Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3 Becomes A Hot Topic Now!

Since Netflix dropped Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 2 a while ago and we are all still amazed by the series, it is rather obvious we would be wanting another season of this gripping Spanish thriller. An explosive world of drugs and guns awaits us in this series and the emotion-filled storyline has kept us hooked to the series. Be it Tirso Abantos, the grumpy protagonist of the series, or any other cast member, their acting skills have made this series such a delightful watch.

We all know how thrilling the Spanish series could be which is why we are all hooked on them, aren’t we? And when a series that has been rumored to be the most-awaited Spanish drama drops on Netflix, we are all over it! Now that we have witnessed season 2, we are all wanting to know about Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3. Come, let’s satiate our curiosity!

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3: Exploring The Possibilities

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3

Manifesting a series is a time-consuming process, we are quite aware of that, aren’t we? But manifesting a sequel is an even more crucial task than debuting it. And when the series is a Netflix original, the sequel becomes an even more complicated task. Wrong Side Of The Tracks is a gripping action thriller. With two seasons to its name and intersecting stories continuing for both seasons, it is natural the audience would want another season.

But the makers are not so eager. Or are they hiding it from us? No idea. They haven’t released any confirmation yet and we cannot hold it against them either since Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 2 just dropped on Netflix. It would take a while before the makers hand out a confirmation but they will most probably approve it. 

Since season 2 ended with multiple intriguing cliffhangers, we cannot expect Netflix or the makers to cancel this series. Season 2 dropped on Netflix on March 1, 2023. Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 is expected to drop in spring 2024 following the pattern set by its previous seasons. Let’s wait for the makers to announce a concrete release date!

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Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3: Cliffhangers Will Decide The Plot

This Spanish thriller is a juicy tale of Tirso Abantos, a seemingly normal hardware shop owner who hides some dark feathers under his bright plumage. But the best part is Tirso never tries to hide, never tries to portray himself as anything he isn’t. So, when Tirso’s granddaughter, Elaine, falls into a dark web of drugs, he doesn’t hold back. Tirso blames Elaine’s boyfriend, Nelson, for dragging her into this mess.

Here begins Tirso’s journey to somehow save Elaine from the dirty clutches of Sandro, the immoral drug kingpin. The icing on the cake is Elaine’s constant stubbornness and tendency to get herself in trouble. Season 2 ended with so many cliffhangers that are expected to help Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 3 become as successful as its previous seasons.

The major story arc season 3 could follow is the mysterious Phantom. The last episodes hinted at an arms dealer who killed Amanda’s father. Since Amanda has now become a cop, this season could follow Phantom’s entry into The Blocks and Amanda’s beef with him. Of course, Tirso and Elaine would be at the center of it. We could witness Amanda’s revenge on Phantom and maybe it would threaten Elaine and Tirso’s budding relationship. Moreover, Gladys, Nelson’s mother, and Tirso’s relationship need more focus from season 3!

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Series Review: Messy Yet Emotionally Gripping Story

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3

Wrong Side Of The Tracks is an intricately woven action thriller that has captured our attention widely. Especially since season 2 has recently dropped on Netflix, we have been wondering about the series, aren’t we? Well, if you are wondering whether this series is worth watching, the answer is yes. If you are into Spanish action thrillers that will also make you emotionally captivated, you should give this series a try.

The cast ensemble is quite rich, and the storyline is gripping as well. But at times it feels a bit dragged. This 8-episode-long series could have been shorter. Especially the parts where Elaine landed herself in trouble over and over again because she thought her adoptive parents didn’t love her and she was all alone in the world, making you cringe. And then, there is Tirso, the heroic grandfather of Elaine. He is quite a fascinating man but his grumpiness needs to be tamed down. Rest aside, the series could make for a great weekend binge.

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