Clean Sweep Season 2 Release Date: Will Sundance TV Renew The Series?

When your past overshadows your present, there is little you could do. Some people try to run away from the horrors of their past while others try to conceal the truth as much as they could. But in the end, we all end up being victims of our past and have to bear the harsh consequences. Clean Sweep, revolving around Shelly Mohan, will make you come face to face with this truth.

To all the thrill lovers, Sundance TV has brought another Irish drama that is brimming with plot twists, cat-mouse chases, and heartfelt emotions. The series has garnered a lot of brownie points from the viewers and now we are all awaiting season 2. Since season 1 has left us with many questions, season 2 has been greatly anticipated. But will it get approved? Or was season 1 the end of such a promising series? Let’s find out!

Clean Sweep Season 2 Release Date

Clean Sweep revolves around the story of Shelly Mohan, a dutiful wife and a loving mother. It has been highly acclaimed by viewers and critics alike. The rich Irish vogue, the suspense instilled in the story, and the brilliant cast ensemble have made this series such a blockbuster hit. We all know how cut-short Irish series generally are and this one is not the exception either.

Season 1 was released on January 26, 2023. And though it hasn’t been long, we are all anticipating season 2 greatly. But the makers do not share our sentiments. They are prolonging our wait and keeping us in the dark. It is speculated that the Clean Sweep season 2 release date is scheduled for late 2024. But these are just rumors and we don’t have a concrete date yet. Hopefully, we will have a confirmed release date yet!

Name Of The ShowClean Sweep
Season NumberSeason 2
Clean Sweep Season 1 Release Date26th January 2023
Clean Sweep Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Clean Sweep Season 2: What Could Be The Plot This Time?

Clean Sweep Season 2 Release Date

Clean Sweep season 1 began with showcasing the normal household scenario. We have a dutiful mother, Shelly Mohan, taking care of her ill son, running after her two notorious children, and surviving her unfaithful husband. You might be thinking this is an inspirational story of sorts where we’ll get to witness Shelly finally getting over her husband and fighting for herself. Well, here comes a major twist that will make your eyes pop out!

Shelly is hiding some dark secrets of her own that are now catching up with her. Mohan isn’t what she portrays herself to be, her seemingly innocent face hides a grave past. When her detective husband, Jason Mohan, is assigned the case to investigate a sudden death, Shelly’s past starts to become a heavy threat. Her husband has to investigate the death of a former part of the crime who she brutally murdered. 

Why did she kill him? Because he threatened to expose Mohan’s past. We left season 1 without knowing the details of Mohan’s gruesome past. And now, we are expecting season 2 to follow from here and finally lift the veil from Shelly’s past. Hopefully, the makers will reveal the release date soon!

Clean Sweep Season 2: Who Will Be In The Cast?

Clean Sweep is an action thriller drama brought to us by Sundance TV and ZDF studios. The makers have brought in some of the glamorous names of the industry. Presenting to us Shelly Mohan is the infamous Irish actress, Charlene McKenna. Charlene brings forward all the emotions we expect from Shelly Mohan gracefully. As the series progresses, we get to see various shades of McKenna’s character and each of them is highly intriguing.

Several other characters help make Clean Sweep an interesting watch. We have Barry Ward as Jason Mohan who is Shelly’s husband and a super detective. The other cast members include Katelyn Downey as Caitlin Mohan, Aidan McCann as Niall Mohan, and many more! Season 2 will be bringing back all these cast members in their respective roles.

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Clean Sweep Season 1 Quick Review

A good old action thriller with a unique touch, Clean Sweep does a good job in terms of story and acting. The actors bring forward a great series but sometimes–often ignorable–their acting and the pace of the story seem rushed. Maybe, it is because Clean Sweep just has six episodes to its name. Or maybe, we were expecting too much from the series.

For people who enjoy a quick drama, this is one stellar series. But for people looking for an elongated series, this proves to be a bit short. Each series has its fault, this one does, too. Nonetheless, you could enjoy this series immensely! If not for the length, go for the stellar cast and amazing storyline!

Is Clean Sweep Based On A True Story?

Brought to us by Gary Tieche, Clean Sweep is the story of Shelly Mohan. A mother, wife, murderer, and a woman with many layers. She has a differently-abled son, a cheating husband, two demanding kids, and a past to tackle. When her former partner threatens her, she ends up killing him. Quick to anger, and hard to tame, Shelly listens to no one but herself.

As for Clean Sweep being a true story, the answer is yes. It is based on real events brought to us by McKenna.  How much this series will follow the story of Mohan is not known yet. As of season 1, the series is sticking to the true story pretty tightly. Let’s see what season 2 brings forward. Hopefully, it would overcome its flaws and be better than Clean Sweep season 1.

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The Story Behind Clean Sweep

This Canadian series was supposed to garner public funding but later Tieche collaborated with Incendo and released the series in January earlier this year. We got to witness multiple changes and a lot of drama while the series was in production. The sponsors were changing, Tieche was planning multiple things, and the cast was undecided for a long while.

But in the end, things started to work out for Gary and Clean Sweep was manifested brilliantly. Filmed in one of the best locations in the world, this Irish series overcame all its hurdles and is now a fine gem of the Canadian film industry. Yes, it has its flaws but those don’t weigh it down. The series has potential as the makers believe.

What Do The Makers Think Of The Series?

Clean Sweep Season 2 Release Date

One of the crucial aspects of film or series creation is the mindset, isn’t it? A filmmaker should have a clear vision and interest to watch the series grow. Thankfully, we have Gary Tieche who is planning to expand Clean Sweep and bring forward a gripping thriller. So far, he has succeeded in his endeavor and we have got one blockbuster entertainer. He wanted to present the story of a selfless mother who could cross any lines for her children, even fight her treacherous past. 

But the said past isn’t ready to let go of her. It was supposed to be a thought-invoking thriller, a tale that would be imprinted on our minds for a long time. The directors and producers wanted to take Irish dramas to a higher level. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they succeeded immensely. This compelling series was meant to be a global entertainer and here we are, enamored by the storyline and acting skills, aren’t we?

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Charlene McKenna Steals The Show

The Peaky Blinders star, Charlene McKenna sweeps the attention of the show. Her on-screen time is far more than the other actors, it is natural given that the series revolves around her story. That doesn’t mean the actors don’t get the chance. Jason has his fair amount of attention so do Mohan’s children. The detectives, police officers, and all the cast members garner attention from the audience.

But McKenna attracts the entire audience. Maybe, it is because she is such an amazing treat to watch. Maybe, it is because this story demands McKenna to have more focus. Or maybe it is simply our fondness towards Charlene. In the end, all that matters is Charlene has stolen the limelight once again. Hopefully, she wouldn’t disappoint us in season 2 either.

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Clean Sweep Season 2 Release Date: FAQS

1. What Is The Clean Sweep Series About?

It is about Shelly Mohan and her gloomy past that has come to haunt her present.

2. Is Clean Sweep Season 2 Approved?

No, it isn’t approved yet. But hopefully, we will get the confirmation from the makers soon!

3. Is Clean Sweep Series Worth Watching?

If you’re into detective thrillers, surely give this series a try.

4. How Many Episodes Does Clean Sweep Season 1 Contains?

It is a six-episode-long series.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Clean Sweep Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available yet. We will soon have a trailer though when the makers confirm the series.

6. Where To Watch Clean Sweep Season 2?

You could watch this series on SundanceNow.

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