25 Ugly Anime Characters Of All Time, Here’s A List For You!

As we all know, the anime industry has been growing over the years and every anime that we see out there is currently evolving. Even if we look at the storylines and the character set, there is surely a lot to be impressed about. Now as beautifully the makers of the show depict the serenity and the beauty of the characters through their animation skills, by giving us some amazing scenes and great characters, we also get some ugly characters that are designed and animated in such a way, that even with a single look.

The audiences end up having a bad or negative impression of them, and based on the psychological aspect only, they animate it with such precession that by the end of the anime we even end up getting attached to those ugly characters and we also have received some reports regarding certain characters who have terrified otakus so much, that they have started watching nightmares regarding it and many other such things.

Now often we have received reports from audiences and our readers from all over the world, regarding making a list that will give us names of the most beautiful and gorgeous-looking anime characters, but recently we have also seen a keen interest in the minds of the people into the list of animes characters which are bad in look and can be termed as ugly.

Now yes, as we all know almost all animes nowadays have tons of characters, and out of them some always turn out to be immensely ugly, however down below we have mentioned a list of 25 characters who can be treated as the ugliest of all among the millions of anime characters we have seen over the years.

1. Charlotte Linlin

Ugly Anime Characters

The first name on the list is someone almost all otakus out there have once in their lifetime heard off, and even if you may not have heard of it, you sure heard the name of the anime from which it belongs and that is none other the classic anime series, One Piece. Big Mom or as we may call her Charlotte is basically one of the Four Emperors of the sea and one of the strongest characters in the entire One-Piece universe.

Now as we all know Luffy is one of the main characters of the series, and charlotte and Luffy share the same dream which is to become the pirate king, however something that is different for both of them is one wants it for a good purpose like Gold D Roger, whereas someone wants it for an evil reason.

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2. Witch Of The Waste

Ugly Anime Characters

Another character that is surely going to leave a deep scar in the minds of the people is the witch of the waste. Many of you may not have heard of the anime from which it comes and that is howl’s moving castle. This anime series came back in the year 2004 and was quite a famous series and was also based on quite a famous novel of the same name.

She is basically one of the main antagonists in the series and her main search is for the heart of howl, you will get to know more about her after you watch the series. However there she has also got a dark past and overall, the anime series is quite nice.

3. Shigekiyo Yangu

Ugly Anime Characters

Now almost all of us know about this anime series too, and if you don’t know the first thing that you need to do right now, is go and watch this series. It’s one of the most famous classics available in the market right now and has got some of the most well-written characters. Now, Shigekiyo is actually not the main antagonist in the series but surely is one of those characters, who even after being a human, has got such kind of looks that will surely give you the creeps. He is basically a side character in the series and isn’t out there for a long time, but wherever he comes, he makes sure to make it a weird scene.

4. Buppa

Ugly Anime Characters

Another character who has got a very ugly look and will often end up giving you creeps is this one, buppa is basically the main antagonist of the series Tokyo Tribe 2. This is another classic series and has lost its charm as the years passed by. Buppa is basically a guy, who is humongous in size, and his main work is to rob money from the underworld and the tribes.

He has got a different kind of power,s and he can take up the shape of any other person, and along with that he also has some other supernatural abilities which make him quite a dangerous character, which makes the other character in the series really scared of him.

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5. Pesci

Ugly Anime Characters

Pesci is another character who belongs to Jojo’s Bizare adventure series and again he is no main character of the series or the main antagonist either, but his character has been written in such a manner, that though is a side character none of the audience will be able to forget his face.

The main thing that creeps people out regarding this character is that though looking like a normal human, he doesn’t have a chin which will differentiate his face from the rest of the body and he also has got a creepy hairstyle which is like a plant or the top of a carrot.

6. Melody

Ugly Anime Characters

When it comes to an ugly character, we can surely regard melody as a top contender on the list. However, after looking at this character you may feel like he looks okay, and nothing is really very wrong with him. However, everything turns out when you come to know about the fact that melody is actually a female and not a male.

He looks completely like a male and his bald hairstyle makes him look like an old grandpa, however, that’s not the case. For those who don’t know about him, he basically is a side character from the series Hunter x Hunter and has got some crazy abilities when it comes to sound. He is also a new character as we see later in the show and is quite powerful at the same time. 

7. Petelgeuse Romanee Conti

Ugly Anime Characters

Another character who not only looked very ugly but was also an ugly character. Petelgeuse actually belongs to the anime series Re: Zero and his main character was introduced as a funny character but soon he turns out to be the sin archbishop and the main antagonist of the third arc of the series. Physically he was very tall and his skin was something that usually gives people the creeps.

