Tulsa King Season 2 Release Date, Renewal Status, & Showrunner Update!

It’s officially renewed! Is Tulsa King coming back with Season 2? Has Paramount+ shown the green light to Tulsa King Season 2? Are the rumors true and accurate? Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 9 premiered a few weeks ago, but fans are still not over the intriguing storyline of the drama series. Not only you, but we as well are looking forward to Tulsa King Season 2.

All eyes are stuck on the renewal of the show. Within a few months, the popular crime drama series has gained a lot of popularity out there. The audience is highly curious to learn everything about Tulsa King Season 2! So what are we waiting for? Let’s not push it any further and quickly start our discussion on Tulsa King Season 2. 

Tulsa King Season 2 Release Date 

Tulsa King Season 2 Release Date 

Some sources claim Tulsa King has been renewed for another run and guess what, we couldn’t agree anymore to this. The news is correct! Yes, you heard it right, Tulsa King is coming back with Season 2. It couldn’t get any better than this, the original cast members of the popular drama series are also on board with Tulsa King Season 2. Paramount+ has already announced it loud that Tulsa King has been renewed for Season 2. We can’t wait to see what happens next in the second installment of the show! 

Name Of The ShowTulsa King
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreCrime, Drama
Tulsa King Season 1 Release Date 13 November 2022
Tulsa King Season 2 Release Date Not Announced

Fans have already begun their countdown for Tulsa King Season 2. But hey there, do we have a concrete release date for Tulsa King Season 2? Is Tulsa King releasing in January 2024? We know you all are highly pumped to witness another season of this epic crime drama series, but it seems like Tulsa King Season 2 is not releasing before February or March 2024. Our estimates say, Tulsa King Season 2 will roll out around late February or late March 2024! The estimated release date for Tulsa King Season 2 can even shift beyond March 2024. 

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Tulsa King Season 1 Synopsis

A brand new thriller crime drama series has been released on Paramount+ and we can’t wait to discuss it all with you. Are you ready to learn everything about Dwight “The General” Manfredi? Finally, after suffering in prison for 25 long years, the New York Mafia is out to explore the evolved world! Twenty-five years have passed by, and the world has changed rapidly but is Dwight going to live a plain life? Is he planning to get out of the criminal world? Someone has said it right, you cannot run from something which has been destined for you and the same is the case with Dwight! 

He cannot run away from the criminal world. He is moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma! A new mission is waiting for him. But as we mentioned above, it is not going to be an easy task for him! The criminal world has expanded and changed drastically, nothing feels similar to Dwight! But you better not question this mastermind, he is an old player here, he might have gone for a long break but he is ready to build an empire in Tulsa. He is looking for some exceptional criminals, he must set up a strong base in Tulsa! To know what lies in Dwight’s future, you have to binge all the episodes of Tulsa King Season 1. 

Will Terrance Winter Be A Part Of Tulsa King Season 2? 

Tulsa King Season 2 Release Date 

Sadly, the rumors are true, we won’t give you any false hopes but the renowned showrunner, Terrance Winter has decided to quit the crime drama series! Yes, the news is correct, Terrance Winter has already addressed all the rumors out there. On one hand, the popular crime drama series has been renewed for Season 2 while on the other hand, Terrance Winter has decided to leave the show forever. The creators of the show are currently searching for a new showrunner! 

As per our inner sources, Terrance Winter had some heated arguments with Taylor Sheridan! Both had different visions for Tulsa King Season 2, both planned to portray different forms of story. The popular writers of the show were not on the same page and thus Winter decided to step down from the thriller drama series. That’s all for now, to learn more about newly launched thriller and crime drama series, stay connected with us, just right here. 


The show has 8.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. Check the analytical data below:

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Tulsa King Season 2 Release Date – FAQs

1. Is Tulsa King renewed for Season 2?

Yes, Paramount+ has shown the green flag to Tulsa King Season 2.

2. When will Tulsa King Season 2 premiere?

As per our guesses, Tulsa King Season 2 might roll out around late February or early March 2024.

3. How many episodes were there in Tulsa King Season 1?

Tulsa King Season 1 had a total of 9 episodes.

4. Will Terrance Winter’s exit impact the storyline of Tulsa King Season 2?

Terrance Winter was among the core writers of the show, his exit will majorly impact the plotline of Tulsa King Season 2.

5. Why did Terrance Winter decide to leave Tulsa King?

Terrance Winter had some arguments with Sheridan and thus he decided to leave the show.

6. Do we have any teaser or trailer for Tulsa King Season 2?

No, as of February 2023, we don’t have any teaser or trailer for Tulsa King Season 2.

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