Amazon Prime Video March 2023 Releases: From Angel Flight To Dom, Know Everything About The Upcoming Releases!

A new month brings a lot of opportunities, doesn’t it? One such opportunity comes in the form of new movies and series which we all highly anticipated. March is bringing some stellar movies and series and the host is none other than the streaming giant, Amazon Prime Video. We all know Amazon is popular for bringing forward some of the most iconic movies and series. 

How can we expect Prime Video to miss such a great opportunity and not capture the audience with new shows and movies? Not only do we have Prime Video but we also have Freevee–a new streaming platform by none other than the infamous Amazon–to entertain us this month. Let’s take a detailed look at what is arriving on Amazon Prime Video and Freevee in March 2023, shall we? Dive in, then!

Amazon Prime Video March 2023 Original Releases

This month, Amazon Prime Video is gearing up to release more than 100 movies and series. Some are Prime Video’s original series while others are some popular hits brought to us so that we could relive those epic movies and series again. From Daisy Jones And The Six to The Power, Amazon has planned some stellar series to schedule this spring. Here’s a curated list of all the upcoming Amazon Prime Video releases!

1. Dom


Get ready to have a blast with Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming action thriller series, Dom! A brazen criminal always lures the audience, but a criminal with a gripping backstory ends up becoming one of our favorites, doesn’t it? Add a complicated father-son duo, thundering violence, and eye-catchy police-criminal chase and we have got Dom, a series out to take the action thriller genre by storm.

Coming on Amazon Prime Video this March, Pedro Dom follows an infamous criminal from one of the most beautiful places in the world, Rio de Janeiro. The entire police department is after Dom and despite his spectacular intelligence, Pedro is running short of options. Either he could get arrested and rot in prison forever or come up with the idea that will get the police off his back forever.

Amid all this chase, there is Victor Dom, Pedro’s father. Victor is a concerned father whose teen drug addict son has now become a distributor of this poison. Not only is Pedro a leading drug distributor, but he is also a gang leader and now Victor’s past has come to haunt them. Watch this gripping action drama series on Prime Video starting on March 17.

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2. Daisy Jones And The Six

Daisy Jones And The Six

If we ask you who’s your top favorite band, you wouldn’t have to think for long, would you? These days, we have several songs at our fingertips and information about the singers just a click away. But in the 70s when rock bands were the major source of entertainment for music lovers, they were the most hyped up. This Amazon original, Daisy Jones And The Six follows the journey of the 70s infamous music band.

This isn’t the success story, it is not about how Daisy Jones And The Six became a leading band. No, it is a story about their success and their downfall. It is about how fame makes you lose sight of everything else, it is about how a band imploded suddenly. This infamous band was at the peak of its success but when they suddenly quit, it was unacceptable.

Now, we are about to witness the reason behind their downfall. Adapted from the best-selling novel by Taylor Reid, Amazon Prime Video is bringing forward the story of one of the best musical bands of the 70s decade. Arriving on March 3, this is the perfect musical start for the month, isn’t it?

3. Angel Flight

Angel Flight

The firsts matter the most to us, right? Nothing could ever replace that feeling, these firsts–no matter how simple they are–becomes an integral part of our lives. But what about the lasts? Those farewells and the last image we capture with our beloved ones? Yes, they matter more than the firsts. Based on this very fact, Amazon is bringing in yet another heartwarming series.

Brought to us by talented Japanese actors, Angel Flight is the story of bidding goodbye to the deceased. To us, that last farewell means everything but people who let us have this chance? Yeah, they don’t matter to us. In fact, we end up forgetting about them for the best part. Angel Flight will never let us forget them or disrespect these hearse transporters who help us connect with our deceased.

Premiering on March 17, Angel Flight is a heart-touching story of Ryoko Yunekura, the owner and single mother of a hearse transport organization. Yunekura’s struggles are abundant but her wish to let the bereaved have the chance to bid goodbye outweighs anything else. Watch her struggles in this eye-watering Amazon original!

