Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 Ending Explained: Sandro’s Death Is A Mystery We Need To Solve!

There is always a neighbourhood in our cities we are not allowed to roam in, right? Call it our parents’ concern or call it a restriction, we won’t get permission to wander there. And like the stubborn rebels we are, we would never let anyone control us. So, we end up getting a glimpse of that neighbourhood, don’t we? Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 2 brings forward a teenager, Elaine, who shares the same sentiments with us.

But this time, it isn’t her parents keeping her on a tight leash. Instead, it is her grumpy grandpa, Tirso, who doesn’t let Elaine enjoy her teenage. Or more like, he is making sure she doesn’t land herself in trouble again. And with Elaine’s sordid history, it doesn’t seem like torture only a storyline we love watching! But the plotline is so complex, it has left us brimming with questions, isn’t it? So, let’s not wait and get you the answers to your questions about Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 2!

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 Ending Explained: The Grumpy Grandpa Rocks Again

Netflix dropped Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 2 just a few hours earlier. And while we are all well aware of Tirso’s grumpiness from season 1, season 2 has intensified it to another level. All the cast from the last season is back with a bang. This time, Tirso has set up himself for a seemingly impossible challenge–tame the wild teenager, Elaine, who keeps him on his toes.

So, it begins with Elaine and her questionable decisions. It’s Tirso’s birthday and his so-called family has planned a surprise party for him but the old man is busy somewhere else. Since Tirso lives in The Block, a grizzly neighbourhood, unruly teenagers are lurking everywhere. And he cannot tolerate that which is why he shoos them away with a gun–yes, a real gun. A man of morals, right? Well, not quite. 

Tirso isn’t familiar with modern trends and opposes the relationship with his granddaughter, Elaine, severely. And when she is found with drugs in the middle of the night in The Block, Tirso’s suspicion grows deeper. Though Tirso rescues Elaine and hides her secret from her parents, he does tell them about Elaine’s wandering. When Elaine’s parents, Ivan and Jemina, try to send their daughter to a boarding school after this incident, Tirso keeps her in his apartment. And here begins Elaine’s training–or more like torture.

When Tirso demands answers from Elaine and she refuses, he dumps the entire 1-kilogram packet of drugs in the sink. Yes, the grumpy old man does that! His stunt lands Elaine and her boyfriend, Nelson, in trouble with the drug kingpins. Now Nelson and Elaine need to figure out something but before they could, their life takes a turn for the worse.

Sandro The Drug Lord Rests In Dust

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 Ending Explained:

Since Elaine is madly in love with Nelson, she shows up at the doorstep of the drug lord, Sandro unannounced. Offering him anything in return for Nelson’s life was probably the stupidest thing she has done throughout the series. And what do they do? Show her cruel they could be, how merciless and immoral they are.

Brutally assaulted and scared to the bone, Elaine goes back to the salty black coffees and tortillas aka her grandfather’s house. And like the true survivor she is, Elaine tries hiding it all from Tirso. This girl who has led the life of a princess wanted to run away with Nelson. Why? Because her parents who adopted her couldn’t keep up with her. Because she thought she was alone in the world. So, she found solace in Nelson and resorted to drugs–both consumption and distribution–and Sandro.

Later on, when our grouchy hero learns the truth, his anger ruins it all. Tirso ends up burning Sandro’s drug point and relishes in it. Even Nelson tries harming Sandro but ends up doing nothing because of Elaine. When Sandro kills Loko, Nelson’s best friend, he couldn’t help himself and ends up at his door. 

At the same time, Amanda, the investigating officer who also wants revenge on Sandro, barges in through the door. Since Ezequiel, Amanda’s colleague and a man with deeper secrets are under Sandro’s jurisdiction, she has a strong motive to kill him. And while Sandro does end on the floor, we have got two suspects. Nelson rejoices to kill Sandro and Amanda who has got a gun in her hand. Well, who did it? We rely on Nelson’s side since he is as hotheaded as Tirso and can do anything anytime. This Spanish thriller, Wrong Side Of The Tracks or Entrevias, does end on a rather interesting cliffhanger.

