Daisy Jones And The Six: Is Daisy Behind The Fallout Of The Band?

Portraying the enormous struggle of The Six, a rock music band, Daisy Jones And The Six is Prime Video’s latest series. Adapted from Taylor Jenkins Reed’s best-selling novel, this series has garnered quite attention over the past year. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this series has been one of the most anticipated musical dramas of March 2023. And now, Daisy Jones And The Six has been released by Amazon just a few hours ago.

Even though Prime Video has released just three episodes, it is enough to make this series one of the best musical series out there. With a rich cast ensemble and a gripping storyline, Daisy Jones And The Six lets us have a close look at the 70s bands and their struggle. Dealing with heavy issues like drugs, alcohol, and mental abuse, Prime Video has hit the mark with this series. But one question remains at the forefront of our brain; why did such a huge band have a fallout? Is Daisy behind the fallout of the band? Let’s find out now!

Is Daisy Behind The Fallout Of The Band?

Is Daisy Behind The Fallout Of The Band?

The 70’s rock music, those vinyl booths, and the hunger for stardom lure everyone toward this series. Not only do we have a unique storyline, but we also have characters who draw us in. Starting Billy Dune, the founder and creator of the band formerly called Dune Brother, now known as The Six. Other band members, Karen, Eddie, Graham, Camila, and Warren also add to the magical sophistication of the show. And yes, the band is still called The Six and not Daisy Jones And The Six.

It is because The Six have just met the sassy Daisy. Teddy Price, the record manager, has infused Billy and Daisy into a song after Billy’s dramatic past. Though it isn’t enough to merge them just yet, it is a great start. And as for the reason behind the almost fallout of the band, it is on Billy. The synopsis of the show hinted at a major fallout, right? This was just a trailer, the ultimate downfall awaits us in the upcoming episodes.

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Daisy Jones: The Journey From Self-Isolation To The Stage

When the series’ credits roll down, we are introduced to a little Daisy Jones. A cute 7 or 8-year-old who is hiding from her mother so that she is saved from her wrath. The said mother considers her an embarrassment and wants to hide her away from her elite guests. This goes on for years until Daisy starts to seek solitude in music and begins scribbling random lyrics into her diary.

As she grows up, she starts to seek this solitude in random bars where she gets to hear live music. Daisy snorts drugs, smokes cigarettes, and infiltrates her system with bottles of wine only to be able to win over her self-esteem issues. When her mother rummages through her bedroom and finds out Daisy’s secret diary, Daisy’s patience snaps. Only, her mother doesn’t stop at that. She also claims that Daisy should drop dreaming about being a singer someday–albeit indirectly.

This is when Simone, a musician, and on-stage singer, comes into her life and turns it upside down for good. Simone helps Jones realize what she’s missing in life and that she should start pursuing her dreams. This is when Daisy leaves her parents’ house and joins Simone as a roommate. Picking on odd jobs, she struggles to earn but is delirious to be able to perform on stage.

How Does Teddy Price Become The Mentor Of Daisy Jones?

Is Daisy Behind The Fallout Of The Band?

When Daisy Jones starts to perform on stage, she pours her soul into it and it isn’t only Simone who realizes it. Teddy Price, a leading record manager, acknowledges Daisy’s exquisite talent as well. When he offers her a deal, claiming that she needs some shaping, Daisy turns her back on him. Talent like hers demand some snarky sass as well, doesn’t it?

Price isn’t ready to let go either, his stubbornness matches Daisy’s sass, too. He shows up at the dinner Jones waitresses at and offers her his business card once again, claiming that all he wants is to help Daisy reach out to the world. But since Jones has already met several people who have used her by muttering the same sentence, she’s afraid to believe him.

Slowly with Teddy’s relentlessness and Daisy’s childhood dream of becoming a leading singer, everything seems to settle down. Daisy agrees to let Teddy help polish her skills and lets go of the baggage she has been holding onto. Now, Teddy introduces Daisy to The Six or more specifically Billy Dune–a former drug addict and the leading singer of the band–and asks them to record a duo together. What happens next remains a mystery Daisy Jones And The Six episode 4 will solve!

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