Alex Cooper Boyfriend: Who Is The Star Podcaster Dating?

Even though we live in the modern era where social media has become the new norm, using this tool could be tricky. Not everyone can use this tool and climb the stair of glamour. But Alex Cooper has become one of the stars who has used the advantages of technology and become a star podcaster. Her podcast, Call Her Daddy, is reaching millions of audiences. 

With such ginormous success comes gigantic questions as well. Alex Cooper’s fans want to know everything about their idol and we’re here to provide it to you. Let’s explore everything about Alexandra Cooper, shall we? But first, a quick introduction about Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend!

Alex Cooper Boyfriend

Even though we all know Alex to be a lesbian, we don’t know how much she has suffered to accept herself–and get accepted. Later on, Alex opened up about her story and how did she discover who she was. Aside from the commercial success, Cooper has also successfully discovered her desires and potential. 

In her ultra-popular podcast, Alex has come off as bi. Now, as of 2023, Alex Cooper is dating Matthew Kaplan. Yes, the producer of our beloved series To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Before Kaplan, Alex was dating a woman whom she has kept her secret. Cooper is one of the most vocal celebrities of all time–it comes with the territory of hosting a podcast. So, when she kept her partner secret, everyone frowned upon her. But then, we all know her back story and couldn’t blame her for this. 

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Alex Cooper: The Story Of A Survivor

Alex Cooper Boyfriend

Alexandra Cooper was born to a local Mormon family, she has had a stable life. That is until she reached her teenage and came off as a lesbian. We know Mormons have a hard time accepting this kind of news but what Alex’s parents did would cripple you. They packed her bags, dropped her at her grandparents’, and left them to do with her as they please. They even gave up their parental rights to them and left Alex without even once looking back.

And what did they do? They made her go through conversion therapy which is now thankfully banned in several countries. While sharing her experience, Cooper mentioned that she couldn’t remember a single day that her body wasn’t aching. Her grandparents’ loved her, no doubt, but to them being a lesbian was a sin. And they couldn’t bear the thought that their granddaughter would one day rot in hell.

So, they came up with a brilliant plan and decided to save Alex from this. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize they were ruining Alex’s life by doing so. Thankfully, she escaped them and instead of being bitter towards her parents, she decided to work on her mental health. Cooper has elaborated on her entire life story in a biographical documentary entitled Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story.

Alex Cooper Responds On The Photoshop Controversy

Cooper hosts a very bold podcast, it is in her nature to be vocal and raise her voice against subjects she doesn’t support. Cooper has expressed herself and her past very clearly in her podcast, documentary, and a book entitled Saving Alex. Our star podcaster has surrounded herself with various controversies in her short career.

One such controversy she recently step foot in was centered around her use of Photoshop. Alex and her friends attended a social event together, clicked a lot of pictures, and in short, had a blast. But when it came down to posting these photos on their social media handles, Alex edited her photographs to make her look slimmer. This led to a TikTok war between Cooper’s followers and haters.

Many people claimed that Alex was trying to promote unrealistic body standards. And though they aren’t exactly wrong, Cooper claimed that she wasn’t trying to promote anything but make herself look better. She also admitted that she has been editing her pictures when she was a teenager. It started because of her malnutrition and self-esteem issues and is still going on.

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Alex Cooper Boyfriend: FAQs

1. Who Is Alex Cooper?

Alexandra Cooper is an actress, writer, and podcaster. She is known for her leading podcast entitled Call Her Daddy.

2. Is Alex Cooper Single?

No, Cooper isn’t single.

3. Who Is Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend?

Cooper is currently dating Matthew Caplan.

4. Does Alex Cooper Edit Her Photos?

Yes, Alex edits almost all of her pictures before posting them on her social media handles.

5. Is Alex Cooper Leaving Her Podcast?

No, she is not leaving her podcast.

6. Where Is Alex Cooper Now?

Alex is currently in the US and continuing to host her weekly podcast.

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