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Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 Ending Explained

Who Is Phantom? Is He The Mastermind Behind Sandro’s Death?

In the beginning, Amanda seemed just another police investigator who was out to investigate Elaine’s recklessness. Not only did this girl show up at the doorstep of the inhuman drug lords, but it was also her idea to get into this as well. And she dragged Nelson with her as well. It was her insecurities that ended up with both Nelson and herself on Amanda’s radar.

But as the series progresses, you would find Amanda doing some questionable things. She would trail after Nelson and spy on Ezequiel silently. At first, we chalked it up as her dedication and then called her obsessed with Elaine’s case. That’s not the case though. Amanda isn’t obsessed with Elaine or Nelson, she isn’t after justice either. Sandro is on her radar but there is her need for revenge on Phantom that makes Sandro her target.

Now, who is Phantom? Phantom is a cold-blooded killer who murdered Amanda’s father brutally. He is a weapon dealer–and probably much more–who deals with Sandro regularly. He is an ally of Sandro, not an enemy who planned to kill him. Or so season 2 tells us so far.

Elaine And Tirso: No More Misunderstandings

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 Ending Explained:

Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 2 has been quite a wild ride. With drugs and ammunition lurking at every corner, the emotions were running high, too. Or more importantly, there was one emotion that kept us hooked to the series for 8 episodes; Elaine’s hatred. Whenever Tirso tried to talk to her, do something for her, Elaine somehow could never find anything but objection in it. 

And while Tirso didn’t go easy on her, always bottling his feelings and treating Elaine like a paying guest, Elaine’s reactions were always extreme. It was the teenage rebel in her that didn’t let her bow down and then there were the insecurities that made Elaine seek solitude in Nelson. Nothing seemed to crack Elaine’s armour when it came down to bearing her grandfather.

Toris went beyond everything for his granddaughter. Maybe, it is because Jemina accused him of being a useless father and driving her mother away when she was a child. Or maybe, it is because she wants to prove her wrong. Or maybe, Toris does it because of both the reasons and out of love for Elaine.

The wall between Elaine and Toris was probably Nelson. Since Toris kept accusing him and Nelson kept pushing back, Elaine relied more upon Nelson because of their swoon-worthy relationship. So, when Nelson breaks up with Elaine in the end and explains to her how deeply Toris loves her, everything seems to sort out. Elaine finally sees her grandfather as what he is; an angry old man who can walk through fire for the people he loves. And Toris finally accepts that he once failed his children but Elaine taught him how to be a better parent.

Gladys And Tirso: The Shift In Their Dynamics Leaves Us Shocked

It isn’t just Nelson who shares a bittersweet relationship with Toris, his mother and Toris don’t have a better relationship either. It starts with Gladys slapping Tirso tight and though he totally deserved it, Tirso couldn’t accept it. Then, they get into another fight that ends up with Gladys throwing water at his face.

When Ezequiel saved Nelson almost every time he got into trouble and stole glances at Gladys, we knew there was something going on between them. Gladys was fond of him but Ezequiel was totally in love with her. Though Ezequiel two-timed the police and Sandro, his loyalty towards Gladys never wavered. In the end, when he asked Gladys to run away with him, we were positive she would say yes.

But Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 2 is full of shocks! Gladys doesn’t relent, she refuses to go with Ezequiel and chooses to stay in the apartment opposite Tirso. When he asks her about the reason, she chooses to stay silent but like the detective he is, Ezequiel knows Gladys was in love with someone else. Guess who? Yes, it is the angry old man, Toris! What’s better? Even Toris has a soft corner for her. Indeed, this twist was one of the best ones in Wrong Side Of The Tracks season 2!

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