Is Farzi A Real Story? Discovering The Truth Behind The Controversial Tale

A recent Amazon prime release, Farzi is on everyone’s radar! Some people are asking about its second season release date whereas some are continuously asking about whether it is connected to the show, The Family Man or not. Well, we have covered the articles on both topics you can check our website for that. But here is the answer to a new question related to the show, Farzi.

Is Farzi a real story? Is it based on a true incident? A lot of questions related to this show. Now you can definitely realize this show’s popularity. But don’t worry we are here to give you all the answers to your unanswered questions so keep asking and get the answers. If you have not watched Farzi yet you can go to Amazon Prime Video and binge-watch it.

Is Farzi A Real Story?

Firstly, we would like to give you an answer to this question. A very clear answer is no, Farzi is not a real story or it is not based on any true incident. It is a pure work of fiction under the creators, Raj & DK. Released on 10th February 2023, Farzi is the story of a boy named Sunny, who is supposed to manage his grandfather’s revolutionary printing press but eventually, he failed.

Great work has been done by the actors like Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, Kay Kay Menon, Bhuvan Arora, and Raashii Khanna. Actually, the show revolves around the illegal printing of fake money, and this is not a problem that is only shown in shows or movies. We can say that Farzi is a work of fiction but the problem shown in this show is real. In India and even in outside countries counterfeit money is the biggest problem. Some criminals used to doing it for a very long time and there is still a continuous cat-and-mouse race between the police and the criminals who used to print fake money, they are the big gangsters.

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Farzi Story

Is Farzi A Real Story?

We have already given you a gist of the story in the above paragraphs. A boy and an artist named Sunny played by Shahid Kapoor was supposed to manage the revolutionary printing press established by his grandfather. But in doing so he eventually failed and because of the financial crisis, he took the opposite path which is the printing of fake money. Along with his friend Firoz, Sunny started this illegal work of printing counterfeit money.

But he is not the only one in this industry, as the story grows, you will see Mansoor Dalal played by Kay Kay Menon who is the criminal mastermind of printing counterfeit money. Now there are two criminals, and how can it be possible that there is no police or any special cop? Well, wait, Michael is coming……Michael played by Vijay Sethupathi, a special cop who is in the search of Mansoor. And here Michael gets to know about Sunny and his friend Firoz and their illegal venture, so now, he has to keep his eyes on Sunny as well.

Will There Be Farzi Season 2?

The very first season of Farzi is just released on Amazon Prime Video. So, let the makers observe the growth of the show in the coming months. Most people are liking it very much and it also received critical acclamation. Well, it seems that the show has already established its legs and now no one can ignore watching Farzi. If they are real fans of Bollywood and especially Vijay Sethupathi from Kollywood then they will definitely watch it. So, in the end, we can only say that there is no official announcement has been made as of now regarding the release of the second season.


The show has a rating of 8.6 out of 10. Check the images below which show the whole data behind these ratings:

Frequently asked questions

Is Farzi a real story?

No, it is not a real story.

Will there be season 2 of Farzi?

Not yet confirmed.

Who are the main leads of the show Farzi?

Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, and Kay Kay Menon are the leads of the show.

Is Farzi the first show of Shahid Kapoor?

Yes, Farzi is the first digital project of Shahid Kapoor.

Is Farzi a movie?

No, Farzi is a web show.

Where to watch Farzi online?

You can watch Farzi on Amazon Prime Videos.

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