Is Kurapika A Boy? Know Everything About Your Favourite Hunter X Hunter Character Now!

Kurapika has surely become our favorite Hunter X Hunter character, right? With his emerald eyes and intense emotions, he has surely won our hearts. Even though Gon leads the series, Kurapika has become as important of a character as Gon. He has faced as many battles as Gon if not more and has now become one of the mightiest warriors in this anime.

With Kurapika quickly becoming one of the best characters in the anime series, he has become the center of attention now. We all want to know who Kurapika is in detail. We want the answers to our questions regarding this deadly warrior. But most importantly, we want to know whether Kurapika is a boy or a girl. Let’s get the answer now!

Is Kurapika A Boy?

With almost 150 episodes and several films to its name, Hunter X Hunter has become one of the most widely watched anime series for over a decade. We have witnessed numerous characters who have made this series such a pleasant visual delight. And when it comes down to Kurapika, we all start to root for him. Maybe it is because of his story or maybe it is because of his personality.

Whenever we talk about Kurapika, one question remains at the forefront of our brains. Is Kurapika a boy? There are multiple rumors and several theories regarding Kurapika’s gender. But the truth is Kurapika is a boy no matter what the speculations claim. Our nerdy warrior has proved this several times over the years. With his attire and personality, Kurapika has answered the questions regarding his gender efficiently.

Why Such Rumours?

Is Kurapika A Boy?

You must be wondering why Kurapika’s gender has become such a huge question. But if you look at him closely, you would get to know why Kurapika’s gender has become such a hype. His blonde hair, demure face, and gentleness have led to these questions. You would have noticed that Kurapika’s golden blonde hair and huge eyes don’t match his personality at times–especially when he gets violent.

Moreover, Kurapika is voiced by the talented voiceover artist Erika in English. This fact, combined with Kurapika’s general appearance, has raised rumors regarding Kurapika being a girl. But no matter what these rumors claim, our beloved Hunte X Hunter star is a boy. He is a warrior who is out for justice and hopefully, he’ll get it soon!

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Why Kurapika Is The Most Beloved Character In Hunter X Hunter Anime?

The Hunter X Hunter anime follows the life story of Gon Freecss, who comes from an extraordinary family. He has the Hunter blood flowing through him but has no skills yet. So, he decides to learn the ins and outs of the Hunter race and embarks on a deadly journey. In this journey, he meets Kurapika, a self-deprecating boy who yearns for justice but hasn’t yet got a chance to snatch it. Accompanied by Kurapika, Gon continues his journey where he meets other characters and their journey continues.

Hunter X Hunter has treated us to several story arcs and has brought in multiple characters for us as well. But Kurapika manages to stand out from the rest of these characters because of his adorable traits. Though he is an angry young man, his softness towards his friends nearly melts our hearts. 

Kurapika’s Life Story

Kurapika is a loyal, fierce warrior who comes from a unique race called the Kurta clan. These people can change their eye color to crimson red whenever they are angry. And even though they cannot control it, this makes them stand out from the rest of the races. But the Phantom Troupe, a group of thieves, kills the entire race and plucks out the irises.

Since Kurapika is the only alive member of the Kurta clan, he feels it is his responsibility to avenge his predecessors and get their eyes back. Though Kurapika is a fearless warrior, he is often driven by the wrong fuel and ends up in trouble. But his determination keeps him going and that’s probably why we enjoy watching him so much.

Kurapika: FAQs

1. Is Kurapika A Boy?

Yes, Kurapika is a boy.

2. Who Is Kurapika?

Kurapika is the last descendant of the Kurta clan and is out to avenge his ancestors.

3. Why Is Kurapika Considered A Girl?

It is because he often speaks in a demure manner and his shoulder-length blonde hair.

4. Is Kurapika The Main Character In Hunter X Hunter?

No, he is not the main character in the anime but he is one of the leading protagonists.

5. Does Kurapika Die In Hunter X Hunter Anime?

No, Kurapika is still alive and kicking!

6. Is Kurapika Aggressive?

Though Kurapika is peace-loving by nature, his aggressive outbursts cannot be ignored.

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