Besides his physical appearance the evilness he possessed and the way, he murdered other characters in the series, showed his true ugly nature of his in front of all the people out there. His death was seen in the same arc as he was introduced in, however, he was one influential character whom none of us can forget.

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8. Nendou’s Mom

Ugly Anime Characters

This character actually belongs to the very famous anime series the disastrous life of Saiki K. Nendou Midori is basically the mother of quite a famous character in the series Nendou. However, though being a side character, she has got such a look that none of the audience of the show will be able to forget her eve.

Midori has basically the face of her ex-husband and her son and the scars which run through the entire family are somehow placed across her eyes, which makes her look very weird and different from any other character in the series. However, the series is a great watch and Nendou Midori is also a lovely character

9. Bon Chan

Ugly Anime Characters

Many of the one-piece fans will be a bit emotional about this character, and no offense, it was really tough for us too, for putting this character on the list. He was a great character and his death was surely something that was not taken very easily by any of the fans out there. Bon chan was actually introduced into the anime as a negative character, but he was actually good at heart and became very good friends with the Mugiwara crew, however when it came to his physical appearance, he was not very pretty and the way he wore his clothes and disguised himself, was surely something that creeped out many people.

10. Me-Mania

Ugly Anime Characters

This anime character belongs to the Perfect Blue anime series and he is basically one of the antagonists of the series. The anime was quite a very famous one when it came out in the year 1999. The character has disfigured face and the way he bulked up towards the last of the series was surely something that can be considered ugly.

As a villain, he was really good and his character was actually influenced by a child killer, other than that his character had some deep complexities and like the entire anime, every scene and every act has got some deep meaning that unravels as the anime moves forward.

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11. Foxy The Silver Fox

Ugly Anime Characters

This anime character belongs to the one-piece anime series, and based on how things have been going, yes there are many names from this particular anime, and that is because the characters have been animated and designed in such a manner, that most negative characters are made ugly.

This is also a side character and he has a single arc where he plays a big part, he is a negative character overall, and also on very bad terms with the Mugiwara crew. The facial structure of this anime character is also very weird, with a very unique face structure and a huge nose, which just makes him look even worse.

12. Amayo Jingoro

Ugly Anime Characters

Amayo Jingoro is basically, quite an eminent character from the series Basilisk. His character was never paid much attention to by most of the audience and something that bothered everyone was the way he looks. He actually was a selected ninja in the conflict that was going on between the different clans in the series and though belonging to a particular clan.

If we look at how he looked, he basically has a weird facial structure, with some ugly facial scars and a skin texture that just makes him more non-human. Though one thing that is for sure is that he is not a bad character.

13. Yubaba

Ugly Anime Characters

Grannies have always been portrayed in either a very sweet manner in animes, or in a very evil manner, and in this anime, spirited a way we get to see one such character which will surely creep us all out. Yububa is basically a very powerful character in the series and though based on her looks, she may not be the most appealing character, surely, she has a good heart and is very kind-natured.

At the same time, her wrath is something we don’t want to see. Yubaba has quite a big face and it’s so not in proportion to her body that it makes her look very weird. However, she has got some great powers and one of them is to change the outcome of some event that is going to happen.

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14. Dodoria

Ugly Anime Characters

Now Dragon Ball Z has got some character that almost every guy is fascinated about and has fallen in love with since his childhood. However, if you are a dragon ball fan, then you must remember the character of Dodoria, he was basically a villainous character who didn’t stay in the anime for quite a long time.

He was completely pink in color and his face was so weirdly shaped and overall, it made him look very ugly. Along with that, his entire physique was something that added to it, and overall a character who was not liked by almost anyone in the entire series. He was also not much worth it as a small villain in the series.

15. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Ugly Anime Characters

Finally, we come to an anime series, which almost every otaku is a big fan of and that is none other than the fruit basket anime. However, this anime has got some great stories to tell us and the psychological aspect along with the character building is something that almost all critics have liked.

Ichiya is basically a short character who has got quite an influence on the entire story, his face is quite big along with the fact that his hands don’t match his physique. Another thing that has been quite noticed about his character is that he thought of having an important role, but because of his looks end up looking like a comic character.

16. The Titans

Ugly Anime Characters

As we all know, titans are something that is not at all pleasant to watch when it comes from the show attack of titans. This show was one of the most successful shows in anime history and has got a huge fanbase. We all there are many characters in this show and some are crush-worthy, to be honest.

However the biggest attraction to this show is the titans, which are absolutely disgusting-looking creatures, they have got huge faces and each titan has got its own unique look, some may be deformed, and some may be short the only thing that remained constant is their huge face. These titans were something that no one liked to look at, but they formed the biggest and the most interesting part of the show.

