Komi Can’t Communicate Characters: A Look At Fantastic Characters!

We are with another slice-of-life anime series that has been in the talk for a long time now. Now for all of those who don’t know anything about the slice-of-life genre, it is a genre where the story is very subtle and the characters play a huge role in creating a serene storyline, with not so many fantasy-based climax scenes or some action scenes.

It’s a simple series where people get to enjoy the day-to-day life of certain very well-written characters, and it is framed in such a way that there are no climax scenes or anything of that sort, but its basic love tale or the tale of a group of friends, which makes everyone like them and entertain them in such a beautiful way that they get hooked to the show, just after watching the show for a few minutes. Most of these shows have one thing in common which is the pairing up of two characters who are more or less in love with each other.

Now something that we need to mention to all of you regarding this genre of anime, is that character building has been a big thing about this anime as without them the show won’t even stand as it’s the tale of the day-to-day lives of these characters only and most of the scenes are based on how the emotional growth of these characters go on over time. Now, something that is also notable about this anime is that graphic and animation are something that has never been bad in cases of these amines one of the most popular genres has been over time.

Now comes the main topic of this article and that is regarding the Komi Can’t Communicate series. This series has come out in the year 2019 and this series also ended up being one of the best series of the year. It was quite a fan favorite and although belonging to this genre, it gave some hard competition to series with a much more fan base and as a first-timer, it was just worth it.

Other than that the manga of this series is also something that needs to be talked about, the manga was also quite famous, and based on what we have seen in the two seasons of the show, the manga has been adapted very beautifully, and almost everything in their matches to the original storyline. For those who don’t know anything about this series, it is basically the story of Komi who is a high schooler and is absolutely gorgeous, everyone would love to have her as their partner in school, but the biggest problem that Komi faces is that she can’t communicate at all and thus that ended up being the main title of the series.

The series turns out to be more beautiful when the character Tadano is introduced into the storyline, and his bond with Komi slowly starts growing and how they end up having such a beautiful and elegant bond that almost every person cherishes out there, so as we all understand the characters in this series do play a big role and this has the setting of a high school which means they have got many small characters which play a huge part in this series.

Now though there have been many other questions regarding the upcoming season of the series and many other things, we do need to understand that many people have been out there who don’t know much about the show and are very intrigued to know about the characters who have been praised so much in the past by the critics out there and the rating of the show is so good has also affected it. As of now, there is a great chance the that there is going to be a third season too.

1. Komi Shouko

Komi Can’t Communicate Characters

The first and the main character of the series as we all know is Komi and that is quite an understandable stable at this point after we look at the title of the series. However, Komi has been a person who doesn’t share a lot about herself or has got nobody to share about her and that’s complete because she has never been able to make friends, and every time she tries to do so, she suffers from social anxiety and messes up the situation more.

However she understands her current situation and she is ready to work on it and she has also got a goal and that is to make a total of 100 friends by the end of high school, now while she tries to do this, she ends up bonding with Tadano, whom we see as another main character in this series and the main story that slowly unveils as the story moves forward is regarding the changes that slowly come into Komi san’s life after Tadano enters and how she slowly falls in love with.

Though she hasn’t confessed anything properly regarding her feelings to Tadano, it is very understandable from the way the story is written and the character development is another great aspect of the story.

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2. Tadano Hitohito

Komi Can’t Communicate Characters

Another one of the main characters in the series, Tadano is actually a great character and one of the perfect pairs for Komi-san, and as we have already mentioned he is the first friend Komi makes in high school and it is Tadano who starts helping Komi to make more friends and get over her communication issue. Now, something that we don’t know about Tadano is the kind of person he actually is.

Firstly, he once got rejected by a girl in school, and that changed everything for him, he started living a lowkey unnoticeable life and though he hasn’t got many talents, he is actually a good guy and at the same time, he has a lot of skill in understanding the atmosphere and dealing with things in his own way.

Though there was a lot of resentment among his classmates for him at first because he got the seat just next to the gorgeous Komi-san. Though as we all know Tadano slowly starts falling in love with Komi san and by the end of the second season, we also see that Tadano confesses to Komi san that he has got a huge crush on her and everything triggers from there.

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3. Najimi Osana

Komi Can’t Communicate Characters

This character is something that has consumed a lot of episodes of the series, there is an entire line of episodes when we see Komi san trying her best to make friends with Najimi however due to Komi san’s lack of communication skills, she has once made Najimi feels very bad in secondary school and at the same time, she is also related to Hitohito whom she knows from a very young age.

At some point, Hitohito even begged Najimi to be friends with Komi-san, but she rejected the idea. Everything got on a good track when one-day Najimi was, unfortunately, getting assaulted and it was Komi san who helped her and scared off the assaulter, and since that day Najimi actually became friends with Komi san and started helping her make more friends at school.

4. Komi Shousuke

Komi Can’t Communicate Characters

Another very main character in the series whom we see very often is Shousuke, who by name only we realize is actually the younger brother of Komi-san, and just like Komi san we see that most of the time he is silent and isn’t conversing with anyone around.

However, he hasn’t got any issues with communication, just that he doesn’t like to communicate with anyone, and he doesn’t do anything that he feels to be vague and not of his means, thus we often see him alone and not giving effort for anything, but Shousuke wants he can surely make friends and be very likable as a guy.

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5. Yamai ren

Komi Can’t Communicate Characters

Another character who has taken up a lot of episodes in this series is Yamai ren. Yes, many of you who have watched the series may not have liked her at all, but though she is a great character, though being creepy her character adds a lot to the story. She is actually Komi sans stalker and she is obsessed with Komi-san.

She has a book full of pictures of Komi as we have seen in one of the scenes. Other than that we also see in the manga series that Yamai when she gets to know about Komi and Hitohito, gets super agitated and even tries to attack him, however, it is Komi san who handles the situation and ends up saving him.

Where Can We Watch Komi Can Communicate?

This show is currently available for streaming on many anime streaming platforms such as Anime Suge, Gogoanime and one also go for Crunchy Roll with a paid subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many seasons of Komi Can’t Communicate are there?

As of now, there are only two seasons of the show.

2.Will there be a third season for Komi Can’t Communicate?

As of now, nothing has been confirmed, but there seems a great chance for it.

3.Is Komi Can’t Communicate canceled?

No, the show hasn’t been canceled as of now.

4.Who is Komi san’s crush?

Komi san has got a crush on Tadano.

5.Whats the gender of Najimi Osana?

Najimi is actually a genderqueer character in the series.

6.Is Komi san in love?

Yes, Komi-san is actually in love with Tadano.

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