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4. The Power

The Power

Have you ever wondered how dependent we are on electricity and technology? How much do we care about the charging of our phones and the working of our air conditioners? People claim that we are obsessed with technology but they often forget we can hardly use technology without electricity. To demonstrate this exact concept, Amazon has put forward a new series, The Power. And no, it isn’t anything you think it is.

The Power isn’t about electricity, it is a teen drama series that revolves around the struggle between genders and classes. It is a whole new universe that revolves around teenage girls who rule it. Okay, not exactly a new universe but more like an altered version of our world. When, one day, suddenly power is bestowed on the grizzly teen girls, the dynamics of the world are altered ginormously.

Some girls use this power to their advantage and electrocuted anyone who messes with them. This causes a major power struggle where no member of the opposite gender is safe. Based on a tightly gripping novel by Naomi Alderman, The Power is an Amazon original series that will be electrocuting–not entertaining–us from March 31. This is the perfect month-end bonus for us, don’t miss it!

5. Class Of ‘07

Class of '07

You can forget many things in your life but the feeling of our school campus, those old schoolmates, and even our strictest teachers are unforgettable. No matter where we go, we would always carry these memories with us, wouldn’t we? This is why there is no party more special to us than a reunion. Meeting those silly people we once shared each secret with, those teachers who held our hands and guided us to the right path, and the feeling of being on the campus once again. There is nothing that would beat this.

Class Of ‘07 is ready to take us on a nostalgic ride of our campus and let us go through that old photo album once more. Only, it isn’t about reunions and school friends only. It is about a reunion gone wrong, school friends turned enemies and the school campus transforming into a danger zone. It is an action thriller where survival is the most basic need and these ex-classmates would stop at nothing to fulfill this basic need.

With a powerful script, rich cast ensemble, and suspense element, Class Of ‘07 has become one of the most anticipated series of Amazon this year. Also, the Class of ‘07 marks the return of Emily Browning, one of the most beloved TV actresses. Watch this reunion-turned-disaster on Amazon Prime Video from March 17, 2023!

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6. The Swarm

The Swarm

Infatuations and crushes are nothing special, right? We have seen multiple series exploring this genre, some nailed it while others couldn’t do justice to the genre. But when infatuations turn into obsessions, we don’t mind revisiting the genre again and again, do we? The Swarm is about one such woman whose infatuation with a singer turns into a deadly obsession.

Amazon is gearing up to make The Swarm one of the best of the genre with the infamous Donald Glover. This horror thriller is led by Dominique Fishback, who is obsessed with a pop singer. This series will be exploring the height of insanity and the depth of love. It is about to make us come face-to-face with the darkness of Dre’s love and obsession.

There is a fine line between love and obsession and Dre has passed that line. Now, she is mulling over Damson Idris, a pop singer who has an abundant fan following called Swarm. Explore more about Dre and Damson’s relationship with this upcoming Amazon Prime Video series, The Swarm from March 17, 2023.

7. Reggie


After all the action thrillers and heart-warming stories, it is time for a documentary series! Amazon is gearing up to present the tale of Reggie Jackson this March 2023. It is going to be one of the leading documentary series of this year Amazon has invested in. To all sports lovers, this is an incorrigible treat!

Come find out everything about Jackson’s life, starting from his childhood to his eye-popping career in this documentary series. We all know how Reggie Jackson has become one of the most influential baseball icons over the years. It didn’t matter which team Reggie is playing for, his victory was certain. The five-time World Series champion will be narrating his story from being just a player to becoming the inspiration for all baseball players.

Not only is Jackson known for his incredible baseball skills, but we also know him for standing up firmly for his community. He has helped Black players gain recognition, fame, and respect all the while keeping his tone soft but his arguments strong. Arriving on Amazon Prime Video on March 24, Reggie is a must-watch documentary series for all baseball lovers!

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8. Big Trip 2: Special Delivery

Big Trip 2: Special Delivery

Now that Amazon has stocked up on drama series and suspense thrillers, it is time Amazon invests in some animated cartoon series as well. Taking us on the tour of animal land, where loyalties run high and emotions run deep, Amazon has decided to bring another installment in the infamous Big Trip 2 franchise.

