Andrew Schulz Wife: Is He Married To Emma Turner?

As we already know, celebrities have tempestuous romantic lives. Most of them do. This can be attributed to their busy day-to-day schedules and other personal matters. However, this happening cannot be generalized. Among them, many celebrities are living peaceful lives with their romantic partners. They are either married or in live-in relationships.

These celebrities who have peaceful romantic lives mostly keep their relationships private, but can we control our curiosity? Perhaps, not. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss one such celebrity who has opened up about his romantic relationship, but not all of us have had the opportunity to be a part of that conversation. 

We will move forward with today’s celebrity under the spotlight, Andrew Schulz. Andrew Schulz is a famous American stand-up comedian who has released his comedy albums on platforms like Amazon, Apple Music, and Google Play.

Besides being a stand-up comedian, he has also appeared in some of the podcasts and shows on MTV2. Currently, Schulz is a famous personality known all across the United States. He was not this famous since the inception of his career, but his good sense of humor made him what he is today. 

In one of his podcasts, he opened up about his married life and how he got married to his wife. However, not all of us have had the opportunity to be a part of the listeners’ circle of that podcast. Hence, if you are curious about how he proposed to his wife, you will have to read further. As we go ahead, we will discuss Schulz’s early life and how he stepped into the field of stand-up comedians.

Andrew Schulz’s Wife

Andrew Schulz Wife

Andrew Schulz got married to Emma Turner in 2021. It is unknown to us how the two met, but some parts of their journey together have come to our notice. 

Emma Turner is a food blogger. She got her cooking skills from her mother, who used to have cooking lessons from her first husband. Turner’s career does not only revolve around blogging. She has an MBA degree from the NYU Stern School of Business. She is also trained in Pilates (her mother has been the owner of a Pilates training center), and she also possesses a certificate in that field. However, Turner had never used her Pilates skills professionally. During her days in college, she interned at many places, and she also worked with some fashion brands. 

Coming to her relationship with Schulz, since their meeting, she has not allowed Schulz to have bad food, especially after the food poisoning incident that occurred. In the podcast, he shared that when he bent on his knee to propose to Turner for marriage, he messed up his speech. He did not forget words, but he messed up the words because of his nervousness at that moment. His words were a bit jumbled, but Turner managed to understand him and said ‘Yes’. 

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Andrew Schulz Early Life

Andrew Schulz Wife

Andrew Schulz was born on 30th October 1983 in New York. His mother is of Scottish descent while his father is an American and has Irish and German ancestry. 

While he attended high school, he discovered that he can put his good sense of humor to use, to his advantage. As the days passed by, he explored many areas of the industry of Stand-up comedians and took part in various shows. He once participated in a show that was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Soon, he released his comedy skits on iTunes and other platforms where he went wildly famous. His comedy skits started to trend to the first position on iTunes. It was not very long before he made his way even to the billboards. 

Andrew Schulz Career

As his fame was growing as a Stand-up comedian, shows started to invite him to play certain roles in them. He has been seen on some shows that used to air on MTV2. The shows include Jobs That Don’t Suck, Guy Code, Guy Court, Girl Code, and The Hook-Up. He also started his podcasts, one of which, Flagrant, is co-hosted by Akash Singh (another Stand-up comedian). It is in this podcast he revealed the hilarious story of his proposal to Emma Turner. The couple has been doing fine, and we wish the best for them. He is also well known for his podcast with Emma Turner named The Brilliant Idiots.

Andrew Schulz Past Relationships

Andrew Schulz is now married to the love of his life named Emma Turner. But now his fans want to know about his past relationships as well. Who were the lucky girls, who were once in a relationship with Andrew? Actually, before Emma, Andrew was dating Sara Phillipes and Jamie Lee.

Sara and Andrew came into a relationship for only 2 years and according to Andrew, they separated because they are growing apart but on the other hand when we listen to Sara’s side, she said that they separated because of Andrew’s abusive nature.

Well, now come to the next love interest of Andrew, Jamie is a stand-up comedian but she and Andrew dated for a very short period of time. Nothing was wrong in their relationship, even reports are saying that they are still friends and they even did a tour together.

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FAQS about Andrew Schulz and Emma Turner

1. Did Schulz and Turner meet in college?

It is not known how they crossed each other’s paths. 

2. What is the age of Andrew Schulz?

As of now, Andrew Schulz is 39 years old. 

3. What is the age of Emma Turner?

Emma Turner is 28 years old. She had her birthday celebration on 14th February.

4. Who is Andrew Schulz?

Andrew Schulz is a famous American Stand-up comedian and also the host of some of his podcasts. He has also acted in certain roles in some shows on MTV2. 

5. Does Emma Turner have a BASI certificate?

Yes, she has an official certificate in Pilates, but she has not taken it up as her profession. 

6. What does Emma Turner do?

Emma Turner is a food blogger who has a following of 31.5k.

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