The Challenge Season 38 Release Date Is Here!

Reality television shows have always been popular in the mainstream media for their thrill and drama, many people started from nothing but with the help of reality television shows they are the owners of millions now. One such popular show since 1998 is The Challenge, people loved and still love this show, and the last 37 seasons can prove that popularity, as the show has an IMDb rating of 7.8 out of 10 is pretty great given the mindset that a lot of people do not like reality television shows but The Challenge has managed to get the attention because of its quality.

Created by Mary-Elis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, the show features many worthy contestants in a competition. MTV always has great reality television content and The Challenge is great. As mentioned, the show has been running since 1998 and has released 37 seasons so far, the 37th season titled “Spies, Lies, and Allies” was concluded back in December 2021, now the one question everyone has is “what about season 38 of The Challenge” and we are here to answer that, also some more trivial information about The Challenge.

The Challenge Season 38 Release Date

The Challenge will have season 38, MTV officially announced back in June that The Challenge will be back for a 38th and as well as 39th season. Details such as title, theme, contestants, etc. have not been revealed yet but T.J Lavin will be back for both seasons of The Challenge as host, the 38th season will happen in Argentina and according to the creators, Mary-Elis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, the productions for the season 38 of The Challenge has started now.

The release date of season 38 of The Challenge is also not out yet but given the fact that productions have begun now the fans can expect the show somewhere between late 2022 to 2023, whatever the date will be The Challenge will surely be another great addition to the world of reality television shows.

The fans are excited about the show as The Challenge is always packed with many exciting moments right from the challenges the contestants get to the drama between all the members, it is definitely a great deal of entertainment that is enough to make anyone’s boring day a little engaging, so without further ado let’s learn a bit about the show.

UPDATE: Well the show has already released its 38th season on 12 October 2022. But the makers of the show have also released its reunion version on MTV in which you will see many interesting twists and turns and some of the partners resolve their issues with another person as well.

Name Of The ShowThe Challenge
Season NumberSeason 38
The Challenge Season 1 Release Date1 June 1998
The Challenge Season 38 Release Date12 October 2022

The Challenge Season 38 Cast

The Challenge Season 38 Release Date

The Challenge does not have a proper cast, as the contestants change every season. Initially, the show had new people who are in the reality show for the first time and the alumni of Road Rules and The Real World but eventually, the alumni of different MTV shows started joining the challenges of The Challenge, alumni of shows such as Geordie Shore, Are You The One, Survivors, Big Brother, and many more reality television shows started joining the team of The Challenge.

The casting director of The Challenge Skye Topic recently said in an interview with Variety that they always try to increase the challenge for new people, according to him the viewers love to see already famous people playing again and he has around 37 seasons of The Challenge to choose from, Skye said that they try to create a balance between the veterans and rookies to make the whole show more interesting.

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He also said that the new faces in the show are really wonderful as the challenges and the locations are really hard to be in and many of the players come from a foreign land and they all are willing to join the game. The host of the show also changed from time as initially there was no host and a former cast member will host the show, people such as David Edwards, David “Puck ” Rainey, and Gladys Sanabria hosted the show when the above-mentioned setting followed.

Then The Challenge had two hosts that would co-host and that is when Eric Nies and Mark Long started hosting but they only did it for one season and later on, Dave Mirra and Jonny Mosley hosted for some seasons. T.J. Lavin started hosting in the 11th season of The Challenge and since then he has regularly hosted the show and is going to host season 38 of The Challenge as well.

The Challenge Location

The location of the show makes a great deal as the locations are really remote and pretty as they set the typical mood for the show, but choosing the location is not that easy according to the people who work for the show.

Showrunner Emer Harkin has said in an interview with Variety that she will send people to the desired location months in advance to check if the locations are worthy enough, the team will go and check on the facilities and services the country is offering and when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, they did virtual tours to check if the location is suitable to shoot the show.

The logistics are also really costly, and at the time of the pandemic the whole cast and crew had to take extreme measures when they were searching for the location, and typically The Challenge shifts the location for the finale but they decided to shoot in the same hotel in Iceland to avoid any issues.

It should be mentioned that The Challenge always has really peaceful and beautiful locations, they have been to many places such as Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Panama, Newzealand, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Norway, the Czech Republic, Namibia, a whole bunch of other countries to shoot the show.

The Challenge Prize Money

The Challenge is a wealthy show where the players who appear on the show get a high money prize at the end as well as recognition from the people. Neither the reality television shows nor the participants reveal the money they get to appear on the show but according to some sources the rookies get around $1000 per week.

And the veteran player who is not that popular gets around $5000 and players such as Cara Maria Sorbello and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio get around $80,000 and to just appear on the show. The prize money for The Challenge: Double Agents which premiered in 2021 was $1 million, and the contestants of shows such as Love Island UK, America’s Got Talent, WWE NXT, the Olympics, etc. 

The Challenge Story

The Challenge first premiered on June 1, 1998, and was originally named Road Rules: All Stars, and as the show has progressed in the many years, there have been some slight changes in the format and obviously the name of the show. Since the second season the name was changed to Real World/ Road Rules and by the nineteenth season got its name that is widely used now “The Challenge”.

The show consists of different cast members in every season and takes the alumni from related shows such as Big Brother, Ex On The Beach, Survivor, Geordie Shore, and The Amazing Race, and there are also rookie cast members who are new to the whole reality television format, contestants from the old seasons of The Challenge also takes participation.

The Challenge offers different formats and criteria every season and makes some changes that go with the title of the show for example “The Island ” Challenge had a different format than the rest of the seasons. Did you know in the first season of The Challenge there was a whole new cast who have never participated in some other reality television show and also the contestants were also fewer in number but as the show grew the format of veterans also called “vets” the people who are familiar with reality television shows and rookies who are new to the games were introduced. 

The concept of the show is pretty simple, there are teams that are divided on a different basis, every season the show uses some different criteria to arrange the teams such as gender or relationship status, etc. and then they all take participation in the challenges together to win, the team or cast member who losses gets into the elimination round, the winning team also gets the chance to put some team into elimination, just as the show progresses the number of teams gets lesser and the team who stays in the game till last wins a grand prize.

But winning is not at all easy because the show does not just challenge the player to succeed both mentally and physically in order to survive, this concept makes the whole show great and engaging to watch, the politics, the drama, and the gameplay to win the casts show the passion of players. If you are someone who hasn’t previously watched The Challenge you are in for a treat if you decide to watch as it is a great reality show. 

Where To Watch The Challenge Online?

The Challenge is available to stream on Hulu and Paramount in certain countries.


The show has a rating of 7.9 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

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Frequently asked questions

Will there ever be season 38 of The Challenge?

Yes, there is season 38 of The Challenge.

When was The Challenge initially released?

It was released on 1 June 1998.

What is The Challenge Season 38 Release Date?

It was released back on 12 October 2022.

Is The Challenge coming back?

Yes, it is coming back as a reunion version on MTV.

Where can I watch The Challenge online?

You can watch it on Hulu.

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