Pack your seatbelts and be prepared to witness Big Trip 2: Special Delivery where a unique duo of a slow bear, Patrick, and a superfast rabbit, Oscar, decide to embark on a mission. The said mission entails delivering a lost bear cub back to its parents. They are accompanied by other animals, misled by others, and forced to overcome several hurdles. What’s more? The baby bear is not taking it easy on Patrick and Oscar either.

Take a trip back to your childhood when you enjoyed watching such animated cartoons, dropping your logical thinking aside. Big Trip 2: Special Delivery is scheduled for March 28, 2023. Don’t miss out on Patrick and Oscar’s hilarious adventure journey! Watch them on Amazon Prime Video and be prepared to cry with laughter!

Amazon Freevee March 2023 Original Releases

Amazon Freevee, formerly known as IMDB TV, is Amazon’s latest ad-supported streaming service. What’s better? You get to stream all of  Freevee originals with and without an Amazon subscription for free! Yes, this streaming service is offered to us by Amazon for free–at least until now. This upcoming March, Amazon Freevee, is coming up with three Freevee originals and is planning to license several other movies and series. Check out the list below and know what Amazon Freevee has scheduled for March 2023!

1. Moonshine


What could you guess about a series that has such a subtle name? Well, our guesses could never compete with what the trailer of Moonshine hints at. This isn’t a mediocre romantic series, it is about deadly competition, family rivalries, and emotions that will grip you hard. We have seen multiple series where siblings compete to take control of the family business. In this series, we are about to witness something similar spiced up to the brink.

A dysfunctional family, a business that is on the verge of collapsing, and half-siblings who couldn’t bear the sight of each other. There is spice, there is drama and then, there is a struggle that will keep you hooked to the screen. Moonshine follows the Finley-Cullens family where Lidia is the elder sister who has got a disaster served on a golden plate. Lidia has now access to a summer resort since her aunt has willed for her. Only, this resort is knee-deep in trouble and Lidia has no idea what she should do. 

She could either save her family’s legacy, The Moonshine summer resort, and compete against her half-sister. Or Lidia could give up and turn her back on the business. But with her husband turning his back on her, her children following their father and her half-sister not able to think straight, Lidia has her choice made. Watch this one-hour drama series on March 10 on Amazon Freevee UK!

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2. Monumental: Ellie Goulding At Kew Gardens

Monumental: Ellie Goulding At Kew Gardens

You cannot know Ellie Goulding if you are into Hollywood songs. The infamous singer has been recognized all over the world and why wouldn’t she? Goulding has a melodious voice that soothes everyone. Which is why her musical shows are always so anticipated. This Freevee original captures Ellie Goulding in her truest form.

If Feevee were bringing forward her recorded show at Kew Gardens, Goulding’s fans would have been content. But Freevee is bringing forward a reimagined performance of Ellie Goulding at Kew Gardens, one of the most iconic places in London.  Goulding’s Kew Gardens show was an enormous hit, why wouldn’t a series centering around it be?

We have got a hazy cocktail of Ellie’s soulful voice, some behind-the-scenes, and interviews with Goulding. Of course, this series has become one of the most anticipated series by Ellie Goulding’s fans. Freevee will be releasing Monumental: Ellie Goulding At Kew Gardens on March 31 in the US, UK, and Germany countries only. To all music lovers, don’t miss out on such a fresh series!

3. Carnival Row Season 2

Carnival Row

Freevee isn’t only bringing docuseries and dramedies, it is also set to premiere an exotic mythological series as well! Come, let’s go back to the Victorian era and be amazed once again! Carnival Row is gearing up to maintain a balance between humans and foreign creatures. Yes, this series is not only going to take us to the Victorian era but also make us dive into a magical universe.

When a flock of supernatural creatures starts to find a home on Earth, no one cares. But slowly, these creatures start to spread their reach and the humans are sidelined. Now, these mythological immigrants rule the Earth as if they were born with the right to stomp over humans. In this series, humans live under duress and restrictions that made them long for freedom.

This series is continuing from February on Amazon Freevee. But its main episodes are scheduled in March, making it one of the most anticipated series of March 2023. Watch the upcoming episodes of Carnival Row on Amazon Freevee and delve into the magical world of humans and otherworldly creatures.