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17. Alvida

Ugly Anime Characters

Many of you who have watched one piece, may also not remember this character and that is completely okay, because she was there for a very short period of time, and she didn’t have any notable effect on the storyline of the show. Alvida was the first female pirate that we get to see in the show, and their crew of hers was surely very much done with her.

She was huge and obese and had a very small face when compared to her body. Her physical structure was something that made it quite evident to us, that she takes a lot of time to move around, and along with that she used to carry with her an iron club which made her look worse.

18. Gecko Moria

Ugly Anime Characters

Another very influential character from the one-piece universe, the gecko used to be one of the shichibukai, but due to some acts of his, he was stripped of the title and he almost lost everything he had. When you look at him at the first glance, he has got a very disfigured body and he doesn’t at all look like a human.

Along with that his devil fruit powers, make him weirder. His facial structure has been something that makes the final impression, he has got a weird oval face, with horns and violet hair. His ears are long and when you listen to his face, everyone will be just weirded out. Overall, he is quite an ugly character in the series.

19. Carnage Kabuto

Ugly Anime Characters

One punch man, being very close to our hearts, it was very difficult to add a character from the series to this list. However, kabuto has been one of those characters who just couldn’t be tolerated anymore. He is basically a villainous character in the series and he got bigger and huge with the use of some steroids, he looks much like a cockroach and most of the time he does something, the only thing you will be filled with is the word “eww”.

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20. Rock Lee

Ugly Anime Characters

Yes, we know we will face a lot of criticism for including this character on the list, and yes Rock Lee is one of the best characters in the entire Naruto series, however, when compared to all the other character designs he may be the only bad looking guy in the entire series. His round face, with that weird haircut, round eyes, and as we all know his bushy brows have been something that was absolutely disliked by Sakura since the first few episodes only.

21. Hand Demon

Ugly Anime Characters

Demon slayer, anime has already been praised by critics for having some of the best-written and most beautifully designed and animated characters. The heroes or as we may say the demon slayers are absolutely gorgeous and along with the demons are gorgeous too and that has been a very unique feature of this anime.

As we all know the fan base of this anime is also quite huge, however, everything changes when the hand demon comes in, he is weird looking and something that we see in the first few episodes only. This demon has surely been a great opponent and someone, whom almost everyone one of us disliked for his acts.

22. Dadan

Ugly Anime Characters

Yes, we know Dadan is again one of the most beautifully written characters from the entire One-Piece universe. However, we still can’t ignore the fact that Dadan though being a mountain bandit, could have been presented to us in a better-designed way. Dadan though being like a motherly figure to Luffy since a very young age is just huge when it comes to a woman and the way her face looks and is shaped, it’s surely made most of us a bit uncomfortable at the stating of the anime.

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23. Suika

Ugly Anime Characters

We actually didn’t want to mention this character’s name here, because according to almost all dr stone fans out there, Suika is one of the cutest characters in the entire anime. However something about Suika is, we don’t get to see her face as she always wears that watermelon helmet and that’s one of the main reasons, we don’t consider her ugly.

If she was a character who didn’t use to wear a helmet, then we don’t know how the story may have turned out, but surely the fans of the anime won’t be a big fans of her. She has got this weird face, which is completely puffed up, and has got some wrinkles that make her look much older than she actually is.

24. Wapol

Ugly Anime Characters

As we move towards the end of the list, here we are again with another One-Piece character, whom almost none of us like. Wapol is basically a side character who served as the villain in a small arc of the show. He has got some devil fruit powers, which most people don’t pay much attention to, and overall he is just ugly, with his weird face. His mouth is made out of some other material, such as tin or steel and overall, he just looks like a comic character, though being negative in reality.

25. Ryuk

Ugly Anime Characters

Now the last one on the list is none other than Ryuk from one of the most famous animes of all time, Death Note. Ryuk is basically a Shinigami, for those who don’t know anything about him. However, looks of his are so like a devil or some other supernatural being, that it creeps us out. Overall, we can’t consider him handsome in any sense, and he is just ugly for all those who don’t know anything about him. However, Ryuk as we all know is one of the best characters in the entire anime universe.

Frequently asked questions

Who are anime simps?

Simps are the men who are too attentive to women. But in the anime, simps are the males who are known for annoying people who they don’t like.

Who is the laziest anime character?

Shinnosuke Nohara is the laziest character.

In which anime Ryuk will be seen?

Ryuk is from the anime, Death Note.

Is Wapol a One Piece character?

Yes, Wapol is from One Piece.

In which show we will see Dadan?

Dadan will be seen in One Piece.

Is Rock Lee one of the ugliest characters?

Yes, he is one of the ugliest characters.

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