Taj: Divided By Blood Ending Explained & Review: The Destruction Begins!

A highly intriguing historical drama series has caught our attention recently. Taj: Divided By Blood is currently streaming on Zee5 and what a first season it was! They have brought back the Mughal Empire for us, but this time the story has been twisted to another level. Taj: Divided By Blood reminds us of the time when Akbar the Great was looking for his ultimate heir, the one who deserves to sit on the throne, the one who will lead his kingdom towards peace and harmony.

The stage has opened up again for Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, this is where it all began, and this is where the strong pillars of the Mughal Empire were questioned! All three are trying to prove themselves. This brings us to his three sons who will be fighting for the ultimate throne of India! Daniyal, Murad, and Salim, all are on our radar and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. 

Taj: Divided By Blood Review

Taj: Divided By Blood - The Destruction Begins

Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar widely known as Akbar the Great was indeed one of the exceptional Mughal rulers of India. But what happened to his vast empire? At the mere age of 14, he ascended the throne and thus began another astonishing era of the Mughal Empire. We all know about his great victories, and we all know how he expanded his rule but this series takes us through the destruction of the Empire! It all comes down to one thing, who will be the next Badshah? Who will lead the Mughal Empire forward? This introduces us to his three sons, Salim, the drunkard, Murad, the warmonger, and last but not the least, Akbar’s all-time favorite, Daniyal. 

The historical drama series is filled with complicated twists and turns, one thing is for sure Akbar is suffering from great grief, he has killed thousands and now he is looking for peace, he is falling weak day by day and how could we forget about his outrageous decision of killing Anarkali and Durjan Singh? The series indeed discusses some of the hidden mysteries of the age-old Mughal Empire. It tells us how harmful power can be. On one hand, Murad feels neglected, on the other hand, Salim is questioning his father’s way of handling the Empire. They might be powerful and brave but they weren’t as dangerous as their fellow brother Daniyal! 

To some extent, Daniyal was brainwashed by Akbar’s infamous courtier named Badayuni. He was highly influenced by his words and that’s where he went wrong! From being a pious person to becoming a deadly monster feasting upon people’s blood, Daniyal’s unique character truly shocked us a lot. Again, when we talk about Akbar’s sons, how could we forget about his first heir, Salim? He was the one who inherited some of Akbar’s good habits, he was extremely kind and brave. But he as well wasn’t free from faults.

Salim was mostly seen as a drunkard and promiscuous son of Akbar, but then came across Anarkali, and his life was turned upside down. Their eyes met and a new love story began in the Mughal Sultanate. But in this world of power and rule, their love failed to survive, and thus came Anarkali’s separation from Salim! After all, a prince could never dare to love a concubine! Last but not the least, Murad, the short-tempered son of Akbar. His only strength was his power! But as the saying goes by, you cannot win the battle just with power, your intelligence is equally important and Murad fell extremely short here! Just like Daniyal was influenced by Badayuni, Murad fell into the trap of Abul Fazl! Little did he know, that his dear well-wisher will soon become his murderer. 

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Taj: Divided By Blood – Ending Explained

Taj: Divided By Blood - The Destruction Begins

The first season of the show was indeed a rollercoaster ride for us. Each episode of the drama series was filled with intense planning and plotting. The Mughal Empire was curbing down. The establishment of Din-i-illahi was questioned. Anarkali was killed brutally! Salim was exiled from the palace and Daniyal was slowly becoming his father’s favorite son. It all comes down to one thing, was Akbar the Great declaring himself as the ultimate God? 

Was he biased in his ultimate decision of punishing the three? Was the Great Badshah accountable for the destruction of the Empire? To some extent, yes, Akbar could have done things differently but we cannot overlook the fact that he was trying to impose unity in his Empire, but then also we cannot stop questioning the foundation of his plans and opinions. The show ends with Salim’s ultimate motive! He might have been exiled from the palace, but he will return soon and this time, he will return for revenge! 

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