Heirs To The Land Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Or Canceled?

Do you like Spanish romantic drama with an underlining story of grief, well you must have heard of the series called Heirs to the land? Well, the first season is all set to come our way through the platform Netflix. Hence we can say a huge mass of people is waiting to explore more of the story of Hugo and eventually more that these series have to offer in future seasons. Thus the question of if renewal of this season is possible is rising. Let’s find out what we have learned to date!

Heirs To The Land Season 2 Release Date 

Heirs to the Land Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Heirs to the Land has been very much cherished all around the world due to its unique storyline even after amplifying the romance in it. Thus there is no doubt that it has gained a huge number of very encouraging and supportive fans. But with a massive fanbase, they need to do every necessary thing to satisfy the needs of the increasing mass of their fans. Well, if you ask what the fans of  Heirs to the Land want, it’s pretty simple, they want a confirmed update on the renewal of the second season of  Heirs to the Land.

But it is pretty clear that the first season itself is very new to the world so the production works to commence right at this point time is beyond imagination. Hence, no announcement has been published by trusted sources about the official release of the second season of Heirs to the Land but we can try a wild guess of it getting released within one or two years. 

UPDATE: As of February 2023, there is still no information regarding the release of the second season by the makers. So we need to wait a little more for the announcement of the second season. We can only hope for the best in the near future as of now.

Name Of The ShowHeirs To The Land
Season NumberSeason 2
Heirs To The Land Season 1 Release Date 15 April 2022
Heirs To The Land Season 2 Release Date Not Announced


Heirs To The Land Season 2 Story

The storyline of Heirs to the land revolves around the life of a 12-year-old homeless youngster called Hugo Llor, who is very passionate about aspiring to be a shipbuilder and following his escapade. But the reality struck him as he was forced to spend most of his life on the streets of Mexico City, yet failed to afford a roof over his head. This entire story is set in 14th-century Barcelona.

The story later has a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns to ultimately end the season giving birth to the curiosity of the fans to know more. Thus the second season is supposed to begin its story right where the first ended and give answers to every question of the fans throughout the world and follow to have several interesting surprises for the audience and make it a very unique show.

Heirs To The Land Season 2 Cast

Heirs to the Land Season 2 Release Date

The cast list of the inaugural season of this series is one of the examples of a list of the most prominent names of entertainment industries all around the world, which includes  Michelle Jenner depicted as Mar, Yon González acting to be as Hugo Llor, David Solans portraying Hugo Llor Joven, Elena Rivera framed as Caterina Llor, Mercedes León cast as Barcha, Jordi Aguilar as Cesc,  Màrius Hernández in the shoes of as Mosé Vives.

Moreover, some other names who were actively seen in the series could be called Natalia Sánchez, Gabriela Andrada, Sergi Mateu, Maria Rodríguez Sot,  Pere Arquillué, Manel Sans, Pedro Moya, Jordi Aguilar, Arnau Alsina Coll and many more. Hence we really miss all of them and are also very excited to see many never seen before talents.

Along with this, we should also give a huge round of applause to every single production crew who made this dreamy romantic drama come true.

Heirs To the Land Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of the first season of Heirs to the land was released on the 16th of March in the year 2022 on the youtube channel of Netflix España. Since then it has been celebrated by viewers all over the world.

The release date of the official trailer of the second season of Heirs to the land has not been announced by any officials because the first season itself is a very new show on NetFlix and is running very successfully. But we can expect some sneak peeks at least a  few weeks ahead of the grand premiere of the second season of Heirs to the land.

Where To Watch Heirs to the Land Season 2?

Well as we know from the inaugural season, the series named to be Heirs to the land is indeed launched by one of the leading online entertainment platforms under the name of Netflix as one of the Netflix originals. Thus the second season is expected to follow in the footsteps of the father season and would be released on the same platform Netflix across the globe.


This amazing historical drama has 7.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. So if you also like watching historical dramas and if you want to watch the culture of a different country then this can be the best option for you to watch. We have also attached analytical data below so that you can observe the reason behind these ratings.

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Frequently asked questions

Will there ever be Heirs To The Land Season 2?

There is no announcement for the second season as of now.

When was Heirs To The Land initially released?

The very first season of this show was released back on 15 April 2022.

How many total seasons are there for Heirs To The Land?

There is only one season as of now.

How many total episodes are there in Heirs To The Land series?

There is a total of 8 episodes in the show.

What is the genre of Heirs To The Land?

It is a historical drama.