Is Selling Sunset Scripted?

The real estate agents are back on our radar, have you heard the latest rumors about Selling Sunset? Some viewers of the popular Netflix series claim that the show is scripted word for word! Not only you but we too are shocked by this comment! When it comes to classic entertaining reality TV series, Selling Sunset always comes to our minds.

But hey there, have you wondered what if the rumors are true? Is the show truly scripted? Over a short period, Selling Sunset has got a huge fanbase out there. Whether it was a juicy gossip about Christine Quinn or Chrishell Stause, Selling Sunset has never disappointed us! But the latest rumors might harm the goodwill of the show. 

Is Selling Sunset Scripted?

You ask us something and we don’t hear your grievances? Well, that’s quite impossible, right? Upon your request, here is everything we know about Selling Sunset. The first ever episode of the show premiered back in 2019 and so far we have witnessed 5 extremely interesting seasons of the show. But the latest rumors out there have been highly bothering the fans of Selling Sunset!

A bunch of tweets have come up in the picture. Fans claim the show is nothing but a scripted tale. Nothing real has ever been showcased in Selling Sunset and thus the controversy begins. Some are sticking by the show while others are going by the tweets. 

It all comes down to the ultimate opinion or caption placed by Christine Quinn. Yes, you heard it right, the rumors started with her sole tweet where she wrote that the show has “5,000 fake storylines”. This triggered the fanbase and people started questioning other cast members of the show.

This brings us to Chrishell Stause, the sole cast member who addressed the rumors out there. She openly said that the show is not at all scripted and 100 percent authentic. As per our studies, just like all the reality shows out there, Selling Sunset too is a bit dramatic and thus we doubt that the show is 100 percent authentic or not, but do believe that the show is not scripted. Most of the things or stories portrayed in the show are sound and real. 

Why Did Christine Quinn Tweet That The Show Is Fake? 

Is Selling Sunset Scripted?

The mum has returned to add some salt to the tale. Yes, you heard it right, ever since Quinn came back into the reality series, she has been on our radar. The tweet dropped out 30 minutes before the launch of Selling Sunset Season 5 and you better trust our words, her one particular statement was enough to create chaos out there. Well, further studies showed that her comment actually meant something else. Selling Sunset Season 5 was filled with various twists and turns and this time the cast members went a bit beyond to get their deal settled in the real estate market! 

Thus came Quinn’s comment. Already the other girls in the show don’t like her and we all know about her infamous feud with Emma Hernan. It’s quite clear that Quinn likes to be the notorious evil character of the show. She is kind of mean to her fellow cast members and somehow her unique attitude toward others has worked pretty well for the show. You might say she is not the right fit for Selling Sunset but we cannot overlook the fact that Quinn has always stood in the limelight and she has added heavily to the success of the show. 

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Chrishell Stause Voice Up Against The Rumors

She has quoted this numerous times now. As we mentioned above, she happens to be the only cast member who took a stand for Selling Sunset Season 5. In an exclusive interview, she was asked the same question and to that, she replied that the rumors are absolutely baseless and rubbish. If the show was scripted, she would have never signed to be a part of Selling Sunset. She doesn’t know about other real estate agents but she has always been 100 percent real in the show. Moreover, in the third season of the show, we learned about her split from Justin Hartley! This was a major shock for us and the whole world. 

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Is Selling Sunset Scripted? – FAQs

1. Is Chrishell Stause getting paid to take a stand for Selling Sunset?

No, the rumors are inaccurate, Chrishell Stause is not getting paid, but she is voluntarily taking a stand for her popular reality series.

2. Is Christine Quinn taking out her grudges on other cast members?

To some extent yes, but we also cannot overlook the fact that Quinn has always been quite mean to other cast members of the show.

3. Is Selling Sunset renewed for Season 6?

The official announcement is yet to be made, but our estimates say that the filming has already begun for Selling Sunset Season 6.

4. When will Selling Sunset Season 6 rollout?

According to our estimates, Selling Sunset Season 6 will roll out somewhere in the middle of 2023.

5. How many total episodes are there in Selling Sunset?

To date, we have binged 45 episodes of Selling Sunset.

6. Is there any teaser trailer available for Selling Sunset Season 6?

No, currently, we don’t have any teaser or trailer available for Selling Sunset Season 6.

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