Where Does Sicario 3 Release Date Stand?

Tired of watching the same old action films? Well, here we bring the franchise of movies Sicario, which will have the perfect amount of action and drama. To date, this franchise has been released and has been a recipient of amazing critics and ratings! Who would not have a third one? The Sicario movie franchise, which was initially released in September, the year 2015 for limited people was created by Denis Villeneuve. Its worldwide release was marked on 2nd October, the year 2015. 

This movie franchise is just not another ordinary movie franchise, it is one of the most hit ones with the first installment Sicario premiered at the renowned Cannes Film Festival. All movie enthusiasts know how much of an honor that even is! Cannes Film Festival has a distinct set of movies screened every year and in 2015 we got Sicario’s first installment premiered there which was a huge boost for the director and the rest associated with the movie. The plot of this film franchise revolves around a mission to stop the drug cartel business. As expected, it is quite dangerous filled up with action stunts that soothe a film buff. 

The original movie stars one of the most breathtaking and remarkable actresses, Emily Blunt who essays quite an important role. This movie franchise was a refresher in midst of all movies, with the second one titled Sicario: Day of the Soldado on 29 June, the year  2018. This sequel lived up to the original movie with a few off-setting points here and there. Most sequels, especially of a Canne’s Film Festival premiered one, it is quite difficult to live up to the success of the prior.  But it is indeed worth the watch. Also, as a plus point, both of the movies did have amazing commercial success. 

This franchise’s second installment is also known as  Sicario 2: Soldado and Soldado. Also, the second installment aka Sicario: Day of the Soldado was created by Stefano Sollima. And adding to the list of amazing movies to keep a watch out for, we have Sicario 3 coming up soon. It is already in development and we cannot keep calm! Both movies range from about 2 hours which is 120 minutes which will be the same for the third one.

In the original movie, we can see the main characters are played by Emily Blunt who plays the character of Kate Macer, Josh Brolin who portrays the role of Matt Graver, and Benicio del Toro essays the role of Alejandro Gillick. As per a few observations, one can vouch for the fact that the absence of Kate aka Emily Blunt was felt in the movie, with one of the reasons for its underperformance. 

Sicario 3 Release Date

Sicario 3 Release Date

This movie’s second installment was released in 2018, and after some time confirmed there is a third one in talks. As per sources, the Sicario 3 has gone into production since January 2021. Exciting isn’t it? The premiere date of this movie has not been officially made public yet. The pandemic has delayed the movie as most of the movies have been but we can expect this movie to premiere in late 2022 or early 2023. 

Even though critics did not like the second installment, as it fared well commercially the production is expecting the same with the third. Also, there is an amazing fan base for this movie, which paved the path for its third. Also, they have received and understood all the reviews and we can hope for a better version incoming, Maybe we can Emily Blunt back, given her popularity and how hugely one felt her absence. Only time will tell when it will be released but we will keep you updated.

Name Of The ShowSicario
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreAction, Thriller
Sicario Release Date18 September 2015
Sicario 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Sicario Recap

Here, we can see the film commencing with our beloved Emily Blunt essaying the role of the FBI agent flawlessly. She is ordered on a mission to stop the drug cartel. Why was Kate chosen for this role? Out of all high-ranking officials, why Kate? One of the reasons could be Kate being one of the pioneers in solving the Sonora Cartel safe house, which gave in many clues but at the cost of two officers. Nevertheless, this could have opened up a path for her but is there some other reason? 

 Blunt never ceases to amaze us with her acting. The government sets up a task force comprising Kate, Reggie, Alejandro, and Matt where Kate and Reggie are FBI partners, Alejandro is a tight-lipped secretive officer and Matt is the CIA Officer. Their lives are definitely in danger due to this mission but that’s what it takes to become a high-ranking officer. The drug cartel’s mission is just not a simple one, the mission is to bring down its leader. Kate is the FBI officer everyone wants, guarded by ethics and determination. 

The leader of the Sonora Cartel, aka Sonora Lieutenant, is Manuel Díaz, the main target. We can see the task force which had Delta force as well going to Mexico to arrest Guillermo, one of the main achievements. He was the brother of the main target. There are a lot of obstacles on the way which are easily tackled. But the movie gets interesting when Kate undercovers many things, things which go against her principles.

