn’t mind getting his hand dirty, to him the end result matters not the journey. So, to win this lawsuit and Hyeong-u’s custody, Kang does something irrevocable. He doesn’t only spank Hyeong-u, he also makes him watch Lee’s video with Ji-Hun. The already tormented child starts to throw fits because of him and Lee starts to blame herself for it. 

Thankfully, Heyong-u connects with Shin enough to tell him the entire truth and hand his journal over to him. The best part of the episode is when Lee slaps Kang over and over again for showing her video to Heyong-u. Though she falls unconscious later on, Kang’s humiliated face becomes the highlight of the episode.

When she wakes up, Lee demands to be freed from the episode so that she could ask for Hyeong-u’s forgiveness. Her initial fear of losing her son’s custody reflects very well on her face but the smile that blooms later on makes it all worth it. Not only did Shin win the divorce case and Hyeong-u’s custody, but he also got Lee a proper division of property. One question remains at the forefront of our brain as Lee walks away from Shin; are they over? 

Are Shin And Lee Over?

For more than half of the episode, we keep wondering the same. When we saw the trailer, we knew Lee and Shin weren’t going to be just colleagues. But as Lee saunters away from Shin, that belief is challenged thoroughly. As the episode progresses, Shin is restless. He is reminiscing, his past is threatening to bombard his present and his friends are all trying to cheer him up with a glass of wine.

On the other hand, Lee and Heyong-u have started to bond over ramen and pork soups. Also, we are introduced to some new characters that are going to become Shin’s new clients. A messed up family with mortgage issues and on the verge of a breakdown. Then, we have a drunk Shin wandering down memory lane and threatening to kill an anonymous him. But amid all of this, our hope for Lee and Shin starts to diminish until the credits start to roll down.

And we are treated to a short teaser for Divorce Attorney Shin episode 3. In this teaser, Lee is joining Shin in his office and helping him with his creaking door. Shin’s mysterious family members are coming over and he has got a new case that doesn’t seem easy either. The highlight is we will have more of Lee and Shin!

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