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Amazon Prime Video March 2023 Releases: Top Old Movies And Series Revived By Amazon

Amazon isn’t only releasing new movies and series this March, it is also planning to revive some old blockbusters as well. Starting from Top Gun: Maverick to Murder Mystery 2, Amazon has got us covered. It is no surprise that this streaming service is planning to capture as much audience as possible. This is why Amazon is premiering some of the most iconic movies and series this spring, too! Let’s take a look at what Prime Video has in store for us!

1. Nope


Yes, one of the most-grossing horror films of 2022 is arriving on Prime Video! Nope, the sci-fi horror drama revolves around aliens, horses, sibling drama, and whatnot. This is a beautifully crafted thriller by Jordan Peele. We will be getting to watch this movie once more starting March 21, 2023!

So, as for the plot, Nope has a crisp storyline. The Haywoods run a highly successful business of lending their horses to TV shows and movies. But when Otis Haywood Sr. drops dead, it is the responsibility of Otis Haywood Jr. aka OJ, and his sister Emerald Haywood. Both OJ and Em struggle terribly with the business since they have no experience controlling a horse.

Their inexperience leads them to sell some of their horses to an amusement park owner. This is when they notice UFOs and blame aliens for causing their father’s death. The only problem is they have to garner evidence. Watch the journey of these Haywood siblings in this wonderful sci-fi horror thriller on Amazon Prime!

2. Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick

As an aviation pilot, not only is the ambition running high but also the threats. When the past seems to loom over your present, you don’t think straight. And when this past is laden with secrets, guilt, and darkness, you lose rationality. This 2022 movie made Tom Cruise’s fans go berserk and rightly so!

This action thriller revolves around Pete Maverick Mitchell, a fighter pilot who is now assigned the responsibility to train young pilots. He doesn’t arrive at the academy alone though. Maverick comes bearing a 30-year-long experience and a dark past, too. With Cruise in the leading role, the movie hardly needs to be mentioned as a blockbuster.

Top Gun: Maverick is one of the leading action thrillers of 2022. And while it wouldn’t be the first time we are watching this movie, it is certainly the first time we will get to watch it on Prime Video. Stream this amazing action thriller on Prime Video starting this March from March 24!

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3. The Silent Twins

Silent Twins

We all depend on our siblings to some extent, don’t we? But we certainly don’t isolate ourselves and make them the center of our world. We don’t start talking in a foreign language or restrict our interactions with the said sibling. But Jennifer and June Gibbons did. They just talked to each other, not even their parents at times, but only each other in a fore.

This is a disturbing tale of the Gibbons sisters. From their birth, they were heavily influenced by each other. As time went by and their parents started to make plans to separate them, they stuck by each other closely and disconnected from the world. Their rebellion bloomed as teenage approached and they confined themselves to their bedrooms. Jennifer and June started living in their own universe.

Slowly, they wrote novels about glamour and crime vividly. Then, resorted to committing to them. You’d think these Gibbons sisters were obsessed with each other. But you’re in for a nasty surprise. When Jennifer dies in her prison, June admits to everything she has been through all her life. Watch this 2022s grizzly biographical movie on Prime Video this March 7 along with so many other series and movies!

Amazon Prime Video March 2023 Releases: FAQs

1. How Many Movies And Series Will Amazon Premiere In March 2023?

Amazon is preparing to release over 100 movies and series in March 2023.

2. Is Angel Fight An Amazon Original?

Yes, it is an Amazon Original series premiering on March 17 on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Will Amazon Be Premiering Old Movies And Series In March 2023?

Yes, Amazon is gearing up to release both new and old movies and series this March.

4. How Much Does Amazon Prime Subscription Cost?

Amazon has several plans for different countries starting from over 12 dollars monthly in the US. Also, it has low-cost plans that start from over 170 INR as well.

5. When Will Amazon Prime Video Release Reggie?

Reggie will be arriving on Amazon Prime Video on March 24, 2023.

6. Are Amazon Prime And Amazon Freevee Different Platforms?

Yes, Amazon Prime And Amazon Freevee are two different online streaming services offered by Amazon.

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