These things could jeopardize the mission and put their lives in danger. At times, even to achieve the right things, the methods adopted were highly illegal. What will she do? We do not want to give you any spoilers but it is an incredible unfolding of events. Watch Sicario to know more about it. This movie has won three Emmys with being a part of several nominations and is quite critically acclaimed.

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Sicario 2 Recap

Sicario 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, we do not see Emily in this installment as the sole focus of this movie is on Alejandro as the writer did not envision Kate to be reprised. They wanted to change the dynamics, thereby we do not get to see Kate however heartbreaking it might be. This film continues along the lines of the previous movie, with the more intense drama between the both.

We have our beloved due back comprising of Matt and Alejandro, played by Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro respectively. This movie has also got a bunch of new faces along with a few prominent ones from the previous one reprising their roles. The plotline also includes the government’s extreme interference and raising conflicts. This movie was dedicated in the memory of the composer of its prequel.

The movie commences with a bombing that kills a bunch of people in a grocery store. Imagine the horror! The FBI agents find out that ISIS was responsible for it and thereby try to go in deep into how this terrorist got into the city. With one of the suspects being the Mexican Cartel, again we have the task forces assigned here.

This movie comprises abduction, killing, and top-notch drama. The ending of this movie, definitely laid a path for its upcoming one, thereby one can expect the third installment of this hit movie franchise. In the last scene of this movie, we could see a time leap of a year with the whole transformation of Miguel and one can expect it to continue thereafter.

Sicario 3 Cast

Sicario 3 Release Date

In the movie, we can expect a bunch of actors to reprise their roles. To date, the official cast has not been announced yet we can expect Elijah Rodriguez and Josh Brolin probably to reprise their roles. With the expectation of a fanbase of Sicario, one can expect Kate back into the focus. We can also probably see the daughter of an aristocrat, Isabel Reyes played by Isabela Merced come back strong and play a prominent role.

Also, the popular assassin Alejandro is definitely expected to see back. There are chances along with Kate’s characters, the ones left behind in the first installment if their schedules are free to be seen on the big screen. In the supporting characters, we can see Jeffrey Donovan reprising his role as a CIA Officer, with a much more prominent character arc.

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Sicario 3 Trailer

As the trailer of this movie franchise’s thor installment has not been released yet, we do not have it. Nevertheless, one can expect it to be similar to its prequels with a top-notch cast and amazing scenes. One can catch up on the previous trailers on YouTube.

Where to watch Sicario 3 online?

Sicario 3 Release Date

The first installment of this crime drama can be watched on Amazon Prime Video, Redbox, Spectrum TV, or maybe on their Apple TV. Now, the production company was changed its second one, thereby one can catch it up on Hulu or Disney+.

In the third movie installment, one does not know where it will be released but it can probably be on Disney+ given its predecessor. We will give you official details as soon as it is announced. 


If we talk about the rating and reviews of the movie, actually, we already know that the audience is crazy about action and crime dramas. And this movie becomes one of the most popular action movies. On IMDb, the first part of the movie received 7.6 ratings out of 10, on Rotten Tomatoes it got 92% votes, and Common Sense Media rated it 4 out of 5. These ratings are all about the first part of Sicario.

The second part of the movie was released in 2018, 3 years after the first part. On Rotten Tomatoes the second part got a 65% audience score which is very less compared to the first part. Then if we talk about the ratings on IMDb, the second part received 7.0 ratings out of 10. So, as you can see the ratings of the second part are comparatively lower than the first part.

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Frequently asked questions

Will there be Sicario 3?

Actually, we are not so sure about this because the makers have not revealed anything.

How many total parts are there for Sicario?

There are total 2 parts to this movie.

When was Sicario first released?

The movie was first released on 18th September 2015.

What is Sicario 3 Release Date?

We are not sure about this.

When was the second part of Sicario released?

The second pass was released on 29th June 2018.

What is the genre of Sicario?

The genres of Sicario are Action, Crime, and Drama.

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