Wolf Pack Season 2 Release Date Faces Severe Whiplash! Know Why Now!

You might have guessed the genre of this series by its name, it is so expressive that anyone would know what happens in this series. We will have a supernatural wolf, a protagonist and an explosive fight. That’s what you guessed, right? But you are dead wrong. Wolf Pack is the story of two teenagers who are caught in the world of wolfs where everything is contradicting. 

It is a psychological series that deals with heavy issues wrapped in the interesting veil of supernatural thriller. Wolf Pack has become a trendy topic for all the fans of supernatural series. With season 1 being an interesting entertainer, Wolf Pack season 2 has slowly become the talk of the town. Especially after what the creator, Jeff Davis, has said in a recent interview. Let’s not wait for a second more and dive in now!

Wolf Pack Season 2 Release Date

Wolf Pack isn’t the first series to explore the supernatural world of wolves. It isn’t the first series to portray teenage drama either. And it is not the only series that has blended these two genres, we have got many other series that have picked up this combination. But Wolf Pack is certainly the first series to incorporate a social message with it. And it has hit its destined target, didn’t it?

So, Wolf Pack season 1 was released on January 23, 2023. It hasn’t been that long of a time for us to come to any conclusions and let’s not forget, the series is yet ongoing. But with Davis’s statement looming over our heads like a threat, we are a bit concerned regarding season 2. If everything works in our favor and we get to witness Wolf Pack season 2, it wouldn’t be likely until late 2024. Let’s wait and watch if Davis comes up with Wolf Pack season 2 or not!

Name Of The ShowWolf Pack
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreFantasy, Horror
Wolf Pack Season 1 Release Date23 January 2023
Wolf Pack Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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What Do The Makers Think Of Wolf Pack?

Wolf Pack Season 2 Release Date

Jeff Davis, the mastermind behind this series, has brought forward some of our favorite hits. Whenever we talk about Davis, we know the project would be insightful and gripping. Wolf Pack is no different, it has several elements that will hook you to the screen. But unfortunately, some points will let you down.

And these points, combined with Davis’ statement, have put the upcoming episodes of Wolf Pack under pressure. Jeff has claimed that he is not serious about Wolf Pack season 2 yet, he would only dig up more if season 1 performs up to his expectation. This means Wolf Pack season 1 will pave way for season 2. So far, we are not sure season 1 is doing that.

Wolf Pack Season 1 Review: It Just Missed A Mile

Wolf Pack Season 2 Release Date

Okay, so Wolf Pack is packed with drama, VFX, and bubbling energy. The series begins with a firebomb, it starts with a forest fire. This fire leads to the attack of some supernatural creatures who don’t miss a beat. They go on and raise a storm, and start scratching some people while some are bitten by them. Two unfortunate teenagers who are bitten by these otherworldly creatures are Blake Navarro and Everett Lang.

They don’t realize what’s going on, especially when their scars heal without any medical aid. But Luna and Harlan Briggs, a brother-sister duo who are born werewolves, know what’s going on. They know it’s their father who’s behind this havoc but they have no idea where he is. Meanwhile, Everett and Blake are slowly transforming into werewolves.

Yes, the storyline is great but it simply lacks the spice. The VFX is on-point, and the cast ensemble is rich but in the end, it all comes down to the script. And though we shouldn’t judge it based on a few episodes, it is hard to not do so. We keep struggling to find the signature of this series, something that will make us go rooting for it. As we said, the series is great but it just missed a mile. Let’s hope we’ll find it in the upcoming episodes.

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The show has 6.1 stars out of 10 on IMDb. Check the analytical data below:

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Wolf Pack Season 2 Release Date: FAQS

1. What Is The Wolf Pack Series About?

It is a supernatural thriller based on the lives of teenagers Everett, Blake, Luna, and Harlan who are all werewolves.

2. Is Wolf Pack Season 2 Cancelled?

No, it isn’t canceled yet.

3. Is Wolf Pack Series Worth Watching?

If you are into supernatural thrillers, do give this series a try.

4. How Many Episodes Does Wolf Pack Season 1 Consists Of?

It contains 7 episodes all scheduled for weakly release.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Wolf Pack Season 2?

No, we don’t have a trailer for Wolf Pack season 2 yet.

6. Where To Watch Wolf Pack Season 2?

You could watch it on Paramount+ when it premieres. Meanwhile, watch season 1’s upcoming episodes!

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