SSSniperwolf Boyfriend: Who Is The Popular Twitch Streamer Dating?

We live in the Internation generation where gaming isn’t just a hobby anymore, it could be a lucrative career as well. These days, we have been hearing about many celebrities who rose to fame because of their immense gaming skills. The Twitch Streamers have become a sensation and SSSniperwolf is the leader of the pack. Voted as the top gamer in the Kids Choice Awards, SSSniperwolf is now the most popular person in the gaming world.

But that’s not what all SSSniperwolf is. Everything from her name to her personality holds a hidden meaning. An enigma of sorts, SSSniperwolf is someone who would make you question multiple things in your life. Let’s get to know more about this enigma, shall we? From the mystery behind her name to the endless controversies she has stirred. But first, a quick introduction of SSSniperwolf’s boyfriend!

SSSniperwolf Boyfriend

Alia Shelesh, originally identified as SSSniperwolf, has grabbed the gaming world by storm. She is now an infamous Youtuber who has garnered more than 20 million followers at a very young age. Known for her gaming skills, amazing DIY skills, and probably for getting struck amid controversies, too.

Speaking of SSSniperwolf’s boyfriend, it seems like the gamer has yet to sort out her love life. There are rumours regarding Lia getting acquainted with a fellow gamer, Lui Calibre. But they are all false speculations like other rumors that claim Shelesh to be dating someone. We all know how SSSniperwolf posts elongated videos regarding her personal life, including her relationships and breakups. 

But in the past few years, after Evan Sausage, our Twitch streamer hasn’t explained her love life at all. Her last video was centered around her breakup with Sausage and how she was dealing with it. As of 2023, SSSniperwolf is single. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming years!

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SSSniperwolf: Is She Still In Touch With Evan Sausage?

Youtube has always been her strength, she has benefitted from this platform immensely. She got to know about Evan Sausage, a fellow Youtuber, through the same platform. Sausage sent Lia a rather nonsensical, humorless joke that she felt extremely funny. Wanting to know more about the person who had such questionable humor, SSSniperwolf began texting him.

Their relationship was quite a rollercoaster ride, it hardly had a dull moment. From Evan catfishing SSSniperwolf to him running away from her when they met for the first time, it was quite interesting watching these two pair up. But their relationship wasn’t only amusing, it was quite complicated, too. One moment, they were together and the next, SSSniperwolf would be posting a detailed video on how they split.

It went on for a while before Shelesh and Sausage finally broke up. Since then, we have hardly seen them together or even talked about each other. Only, it happened once when Lui claimed that Lia cheated on him because he couldn’t let go. Of whom? We don’t know. But it is speculated that Shelesh hadn’t moved on yet even though they are not in touch anymore.

SSSniperwolf: Who Is She?


SSSniperwolf is a woman of many talents. She is a popular gamer, Twitch streamer, Youtuber, and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Long before we got to know Lia as SSSniperwolf, she was far along on the road to becoming an entrepreneur. She tried her hand at nursing and pharmacy but neither helped her. So, Shelesh dropped out of college and started chasing her hazy interests.

So, Alia started trying her hand at reselling. She wandered through thrift stores–one of her major hobbies–picked up what she deemed appropriate and worthy, brought it, and then sold it. SSSniperwolf has always had the mind of an entrepreneur, she enjoyed the transactions a bit too much. Gradually, her interests started to recline towards gaming and she became Sexy Sexy Sniperwolf aka SSSniperwolf, the gaming legend.

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Is SSSniperwolf A True Gamer Or A Fraud?

This is one of the most widely asked questions regarding Alia Shelesh. Many gaming fans keep wondering how an unknown player suddenly barged into the gaming world and earned the title of best gamer. Many have accused her to be a fraud and claimed that she didn’t deserve the title. Several people think SSSniperwolf does not know the gaming world and question her legitimacy.

A hundred questions with no answers. When asked to prove the accusations by Shelesh, no one could pull it off making these claims mere rumors. Plenty of streamers have to go through this phase where their talent is scrutinized. It seems like SSSniperwolf’s phase is over and she is now recognized widely as a Twitch streamer, gamer, and Youtuber.

Did SSSniperwolf Got Arrested?

