My Dress Up Darling Characters: Reality To Cosplay World!

When it comes to slice-of-life animes, there are quite some big names that have gained prominence over the period of time in the last few years. However, many people often don’t like this particular genre and have not shown even a bit of appreciation for animes in these particular genres, because yes, the content may not be very fast-paced and there may not be something that will continuously entertain you, but if you are looking for something that is very emotional and relatable at a day to day scale then this genre is made for you.

Mostly the slice-of-life anime genre has got animes that concentrate on both sad and happy endings, where we mainly get to see a lot of love tension between two-character however there are also some cases when they end up being complete entertainers and one thing that these anime series always make sure is that they make the watchers or the audience are very happy by the end of the series.

Another great feature about the slice-of-life genre is that any anime belonging to this genre has been written in such a subtle manner that it needs the engagement of quite many characters to make a complete scene and invoke the essence of that scene properly, and thus these characters are thought about and framed in a very beautiful manner and with a lot of details to the small characteristics.

Now coming to the main topic of this article, one of the animes which has earned a lot of names in the year 2022, and ended up being one of the most popular animes of the year and receive quite some great nominations as well as awards. This anime has actually been adapted from a manga series of the same name which was also quite famous and had a huge fan base.

The first season of the My Dress Up Darling, with only 12 episodes was able to win the hearts of fans all over the world, and some of the compliments that this anime has received from critics are regarding the subtle storyline, the beautiful depiction of the concept of cosplay and the excellently written characters without whom these anime won’t even stand a chance. The character of Wakana Gojo is something that many guys all over the world have related to and the introduction of Kitagawa san in his life was just like a blessing that just changes the entire storyline and adds an essence of love into the entire story.

Now, some things that we need to clarify before moving on is that, yes there are a lot of chapters in the manga of the story and thus based on how much appreciation and success the first season of the show has received from people all over the world, there is a great chance that there will be a second season of the show and based on some sources if it adapts directly from the manga, it will get a much intense storyline and something that the fans are bound to fall in love with.

Below we have mentioned a list of characters who have been such a huge part of the show and we have also given a brief description of each of the characters so that you get know about them more, if you still haven’t watched the show yet, however, there may be a chance that some spoilers turn out in the upcoming information for the first season of the show.

1. Wakana Gojo

My Dress Up Darling Characters

The first name on this list had to be this one, as no one else could take up the place of this character, and without him, this anime surely wouldn’t be possible. Gojo is one of the main characters in the show and for those who don’t know, he is basically a high school student, who lost his parents when he was very young and now lives with his grandfather.

Now his family has got a business of Hina dolls for years and now Wakana is the only one to take over the business, and he actually loves his Hina dolls, however being a boy, he has always been teased by people for liking Hina dolls, and thus his school life was surely something that was not at all admirable, until and unless Marin chan came into his life for whom Gojo starts making a cosplaying costume and may be at the same time.

He starts having some feelings for Kitagawa san and over the first few episodes of the show, they start bonding and we get to see a new side of Gojo, who loves being himself around the people who cherish him.

2. Marin Kitagawa

My Dress Up Darling Characters

The second most important character in this series has to be none other than Marin Chan, whom you have already got a brief description of as she bonds with Gojo over the last season of the show. Marin is one happy girl who is very much into cosplay. However, she hasn’t found a person, on whom she can rely and ask for help. Overall, Marin is absolutely gorgeous and everyone from their school likes her and she is next expected to pair up with someone like Gojo.

However somehow she finds out about Gojo making dolls and asks his help in making her cosplay dresses and for the first time Gojo has got someone, who loves spending time with him and thus he starts giving his all to make those dresses because he cherishes the bond that has been created between Marin and Gojo.

Overall by the middle of the season only, Marin realizes she is starting to have feelings for Gojo and though she doesn’t do anything about them, she starts spending a lot of time with her and often teases Gojo for being a pervert while he concentrates on making the dresses.

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3. Sajuna Inui

My Dress Up Darling Characters

another character whom we see playing a big role in this series is Sajuna Inui, though her entrance into the anime was quite a unique one, and she was like a stranger, who just ended up being a part of the life of Gojo and Marin and making their bond grow even more. Now for all those who don’t know anything about Sajuna, she is basically another cosplay artist whom Marin chan has been looking up to for a long time and after finding out how beautiful Marin’s dresses are, she tries to find out who made the dresses and comes in contact with Gojo and Marin.

While all this is going on and though Inui chan isn’t someone, who mixes with people and loves spending time with her friends, she is another girl who is very serious about her cosplaying hobby, and thus by the end of the show we get to see Inui chan doing a cosplay shoot with Marin chan while Gojo designs the dresses for both of them.

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4. Sinji Inui

My Dress Up Darling Characters

The next character on the list is another interesting character who is introduced in the first season of the show, quite towards the end of the season and she also plays quite an interesting character in building the storyline. She is actually the sister of Sajuna inui and based on her appearance she is quite a tall and mature figure though fact that she is also in high school, and while she is also interested in cosplay, it becomes very tough for her to cosplay because of her physical characters.

Now another fact about Shinji is that she hasn’t got many friends out there and thus Sajuna is very much concerned about what goes on in the life of her sister and thus she is also invited to join the cosplay shoot, while there is a very adorable scene when Gojo decides to incorporate her in the shoot by making her dress up like a male character and that surely bring a huge smile in the face of Sinji Inui.

5. Gojo’s Grandfather

My Dress Up Darling Characters

Another important character in this show is the character of Gojo’s grandfather, whom we see in some episodes he plays an important role in the upbringing of Gojo, even when Gojo got involved with Marin san as a friend, he assumed it to be some different kind of relationship and while panicking he hurt himself.

However, the air gets clear sooner in the show when Gojo clears out everything and lets him know that nothing of that sort is going on between them. Gojo’s grandfather even invites Marin san to have dinner at her place from then on as she lives alone and doesn’t get to eat a proper home-cooked meal.

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Where Can We Watch The Show My Dress Up Darling?

The show is currently available for streaming on many platforms, such as Anime Suge and Gogo anime, other than that, you can also check on the crunchy roll platform for streaming all the episodes of season 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many seasons of My Dress Up Darling are there?

As of now, there is only a single season of the show.

2.Is there a second season of My Dress Up Darling?

No, yet there are no updates regarding the second season of the show.

3.Is My Dress Up darling canceled?

No, the show hasn’t been canceled as of now.

4.Is Marin in love with Gojo?

Yes, Marin san has actually fallen in love with Gojo.

5.Does Gojo like Marin?

Yes, though he doesn’t realize it, he has started having feelings for Marin san.

6.Does Akira, not like Marin?

Akira is actually a big fan of Marin and likes her too.

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