Parker Schnabel Wife: Exploring His Romantic Relationships!

The industry of television personalities is massive and inclusive. It does not only include people from the filming and acting industry, but it also includes personalities from various other fields like singing, dancing, painting, architecture, wildlife, and mining. Yes, miners. You must be shocked after reading the word, but yes, it is true that television personalities also include miners. In this article, we will be focusing on Parker Schnabel. You may or may not have heard his name, but you will find this person interesting after going through this article. 

Parker Schnabel is a famous television personality who has not gained fame from any conventional source such as acting. He is a gold miner. His family has been in the business of mining for a very long time. Now, Parker Schnabel has taken the reigns of his family history in the field of mining. It is interesting how he became famous. He was an ordinary man, but since his arrival on the Discovery channel, he has gained fame. Discovery channel is famous for showcasing the wonders of our earth, and Parker Schnabel has been a part of the channel. 

Today’s topic of discussion will include the net worth of Parker Schnabel’s wife, a bit of his history, and some information about his career. Since his appearance on the Discovery Channel, Schnabel has become a popular figure, and people want to know more about him. Once you start moving forward with reading, you will probably realize that you have watched his show at some point in time. Parker Schnabel is an interesting figure as he gained his fame in quite an unconventional way. 

Parker Schnabel Wife

Parker Schnabel Wife

Parker Schnabel had been in a relationship with Ashley Youle, who appeared in his show. They had a sweet romantic relationship, but unfortunately, that did not last very long. Their relationship came to an end in 2018. Ashley Youle is a veterinary nurse from Australia. They both dated for quite some time before announcing their split. There has been no information regarding the reason for their split. 

After Schnabel’s split with Youle, he got involved in another romantic relationship with Sheena Cowell. Both of them are together as of now. There are certain snapshots of them together on the internet. They are private about their relationship, and nothing extraordinary has been revealed by both of them. Sheena Cowell has been the assistant producer of his show on the Discovery channel.

Parker Schnabel is not married. He has not yet tied knots with anybody as of now. Hence, it can be concluded that he has no wife. However, he is in a romantic relationship as has been mentioned above. 

Parker Schnabel Early Life

Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994, in Alaska. He is currently 28 years old. Since his family has been involved in the business of gold mining for a very long time, Schnabel started his journey in this area when he was only 5 years old. 

As a kid, he always looked at the works of the miners and others around him. He has been mentally trained in mining since he was a kid. He has always been prepared to take over the family business. 

During his days in college, Schnabel strategically took up mining studies with geology as his core subject. He always wanted to be a part of the family business and become a gold miner like his grandfather. This is mostly the reason why he did take up those subjects in his college. He wanted to be well-educated which would help him forward in gold mining. 

Schnabel was also a member of his basketball team during his college days. 

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Parker Schnabel and Discovery

Parker Schnabel Wife

Parker Schnabel rose to fame after the Discovery shows Gold Rush Alaska or Gold Rush. His building career in mining has been showcased in the show. Gold Rush encapsulates how Parker Schnabel moved forward in the field of gold mining. The show also portrayed all the hurdles that Schnabel had to face in his career. 

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FAQS about Parker Schnabel

1. What is the age of Parker Schnabel?

Schnabel is 28 years old. 

2. What is the net worth of Parker Schnabel?

The net worth of Parker Schnabel is estimated to be around $8 million. 

3. How did Parker Schnabel rise to fame?

He rose to fame after his Discover channel show named Gold Rush Alaska or Gold Rush. 

4. What does Parker Schnabel do?

Parker Schnabel is a gold miner and a television personality. 

5. Is Parker Schnabel single?

No, he is in a romantic relationship with Sheena Cowell. 

6. Does Parker Schnabel have a wife?

No, he is currently in a romantic relationship but not married yet

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