For a one-word answer, it is an astounding yes. Shelesh has been arrested on more than one occasion. Once, with Evan Sausage for inappropriate behavior. SSSniperwolf has been struggling with anger issues for quite a while now. This was the time when her angry fits got unbearable and her insecurities took over her sanity. Alia accused Evan of cheating on her after she witnessed that he has changed his wallpaper.

Evan’s supposed new wallpaper consisted of a photo of a random girl whom Alia thought to be a potential threat. Both Sausage and Shelesh started to fight in the middle of the street and left no option for the neighbors. They had to call the police since this dubious couple wasn’t ready to back out.

This wasn’t Lia’s first arrest though. Many people believe that she was arrested once before for armed robbery, too. But the truth is, Lia was merely the victim of a misunderstanding. The arrest that followed Evan Sausage though was very much real.

SSSniperwolf Amid Harsh Accidents


Since Shelesh is quite fond of sharing everything about her life–both past and present–we know how she has been a survivor throughout her life. Be it bearing the tag of a college dropout or the struggle to push that label off her, life hasn’t always been a walk in the garden for her. Alia quit college because she wanted to pursue her true interests which were inclined toward fashion at that time. So, she started her own small kind-of business and started to make profits.

But her father had his eyes set on her money. He took all of her profits and used them to his benefit. He even brought a car out of Lia’s money but never let her use it. When she refused to give him more money, he disowned her and it was just Lia and her mother dealing with life then.

It wasn’t all though. SSSniperwolf didn’t only bear a selfish father, she also went through multiple accidents in one year. 2016 was probably the harshest year because of her. Shelesh lost her best friend and pet, Tuna. She was hit by a drunk driver when she went out with Evan. But thankfully, neither of them was hurt. Moreover, Shelesh’s house was robbed, too. Truly a tragic year for SSSniperwolf.

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SSSniperwolf Accused To Be Racist And Transphobic

Being the gaming star comes with responsibilities, and SSSniperwolf is accused to be someone who doesn’t understand them. We all know Lia has rather questionable humor, she finds quite absurd jokes hilarious and insulting people fun. She creates elaborate videos showcasing her opinions on people, and most of the time she is roasting them.

Recently, SSSniperwolf posted a video roasting a transgender who has been mocked by the clerk. This video caused quite a stir on Twitter and let enraged fans of SSSniperwolf raise their voice against her. People started calling her transphobic, questioned her integrity, and claimed that she should broaden her perspective.

You might be thinking SSSniperwolf stopped here but she did not! She went ahead and commented on a renowned actress, Zendaya, for dressing up as Cinderella. SSSniperwolf claimed that she shouldn’t have chosen to be Cinderella because Zendaya wasn’t white. This resulted in her being canceled for quite a long time. But this wasn’t her first rodeo either.

SSSniperwolf: Queen Of Gaming Or Queen Of Controversies?


Commenting on people is SSSniperwolf’s favorite pastime. She simply cannot help herself, it is her nature to mock people. But playing with the feelings of a dying child? That is too much even for someone like her. Many people have claimed Shelesh to be heartless and she has given them a solid reason to do so.

Alia initiated a conversation with the mother of a child who was suffering from a severe illness and was battling death every day. This child was her fan and wanted to meet her once. So, Shelesh contacted the mother of her little fan and asked her for a meeting. But she never really tried to meet her, always excusing herself claiming that she is super busy.

When this mother called SSSniperwolf out on her heartless behavior publicly, she came out and explained sorts. Shailesh said that she has already met with her adorable fan and it was all a misunderstanding. Now, who knows what goes on in her mind?

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SSSniperwolf Boyfriend: FAQs

1. Is SSSniperwolf Single?

Yes, she is single.

2. Who Is SSSniperwolf Dating?

SSSniperwolf isn’t dating anyone as of 2023.

3. Why Did SSSniperwolf Breakup With Evan Sausage?

The reason behind her breakup with Sausage is still unclear.

4. Is SSSniperwolf Joining Hollywood?

There is no confirmation for this yet. SSSniperwolf hasn’t revealed anything regarding her plans.

5. Did SSSniperwolf Ghost Her Fan?

Multiple rumors claim that SSSniperwolf did ghost her little fan while she claims otherwise.

6. What Is SSSniperwolf Doing Now?

SSSniperwolf is currently doing what she does best being a gamer, Youtuber, and influencer.

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