Red Rose Season 2 Release Date: Will We Witness Another Horror Drama?

When you’re reading this article, your first thought would be that this is yet another romantic series arriving this Valentine’s, right? After all, a red rose symbolizes love significantly. But what you haven’t noticed yet is the red rose also signifies blood at times. In this late Netflix series, Red Rose, you’re about to witness the violent side of technology you might have never thought of before.

We all live in a generation where we have devices smarter than us and no matter how much we try to deny it, it is a fact that we are all dependent on these devices. How many times do you use your mobile? Well, countless times, right? Red Rose will make you terrified of your phone but in a way that would feel more like a dose of reality than a punch of accusation. Know everything about this series and the upcoming season of Red Rose!

Red Rose Season 2 Release Date

How many apps do you use in a day? Several, right? Especially social media apps. And while there is nothing wrong with it–what could be wrong with connecting with your friends?–there needs to be a barrier. We should know which app to use, how much to use, and what information we share. It seems like our heroes from the Red Rose have crossed the barrier. And what would the punishment for them be if not the misuse of that information?

Red Rose is a spooky horror drama, set in the modern world using technology as a prop to highlight the journey of six friends. Season 1 has been released on February 15, 2023, only on Netflix. Even though the series initially aired on BBC, it is being brought to us fans by Netflix again. With season 1 turning heads and dropping multiple cliffhangers, there is no doubt in our minds that Red Rose season 2 would come out.

It is speculated that Red Rose season 2 will be released in the first half of 2024. Though the makers haven’t commented on the release of season 2, we are affirmative that they’ll soon bring in the good news. Hopefully, they wouldn’t prolong our wait and Red Rose season 2 would be out soon!

Name Of The ShowRed Rose
Season NumberSeason 2
Red Rose Season 1 Release Date15th February 2023
Red Rose Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Red Rose Season 2: What Could Be New This Season?

With a series as promising as Red Rose, season 2 has multiple story arcs to explore. For starters, the mastermind behind the Red Rose app is still out for more blood. Rochelle’s death isn’t enough for this mastermind, many people are still not safe. The Gardener, as the devil behind this app likes to call herself, hasn’t been arrested yet. And though Noah and Jaya know her, she is still out and playing with people’s lives as if they were her puppet.

Season 2 is expected to follow The Gardener’s life and highlight the journey of these remaining friends to take down the Red Rose. Of course, their journey wouldn’t be easier and maybe, they’ll lose some more people on their way but it is worth watching how the makers play it down. 

Also, the ending scene of Red Rose season 1 has left us with a major cliffhanger. Not only do we have Noah, Wren, Ashley, Taz, and Jaya, but we also have a group of young teenagers affected by the Red Rose app. We can witness their journey in parallel to Wren’s clans’. We were all excited for Red Rose season 1 but season 2 seems to be far more anticipated!

The Cast Members Joining Red Rose Season 2

Red Rose Season 2 Release Date

Though we don’t have a detailed list yet, we know who all from Red Rose season 1 would be joining us again. Beginning with our fierce fighter, Wren, she’ll be coming back this season. Brought to us by the immensely talented Amelia Clarkson, Wren is the most loyal friend one can get.

Then, there is Wren’s boyfriend, Noah who will be joining us in Red Rose Season 2. Portrayed by Harry Redding, Noah can even beat Wren when it comes to loyalty. Wren’s best friend, Antony, will also be seen this season. Ellis Howard plays Antony who is the sweetest guy in this series. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any secrets.

Jaya, the brilliant coder, will help us crack the Red Rose app once again in this series. Since she has seen the face of The Gardener, she and Noah will have to cross more hurdles this season. Also, our antagonist, The Gardener brought to us by Harrie Hayes will be seen back this season. Other characters who’ll be joining us in Red Rose season 2 are Taz, Ashley, and many more! 

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Red Rose Season 1 Quick Summary

Loneliness can eat at your sentience. In this tech world, we need to hold on to our sentience more and stop clicking on okay and allow without giving it a second thought. Tired of loneliness, and burdened by her past, Rochelle doesn’t think twice before downloading an app that claims to ease off loneliness. And while everything works great at first, Rochelle seems to sidestep her friends and spend most of her time on this app.

She tries to complete all the dares and never questions the app until everything gets out of control and Rochelle dropped dead. Was it a suicide or did The Gardener kill Rochelle? Driven by this question, Roch’s best friend, Wren, and the entire team decided to get the answers. Meanwhile, they also get trapped by the Red Rose app and now have to deal with the harsh consequences.

Who Created The Red Rose App?

Red Rose Season 2 Release Date

If you’re thinking that this mysterious gardener ended up killing our main protagonist, Rochelle, you are dead wrong. This all began with a teenager named Jacob who had a major crush on his friend and classmate Alyssa. He developed an app named Red Rose to get to know her better. He designed an app that asks for personal details from its users and they have to fill it up before they can continue. And then this app starts to suck out more details from its user.

Jacob began chatting with Alyssa and started to learn everything about her through this app. He also established a community that read his chats with Alyssa and encouraged him to propose to her. When Jacob finally listens to them, he ends with his heart crushed and ego bruised. Now, he is contacted by an anonymous community member, named The Gardener, who demands admin privileges in exchange for Alyssa.

This anonymous Red Rose member tries to placate Jacob in every manner he could. And when Jacob does what he wishes in exchange for getting his dream girl, a disaster blooms. After a while, Jacob stays away from this app and focuses on Alyssa’s drooping shoulders and scared face. When he gets to know that The Gardener is using his app to manipulate users into suicide, he runs to Alyssa only to find out he is a bit late. Then, he commits suicide as well–or was it a murder?–because of his increased guilt. Sadly, Jacob doesn’t realize his death has proved to be a lot beneficial for The Gardener and a lot harmful for the world.

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The Dark Truth Behind Red Rose App

Red Rose isn’t only an app that stalks its users, finds their darkest secrets, and uses this information against them. This is a community of people who encourages users to suicide. So, when The Gardener learns about Roch’s loneliness and how her mother’s suicide has affected her, The Gardener pushes Roch to suicide as well.

Since Wren and Noah knew Roch was a girl who could take upon anything and anyone, they decided to dig the truth–and possibly their graves as well. What they don’t know is Red Rose isn’t just a mere app, it is also a website on the darknet that allows community members to watch clips of teens killing themselves. What’s sicker? These members drive sick pleasure watching this atrocity.

This community is set up by The Gardener, a woman who has instilled the horror aspect in this teen drama. She has established a cult that is as sick as her. But why did she do that? We will explore this in Red Rose season 2!

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The show has 6.3 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

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Red Rose Season 2: FAQs

1. What Is Red Rose Series About?

It is about an app entitled Red Rose that pushes teenagers to destroy themselves. A group of young teens tries to destroy this app and get to the bottom of it.

2. Is Red Rose Season 2 Cancelled?

No, it is not canceled yet.

3. Is Red Rose Series Worth Watching?

If you are interested in watching a horror drama centered around a group of teenagers who are affected by a sinister app, this series is most definitely for you!

4. Who Was The Gardener In Red Rose Season 1?

The Gardener is the main antagonist of the Red Rose series which has established a cult that enjoys watching young teens suicide.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Red Rose Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch Red Rose Series?

You can stream this series on Netflix and BBC iPlayer!

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