Alita: Battle Angel Part 2 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities!

The human brain works fantastically. No matter how much we try to be in the present, we truly cannot be because some part of the brain is constantly thinking about what we are going to do in the next minute. Thinking about the future has led people to discover many things for a long period now. Although we are in the present, scientists out there are trying to invent something that will be useful in the future. We are constantly thinking about the future while being in the present. We are constantly inventing something. The human brain always has a penchant for what is going to happen next. 

Since the Enlightenment Age, there has been a massive development in the field of science. People have been invested in discovering new stuff for the future. Science always has a habit of inquiring about what is going to happen in the future. It is trying to make the future better all the time through its various inventions. This intermix of thinking about the future and Science has opened a new space for the world of entertainment. You must be wondering how so. Have you ever given deep thought to the genre of Science-Fiction? Well, if you have, you will know that most of the movies falling under this genre talk about the future where Science is advanced beyond imagination. 

If you have watched Divergent and Space Sweepers, you would know what exactly I am talking about. Essentially, the crux of the whole discussion till now is, most of the movies that fall under Science-Fiction are based on an age in the far future, an age that we can only think about because our brains like to think about the future, an age where we all will not be alive. 

This age in the far future forms the basis of the movie Alita: Battle Angel. The famous Cameron movie took the whole world into a tide of excitement in 2019. Since the fans have been wondering if the super blockbuster film is going to get a second part. In this article, we are going to discuss exactly that. You will be informed about the second part of the film, the cast, and also a brief, synopsis kind of thing about the 2019 film. You will also get to know about the upcoming trailers for the film. All you must do is read this article further. 

Alita: Battle Angel Part 2 Release Date

The film, Alita: Battle Angel, was released in the year 2019. 3+ years have passed since the release of the film, and there has been no announcement regarding the second part of the film. There is no official news from the whole production unit of the film about the second installment of the first film. However, the story does not end here. There are hopes that we might get a second film. 

According to the news channels and reports, both Cameron and Rodriguez have had talks about returning the film to the theatres for a second time. Although they have come to any conclusion yet, there have been talks about this. They are not unaware of the love and hype the film got from the audience. Keeping in mind the amazing ratings of the film, the production unit may bring the film to us for another time. 

The cast of the film is excited for the film’s second part like the fans. The cast members have let it known that they will be glad to perform as the cast for the second film if the production unit decides to move forward with the plan. 

Hence, since there are so many reasons for the film to return for its second time, we should not lose hope. Even if we should not believe in rumors that are an incessant affair in the entertainment industry, we should also not lose hope regarding the film’s coming back. If Avatar can return, Alita can return too. We will just have to keep a track of all the official announcements from the creators of the film. They may release any official news at any moment. 

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Alita: Battle Angel Story

After going through the discussion in the introduction you have probably understood the basic foundation of the film. Alita: Battle Angel is a Science-Fiction movie which is based in the year 2563, a year that is way too far in the future. 

In the year 2563, the earth is not the one in which we are living. Human habitation on earth has been almost wiped out following a horrific war, ‘The Fall’. Sounds similar to the first and the second world wars, right? It indeed does. Wars are always horrific. They are capable of wiping out the entire population of the earth as they once did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was in 1945, if a world war happens now, you probably have this idea that it will be capable of killing the complete population of the globe within minutes.

In the film, ‘The Fall’ had a similar effect on the contemporary population. In this ‘death yard’ one scientist named Dr. Dyson Ido is roaming around to find some stuff that will come to his use for experiments. While he is going on with his search, he finds the body of a mutilated cyborg. The condition of the body is pathetic and some parts of it are missing. Well, as a scientist of that age, Dr. Dyson must have been used to coming across such scenes. 

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Dr. Dyson discovers that even though the body of the cyborg is in fragments, the human brain the body is still as it was. The brain of the cyborg is completely fine and functioning well. The scientist decides to give a new life to the cyborg hence. He takes the brain with him and installs it in a new body. As a result, a new cyborg is formed with the old brain. However, even if the brain is old, the new cyborg does not have any memory of what it was before. It is like, this cyborg is a new individual completely. 

Dr. Dyson names this new cyborg Alita. Alita was his daughter. He named the cyborg in memory of his daughter. Hence, this is how Alita is born. After she gets a new life, she tries to live the best life. She befriends others among whom Hugo is one. Now, here is the twist, Hugo is a bad person with the façade of goodness. He introduces Alita to the Motorball game, but Alita does not know that Hugo is simply using her.

Hugo works with Vector. He befriends cyborgs, kills them, and sells their body parts to Vector. He wants to the do same with Alita. What will Alita do now? Will she come to know the real Hugo behind his façade? Will she fall in love with the wrong person? What will happen to Alita? Will Hugo kill her? To get answers to all these questions that are probably clouding your mind, you will have to watch the film. You will not regret watching the film, it is worth every minute that you spend behind it. 

If part 2 of the film is released, it will probably continue the storyline of the first movie. We will get to know more about the adventures of Alita in her world. 

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Alita: Battle Angel Cast

The cast of Alita: Battle Angel includes Rosa Salazar as Alita, Keean Johnson as Hugo, Christopher Waltz as Dr. Dyson Ido, Jennifer Connelly as Dr. Chiren, Ed Skrien as Zapan, Jackie Earle Haley as Grewushka, Mahershala Ali as Vector, Lana Condor as Koyomi, Jorge Lendenborg Jr. as Tanji, Michelle Rodriguez as Gelda, Eiza Gonzalez as Nyssiana, and Jeff Fahey as McTeague. 

Besides them, there are other members too who have acted in supporting roles adding more life to the film.

The cast will probably remain the same if the second installment of the movie is confirmed. 

Alita: Battle Angel Crew

The film is based on the Japanese cyberpunk manga Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro. This is the reason why many of the cast members have a resemblance to Japanese names. The film is produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau. It has been directed by Robert Rodriguez. The cinematography has been taken care of by Bill Pope, and it has been edited by Stephen E. Rivkin and Ian Silverstein. Music for the film has been produced by Tom Holkenborg. 

The production companies included have been 20th Century Fox, Lightstorm Entertainment, Troublemaker Studios, and TSG Entertainment. 

It was released on 31st January 2019 in London and on 14th February 2019 in the United States.

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Alita: Battle Angel Trailer

If you have not watched the trailer of the movie yet, you can click the link given above to watch it. 

Since the second part of the movie has not been confirmed yet, we do not have any news regarding its trailer.

FAQS About Alita: Battle Angel 

1. What is Alita: Battle Angel about?

The film is about the journey of a cyborg in the year 2563. 

2. Is Alita: Battle Angel based on some manga?

Yes, the movie is based on the manga Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro. 

3. Is Lana Condor in Alita: Battle Angel?

Yes, Lana Condor is there in the movie.

4. Will we get Alita: Battle Angel part 2?

There have been talks going on about so but nothing has been confirmed yet.

5. Is Alita: Battle Angel a Cameron film?

Yes, the movie has been produced by James Cameron. 

6. Where can I watch Alita: Battle Angel?

You can watch the film on Disney+ Hotstar with a subscription.

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