Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Characters Ranked! Who Is The Cutest Of Them All? Shikimori Or Izumi?

The colorful hair, vibrant personalities, and creative storyline have made Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie anime one of the best of its genre. Portraying the lifestyle of a typical teenager, this romantic comedy anime has quickly started to gain fandom. One major aspect of its success is Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie characters, of course. Since this is a character-driven anime, its entire focus relies on its characters.

Currently, in its first season, Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie is quickly working its way up to our hearts. Revolving around Miyako Shikimori, this is a coming-of-age teenage drama weaved in the form of an anime. Portraying the finest emotions of a teenager, ranging from jealousy to aggression, this is a beautifully crafted anime. Let’s get to know more about the characters that make this anime such an amazing visual treat!

8. Miyabi Shikimori

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Characters

Since this anime revolves around Miyako Shikimori, a teenage girl who is widely popular at her school, her family members are also given enough importance. Miyabi is Miyako’s mother and both are quite similar to each other. Both share the same bubble pink hairs and have a signature stern look mastered to the core.

Though she comes off as a strict person, Miyabi is in fact, quite lenient. She is just not as expressive as Miyako which is why some people deem her cold and callous. But when you dive in closer, you’d find her pretty cool. Miyabi is very supportive of her daughter, but sometimes she comes off as territorial even. But it’s her abundant love for Miyako that sometimes goes out of line.

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7. Rika Isana

Rika Isana

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie is an anime that is mostly set in the school environment and most of the characters are students. But Isana isn’t a student, more like an acquaintance who likes a student. Rika works as a part-time barista with Inuzuka and has secretly developed a mild crush on him. Though we haven’t had a chance to explore this crush since we have only witnessed one season of this anime, it is quickly becoming our center of attention.

Isana is an ambitious barista who wants to start her cafe and become an entrepreneur. Though she often drifts away from this dream at times, it is always at the back of her mind. Especially when she comes face-to-face with Inuzuka, everything else vanishes from her mind. She is one of the cutest characters in the anime.

6. Yui Hachimitsu

Yui Hachimitsu

To counter Isana’ssweetnesss, the makers have probably introduced Hachimitsu. She is smart, witty, and observant of fault. Also, she adores Inuzuka a bit more than she lets on. There is nothing that goes beyond her recognition and it has now become her greatest strength. Yui is Shikimori’s best friend who keeps the three of them glued to each other.

Though she keeps taunting and commenting on her friends, there is no questioning her loyalty. When it comes down to standing with the group, Hachimitsu is always ready. And maybe, this is why we love her so much despite her sometimes cold appearance. Also, we relate to her laziness secretly don’t we?

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5. Kyo Nekozaki

Kyo Nekozaki

Balancing Hachimitsu’s cold personality and shyness, Nekozaki comes off as a rather bold and fierce person. Though she is openly vocal and quite aggressive at times, Kyo is as loyal–if not more–as Hachimitsu and Shikimori. She is probably the sore finger in their group since her personality is very distinctive from the others.

While Shikimori and Hachimitsu keep bearing confidence issues, Nekozaki is assertive and opinionated. Her greatest strength is probably her confidence. But Kyo has one more trait that has made us stand out from the others her sappiness. Even though she comes off as happier, she could start crying buckets anytime anywhere.

4. Shu Inuzuka

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Characters

The third member of Shikimori’s group, Shu Inuzuka is one of the most responsible people in the clan. While others owe up to their personality traits, Inuzuka never accepts that he is in fact quite accountable. He likes to come off as the careless goofy guy, but he is really ambitious and can be quite serious at times.

Shu is trying to save money and fulfill his dream of becoming a veterinary doctor. To achieve this, he works at a local coffee shop where he meets Rika Isana. Talk about complications–and a love triangle as well–here. But thankfully, Inuzuka is secretly admiring Isana while she does the same. And yes, Inuzuka considers Hachimitsu just a friend. He is loyal to Yui just like he is loyal to Izumi but sometimes, it becomes quite a problem.

3. Ai Kamiya

Ai Kamiya

You can not mention Kamiya when talking about Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie. Every series needs an antagonist, especially when a series portrays teenage high school drama. Though Kamiya isn’t exactly an antagonist, she sure acts like one sometimes. But those sometimes are very less frequent and often ignorable. Kamiya is probably the spice this honey-laden anime needed.

She is Shikimori’s direct competitor when it comes down to popularity and fandom. Kamiya is the best volleyball player, known for her beauty and athletic body. Competing against our pink-haired protagonist is our blue-stranded athlete who is secretly jealous of Shikimori. Her insecurities know no bounds but thankfully, she hasn’t resorted to the i-will-snatch-him-anyhow cliche.

Yes, Kamiya adores Izumi and wants him to adore her as well. She is often seen comparing herself with Shikimori and wondering why Izumi has chosen her but then, she would shake these vicious thoughts away. What’s better? Shikimori is often the one to help Kamiya get over her jealousy and work on her confidence.

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2. Shikimori Miyako

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Characters

Who doesn’t enjoy long walks in the garden, watching fireworks, and simply stargazing? We all do but it seems like our protagonist, Shikimori Miyako, enjoys it all a bit too much. To Miyako, her family, friends, and Izumi are everything. She has centered her entire life around these people and just wants to become the best of everything.

Shikimori is one of the most popular girls in her school who excels at everything in her life. Be it academics, sports, or anything else, Miyako has nailed it all. But despite this, she bears some confidence issues. Though she is getting better at it, there are still times when you would want to yell at her that she is the best and should stop considering herself anything but.

Shikimori hasn’t expressed her ambitions yet but she has left all the possibilities open. Miyako is considered to be an idol in her school because of her constant dedication and down-to-earth nature. But according to Shikimori, she is deeply flawed. And while we haven’t yet witnessed those flaws, we could safely say that her bright smile and actions have made her one of the cutest characters in the anime.

1. Izumi Yuu

Izumi Yuu

Izumi, the purple-haired can stand up to Shikimori’s level of cuteness firmly. He is probably the reason why Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie anime has become so beloved. Izumi will make you swoon with his words and his actions will surely steal your heart. If you want any advice as to what to gift your love, he’s your guy. Yuu gets the best of gifts, plan the best of dates, and say everything right–well, most of the time at least.

Izumi can beat Shikimori in the creative department but when it comes to socializing and confidence, he is not even in her league. He is a bit weak morally and of course, he cannot engage in a physical fight at all. We have witnessed Miyako stepping in several times to save him. But slowly, Izumi is getting better and striving harder to control his nervous tics for Shikimori.

Another thing Izumi is best at? Forgetting things. He can even forget to breathe at times! His clumsiness knows no bounds either If there is a crash sound, know that it is Izumi falling off the ground. And he cannot just stop poking Shikimori and enjoying her reaction. But his clumsiness and teasing are what keep the show going. And it is what has made Izumi the cutest character in this anime.

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Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Characters: FAQs

1. What Is Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Anime About?

It is a romantic comedy anime that is centered around Shikimori Miyako and her boyfriend, Izumi Yuu.

2. Is Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Manga As Well?

Yes, it is a manga as well.

3. Is Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie A Japanese Anime?

Yes, it is a Japanese anime.

4. Who Is The Cutest Character In Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Anime?

Though the anime is centered around Shikimori, Izumi is the cutest character in it.

5. Is Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Anime Worth Watching?

If you’re into romantic comedy animes centered around high school teenagers, you should give this anime a try!

6. Where To Watch Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Anime?

You could watch this anime series on Crunchyroll easily.

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