Jayson Tatum Wife: Is The NFL Star Hiding His Partner?

When it comes down to revealing their partners, most celebrities take a step back. Why? We have no idea. Some do it so that their privacy wouldn’t be breached. While others simply don’t have a solid reason. Which side does the Boston Celtics’ star rely on? Is he hiding his wife for some discreet reason?

We all know Jason to be a person who never shies away from public appearances. He’s assertive, never backs away from expressing his opinion, and is generally very bold. But when we hear rumors like this, we all get a little confused, don’t we? Let’s sort out this confusion and get to know more about Jayson Tatum’s wife now!

Jayson Tatum Wife: Who Is She?

One major drawback of being a public figure is that there will always be someone watching you. Someone who would comment like it is their right to judge you, someone who would start speculations. Jayson is now a celebrity basketball player for the infamous Boston Celtics, it is obvious everyone would want to know about her. Especially recently when Tatum’s thought-provoking tweet came into the limelight.

We all know Tatum is a father to a five-year-old, Deuce. And we also that he was in a long-term relationship with Toriah Lachell. But is she his wife? No, Lachell and Tatum has split years ago. Jayson has been recently spotted with the popular British singer, Ella Mai. The couple is known to be dating but neither of them has confirmed anything. But it seems like Jayson is still single and not married to anyone.

Jayson Tatum: From A Toddler To A Father Of A Toddler

Jayson Tatum Wife

Born to a basketball coach, Justin Tatum, Jayson hasn’t had an easy childhood. It was weighed down by expectations and driven by ambition. Jayson’s father, who was also his coach at the time, has been very strict with him. Jayson has mentioned that his father has been motivating him since childhood in his unique way. However, this unique way was a bit bothersome to Jayson. But now, as a father of a son himself, Jayson understands why Justin has been strict with him.

Tatum began his professional career in 2017 with Boston Celtics. He’s still playing as a Celtics basketball player till now. Even now, Jayson is one of the best players of the Celtics. He is acclaimed to be one of the best basketball players. 2017 didn’t only prove to be a great year for Jayson because of his NBA debut but also because he got to know about Toriah’s pregnancy as well.

Back then, Jayson didn’t want to become a father. He claimed that he wasn’t prepared for such a piece of news at all. He was just months away from graduation and his NBA debut. Of course, the news came at a surprising time. So, Tatum decided to support Torah secretly and hid her pregnancy from his team for a long time. But eventually, Jayson brought Deuce out of the veil and introduced his cute son to his fans. Now, Deuce is a permanent fixture in Tatum’s games.

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Jayson Tatum’s Comes To Defend Simone Biles

For a long time, Jayson hid Deuce from the limelight. He thought that his team would consider him irresponsible since he was merely 19 at the time. Also, Jayson’s parents had him when they were 19 as well. This fact combined with Tatum’s upcoming NBA debut made him anxious. But eventually, with the help of his friends, Jayson overcame his initial nervousness and introduced his adorable kid to the world.

Jayson knows how is it to be a parent and the responsibility that comes with it. This is why when Simone Biles is criticized for putting her mental health before her career, Jayson couldn’t control himself. He went on Twitter and claimed that he could never bear witnessing his child getting degraded because of some mental health issues. Of course, that made him the center of controversy but as usual, Jayson stands firm on his opinion.

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Jayson Tatum: FAQs

1. Who Is Jayson Tatum?

Jayson is a professional basketball player for Boston Celtics.

2. Is Jayson Tatum Married?

No, Jayson isn’t married yet.

3. Does Jayson Tatum Have A Child?

Yes, Jayson has a six-year-old son.

4. What Is Jayson Tatum’s Son’s Name?

Jayson’s son’s name is Deuce Jayson Tatum.

5. Is Jayson Tatum Retiring?

No, Tatum isn’t retiring. Instead, he is preparing for the upcoming NBA finals.

6. Where Is Jayson Tatum Now?

Jayson is still in America, preparing for the NBA season.

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