Why Is Jason Anderson On Probation? Will The Superstar Motorcyclist Never Race Again?

Motorcycle racing is one tough endeavor, right? That sports bike can end up costing us our bones and sometimes, even our life. And despite that, racing has become a marshall sport. Yes, these racers are cautious but there is an extent to their cautiousness as well. Especially when these racers lose their temper, you can only hope that they would come out unscathed. This is the case with the infamous Supercross champion, Jason Anderson.

We all know how hotheaded Anderson is but there are many things we don’t know about this Motorcross racer. Well, let’s rectify it, shall we? Let’s get to know more about Anderson’s probation. Is he on probation? Or is it just a false rumor? If he is genuinely on probation, what has the racer done again? Don’t wait, get answers to these questions now!

Why Is Jason Anderson On Probation?

Not many people have won the Supercross title, and not everyone is called El Hombre. But Jason Anderson has won the titles fair and square. You cannot question his motorcycle riding skills, the racer could control his bird pretty well. Especially now that Anderson is competing with Kawasaki, his energy is on another level. He’s overly cheerful and is on the field with a strong intention to win this season.

Since this season began, Anderson has been rumored to be invincible with all the efforts he has put into it. But those are just rumors. No matter how much Anderson tries, he keeps making headlines even when he is not meaning to. Most of the time, these headlines revolve around controversies Anderson has stirred. Now, Jason Anderson is on a six-month-long probation for his ill behavior. 

Anderson pushed Justin Barcia, a fellow competitor, into the Tuff Blox that made both of them crash down. Anderson was making a pass at Justin but it went wrong and ended them both on the ground. It was Jason’s mistake that made both the motorsport racers crash down and now Anderson has to pay for it. Thankfully, none of them has been injured.

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Will Jason Anderson Never Race Again?

Jason Anderson

Following Anderson’s probation news, this is the first question that rings up in our head, right? Even though Anderson has quite a temper, he is one of the best Supercross champions out there. Though his career didn’t have a flashy start, Anderson has slowly evolved into one of the leading racers. But since he is on probation now, things seem to be a bit rocky for the racer.

This isn’t the first time a motorsport racer is on probation, many of the glamorous names of this industry have shared the same fate as Anderson. Likely, they are not as aggressive as him. Jason, being the dirt bike lover he is, isn’t planning to give up on his career just yet. So, we will see him on the field again with his signature attitude back soon! Hopefully, meanwhile, Jason would calm down a bit and become more responsible.

Jason Anderson And Justin Barcia: Not The First Clash

If it were the first time Jason and Justin clashed, it wouldn’t have caused this ginormous outburst from the motorsport racing fans. We all know Barcia and Anderson go back and their rivalry runs deep. This season, Anderson crashed into Barcia. In the previous season, the roles were switched and it was Justin on probation. Yes, many people think Anderson did it purposefully but he refuses to agree with these speculations. 

Anderson claims that he wants to do better and leave everything behind him. And so does Barcia. He has claimed that he is not holding any grudges against Anderson and it was in all honesty a fair match. But Barcia did comment that he finds Anderson’s tweets petty. After this probation incident, Anderson took it to Twitter and claimed that Barcia was complaining about the run-down.

Justin has denied Anderson’s claims in an interview and claimed that he is not ready to engage in a silly Twitter fight with him. Coming from someone who has once faced a similar situation with Anderson, Barcia’s words are quite rich. As said before, Barcia and Anderson’s rivalry runs deep. Only, they don’t admit to it and we don’t know what their backstory is. Hopefully, they would not repeat this in the next season as well.

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Jason Anderson Would Have Become The Leading Racer

Why Is Jason Anderson On Probation?

Since Anderson was garnering a lot of fandoms this season, it was speculated that he would perform better and snatch the title of the race. Of course, we all knew there are so many champions who would fight tooth and nail. Even if Anderson wouldn’t win the season just yet, he would have at least become a runner-up.

Anderson was performing quite well, his stats were great and it seemed like his head was in the game. But then, Jason went and passed Barcia. Now, he has to pay the penalty and go through the six-month-long probation period. Though Jason will be back again with his merciless Kawasaki, it will be a while before we see this Motorcross racer on the field again.

Jason Anderson: How Did He Get Into The Racing World?

We all have a childhood dream, don’t we? Sometimes, we follow it. Sometimes, we don’t. Anderson had a childhood dream as well but unlike most people, he never gave up on it. He started racing when he was merely 7 years old with no experience and training. Jason would pick up the bike and start racing, no matter how many times he ended up injured.

Anderson’s parents, Mike and Darla Anderson have no experience in this sport. It was his grandparents who accompanied him to races and motivated him to pursue his passion. Anderson has won over 70 amateur wins, it was just his passion ruling him. Now, with all the professional training, it is given that Anderson is one of the best Motorcross racers out there.

Jason Anderson: A Look At His Career

Jason Anderson

Not so stellar but quite significant. Anderson began his professional career in 2011 with Aldon Baker. He participated in the Supercross as well as Motorcross races this year but he couldn’t achieve any success. His game wasn’t completely deteriorating but it was not enough for him to compete against the experienced professionals. So, Jason decided to work on himself more and started to improvise.

As the years passed, Anderson’s skills got polished. His natural talent was now brushed up with professional experience. The 2022 season became the best one for him with Anderson securing the 3rd rank and 7 consecutive wins. Of course, the 2023 season didn’t go as planned for Anderson. Let’s see whether Jason maintains his record in the upcoming seasons or not!

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The Surgeries Jason Anderson Went Under

Since Anderson was a child, he has been suffering from injuries. Only then were busted kneecaps and scratches on the elbow. Now that he is a professional player and takes brisk training, his injuries have got severe. Ever since the 2018 season, Anderson has been going through something or other. It started with minor injuries at first but as the year went by, Jason ended up getting his rib broken.

He also broke his arm in the 2019 season and still suffers because of it. This injury led Anderson to go through multiple surgeries but he didn’t give up and continued racing for the season. Of course, his scores weren’t that great. But despite suffering through a broken arm he performed quite well. Then came the 2020 season where Anderson’s broken arm caused havoc in his life.

Jason had to go through yet another surgery to remove the plate from his arm. And even though Anderson insisted on playing for the rest of the season, his health didn’t allow him to do so. Jason had to take the rest of the season off and nurse his healing arm. But as of now, Anderson isn’t sporting any injury and is perfectly fit.

Jason Anderson On Probation: FAQs

1. Who Is Jason Anderson?

Jason Anderson is an American motorsport racer, popularly known as El Hombre.

2. Is Jason Anderson On Probation?

Yes, Anderson is on a six-month-long probation.

3. Why Is Jason Anderson On Probation?

It is because he passed by Justin Barcia and ended up crashing them both.

4. Is Jason Anderson A Rival Of Justin Barcia?

Even though both Anderson and Barcia never admit to it, it is heavily speculated that they are rivals.

5. Will Jason Anderson Never Race Again?

No, Anderson will definitely come back again. We would see him racing after he serves his probation period soon!

6. Where Is Jason Anderson Now?

As of now, Jason is in America, serving his probation period. Also, he is working on his popular Youtube channel, Team Fried, along with his friends.

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