Toy Story 6 Release Date, Characters, And What To Expect? 

Since we were kids, we have been fascinated by toys. Regardless of how we were, and in what conditions, every child had a toy and wanted a toy. Some even had a favorite toy from the heap of toys they had. Back in those days, toys were our everything. We did not want anything but toys. Our world used to revolve around toys. We probably did not understand anything without toys. Even if we do not like our birthdays now, we used to love to have birthday parties back in the day because of the toys we received as gifts. Did it ever strike you what would have happened if those toys came to life?

Of course, I did not mean to scare you like Fritz (the toy doll) from Satyajit Ray’s short story scared its owner. What if those toys came to life and played with you amicably? A wonderful imagination indeed. However, in reality, things do not work like that sadly. Nevertheless, where reality ends, Disney starts there. Disney is famous for bringing our imaginations to life maybe not in reality but definitely on screen. No person can deny that they love to watch Disney movies. Disney movies are one of a kind and we all love to watch them. 

Are you slowly getting the point to where I am eventually trying to head by mentioning ‘toys’ and Disney? If the thought of Toy Story has crossed your mind, you are absolutely correct. We are heading in the direction of Toy Story. These days there is a hum-drum created in the world of Disney due to an announcement. This announcement has created waves of happiness among the audience. If you have not heard about the news yet, then you are urged to read this article further. 

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about Toy Story that we have come to discover. Although our primary focus will be on the release date of Toy Story 6, we will have other aspects of the series covered. There will be sections where the plot of all the released movies in the series will be mentioned in brief. We will also let you know about the cast and crew. If there are any recent trailer releases, that will also be covered. You will just have to read the article further to know all that we have to offer. 

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Toy Story 6 Release Date

Let’s first talk about the announcement that has been mentioned earlier in this article. 

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, has officially announced that Toy Story 5 is under construction. Pixar and Disney, both companies are extremely busy making the fifth installation of the film come to life on screen. This announcement was made a few days ago, and it has taken the internet by storm as it is surging up in the headlines of all news agencies. We are going to have Buzz Lightyear and Woody on the big screen once again. 

According to this announcement, it can be predicted that Toy Story 5 may have its release date scheduled for the upcoming year as this year will probably see the making of the movie. It takes a lot of time to meticulously make a computer-animated cinema. Toy Story is one such, and we do not want the makers hurrying with the creation process. Hence, we will have to wait for some more time before the film gets officially released in theatres near us. Even if we have grown up, that really should not stop us from being excited about movies that made our childhood. 

Having already established this, let us come to Toy Story 6. Toy Story 4 was released in 2019. After that, it took a time of three years before the CEO confirmed the return of Toy Story 5. This indicates that there is no news regarding Toy Story 6. As of now, we do not know if we will get a sixth installation of the movie series. There is absolutely zero news about the sixth installation because we have not yet received the fifth installation of the movie series.

It can be predicted that Toy Story 6 will highly depend upon the success of Toy Story 5. Toy Story would not have received four films already if not for the audience’s support. Hence, the audience’s support for the film is a great factor that determines the next film in the movie series. Presently, we are set to receive Toy Story 5, but there is no talk going on about Toy Story 6 which depends upon the audience’s reviews and reaction to the series’ fifth run on the screen. 

Name Of The MovieToy Story
Part NumberPart 6
GenreAdventure, Comedy
Toy Story Release Date 22 November 1995
Toy Story 6 Release Date Not Announced

Toy Story Plot

Toy Story 6 Release Date 

As mentioned earlier in the article, have you ever thought about what would have happened if the toys you played with came to life?

You probably must have wondered about it when you were a kid because every kid wishes their toys to come live so that they can talk and play with them. If toys had the power to speak their feelings out, we would have got to know how they feel when they are not played with or are thrown away. 

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The story of Toy Story is exactly about that. The story revolves around a bunch of toys that Andy has that come to life when they are not played with. There is some mild tension among the toy characters as everybody wants to become Andy’s favorite toy. The first film in the movie franchise was released in the year 1995. It was the first ever computed animated film that received immense love and support from audiences all across the world. 

The first film revolved around Woody, Andy’s favorite toy, creating a crew that would spy on what new toys Andy got on his birthday. Woody tries extremely hard to keep Andy’s focus on himself only. However, the scenario changes when Andy receives Buzz Lightyear as his gift from his mother. Buzz soon takes the place of Woody and becomes Andy’s favorite toy among everyone else. 

Toy Story 2 was released in the year 1999, four years after the release of the blockbuster first film. In the second film, a bad toy dealer steals Woody away from his toy crew. However, the experience does not turn out to be extremely bad because Woody soon discovers himself to be a part of a once-renowned television program. Woody refuses to leave the place after getting reunited with all that he lost once. It comes upon Buzz Lightyear and other toys to save Woody and bring him back to his present place, which is Andy’s house. They love Woody immensely, and they ultimately bring him back to the crew. 

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The third installation of the film revolves around the same crew of toys, but this time there is a danger because Andy has grown up. Andy has graduated from high school and is now heading to college. He will not require the toys anymore with whom he does not play. His room is now getting stuffed with things that a young adult needs. Woody and his toy crew are set to be put in the attic, but he somehow saves his crew from facing the miserable and ‘dark’ fate.

Although the toy party gets saved from being pushed into the attic, they end up getting donated to a children’s daycare center. There, the children are not at all gentle with the toys. The toy party gets mercilessly treated by the naughty kids. It comes upon Woody and his friend Buzz Lightyear to save the party from more torture. 

Toy Story 4 has an entirely different thing going on. The toy party is set to go on a road trip. There is an inclusion of a new toy to the team. As the toys are on their journey, Woody encounters a long-lost mate, but soon discovers it was better without that encounter. 

Toy Story 5 will probably be a continuation of the story as a whole. Although we have not received any sneak peeks from the fifth film yet, it can be guaranteed that the story of Toy Story 5 is not going to disappoint us. We will have the toys doing more exciting things in the fifth movie. 

Toy Story Cast and Crew

Toy Story 6 Release Date 

The last film of the series saw the voice actors Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Annie Potts as Bo Peep, Tony Hale as Forky, Keegan Michael Key as Ducky, Jordan Peele as Bunny, Madeleine McGraw as Bonnie, Christina Hendricks as Gabby Gabby, Keanu Reeves as Duke Caboom, Ally Maki as Giggle McDimples, and many more. 

The whole Toy Story series has been produced by Pixar animations, and it has been given to Walt Disney for it to be distributed among viewers all around the world. 

Toy Story Trailer

Toy Story 6 Release Date 

We do not have any trailer for Toy Story 5. However, it is predicted that we may have the trailer for the latest movie sometime by the end of this year. 

There is no trailer for Toy Story 6 because the fifth film has not been released yet.


The movie has good ratings of 8.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

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FAQS about Toy Story

1. Is Tim Allen returning to voice Buzz Lightyear?

Yes! It has been officially announced that Tim Allen is returning to give his voice to Buzz Lightyear. 

2. How many films of Toy Story are there?

There are four films in the movie series presently, but it will soon receive a fifth installation. 

3. Who directed Toy Story 4?

Toy Story 4 has been directed by Josh Cooley. 

4. Toy Story is created by whom?

Toy Story is created by Pixar Animation Studios. 

5. Will we have Toy Story 5?

Yes! The CEO of Disney has confirmed Toy Story’s return for a fifth movie. 

6. Is Toy Story 6 in the making?

There is no news regarding the sixth movie in the series. 

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