18 Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Products: Where Are They Now?

Now almost all of us here, are very well aware of the Shark Tank India show and mainly because of the controversies that rose from there and some of the sharks that were not coming back for the second season of the show but have left a great impact on the publicity of the show. However, something that many of us don’t know about is that Shark Tank India is not the first show of its type and the first show that came out with this concept of pitching different business ideas and seeking funding from investors who are in the market is none other than dragon’s den. Then slowly the entire franchise of the show with the name of shark tank started and many countries all over the world started adapting the show and bringing out a version for themselves.

However, something that was not at all expected by the makers of the show is the level of fame this show has received and the fame the investors have received too. One thing that’s for sure, is that India is changing and people love the concept of startups and have all got dreams to become big, and with the help of this platform, many startup owners have got a chance to turn their dreams into truth.

However, this show has got a grave reality-based side too, that many offers have come up on the table and many owners have pitched in ideas that got no interest from the sharks and weren’t worth the effort. However, in this list, we are mainly going to concentrate on products or businesses that have turned their entire life with this platform and the help of the investors.

One thing that we must also remember is that only the investors have not helped in turning the business for many startups but the initiative and the level of marketing they received from this show even if the investors have not invested in the company has opened new routes for the startups.

1. Hammer Lifestyle

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

One of the biggest names that have come out of the show is the hammer lifestyle brand, however, we actually cannot say the fact that they have come out of the show. Many people who have been in search of some good earphones or audio devices, do are very familiar with the name Boat, Skullcandy, and many others, and to those big brands, this small brand Hammer lifestyle with its founder Rohit Nandwani made a huge mark in the market.

Hammer Lifestyle is a growing brand that specializes in audio devices and many tech devices which is quite similar to how the brand boat works. We can see Rohit making his pitch in season 1 episode 15 of the show, and Aman Gupta was so interested in this company that he was willing to buy the entire company but ended up buying 40% equity for 1 crore. The brand’s sales have gone high up soon after the show came out and surely there have been many more investments and diversification in the products.

2. Tagz Food

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

When it comes to chips and dips, we have got many big brands again in the market, but at the same time, these chips do come with a lot of fats, cholesterol, preservatives, and many other things which our doctors would prevent us from eating normally. However, we all know how tough it is to quit the habit of snacking and what major part chips have got in that.

Though Tagz food with its founder Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia brought into the market a new type of chip which uses popping a new method of making chips which will end up making it much healthier with 50% less fat and that is actually a big thing for all those people who almost consume chips every day and have been searching for a better option. The company ends up finding funding of 70 lakhs for 2.75% equity and since then after the show ended, the company has done nearly 3 times more than it used to do in sales

3. Auli Lifestyle

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

If you have watched the entire first season of the show, then you can surely not forget this growing company called Auli lifestyle which featured in the 12 episodes of the first season of the show, and the owner of the company Aishwarya Biswas picked up funding of 75 lakhs for 15% equity of her company from one of the biggest sharks who has already got her roots deep in the cosmetic industry and is none other than our very favorite Namita Thapar.

For all those who don’t know anything about this project or who haven’t watched the pitch which was actually quite a mesmerizing one and left a huge impact on the sharks with her undying determination, it’s about a set of the product that belongs to the cosmetic sector only but at the same time, she makes sure they are absolutely ayurvedic so that they don’t bear any harmful side effects on the consumer’s skin.

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4. The Sass Bar

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

For a startup business, 6 lakh monthly sales are quite enough, to be honest, and when it comes from one of those startups which have just started a few years back, it’s more than enough. However, Rishika Nayak the founder of the sass bar was not at all satisfied with that and she has got a dream to make the company grow at a much higher level.

Now for those who are wondering what is the product that this company has been selling, they are basically soaps. However, these are not normal ordinary soaps, they are soaps that are given a very realistic soap of various edible products and are absolutely attractive and the pitch for this product is available in episode 24. The sales have gone up to 10 lakhs nearly after the company picked up funding of 50 lakhs for 35% of the company from Anupam Mittal and Ghazal Alag.

5. Brain Wired

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

This company has surely given quite a unique name to its product and the co-founders of the company Shree Shankar S Nair and Romeo P Jerard, have introduced a product that is quite unique and completely new to the market. Milk has been a part of almost everyone’s life however the livestock from which the milk comes to our family has to go through many things while it is on the farm, and often when the owners of the livestock aren’t able to understand the problem they are facing, they end up neglecting it and face severe consequences.

Now brain wired has created a device that will monitor every Cow in a particular farm with the device fitted in their ears and lets the owners know about everything that goes on. They received funding of 60 lakhs for 10% of the company and the pitch is currently available on the 19th episode of the first season of the show, and currently, their sales have turned into 35 lakhs a month which used to be 2 lakhs normally.

6. Get A Whey

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

Almost every one of us here has got a very soft spot for ice cream, and there may be many fitness fanatics who have been in love with ice cream but because of their health issues have to cut down on the number of ice creams or haven’t had ice creams in months. Get a whey is a company started by a mother and son duo Jimmy and Jash shah, who has introduced a completely unique product that uses no sugar in its ice cream and offers us a variety of flavors that are extremely tasty and rich in protein.

They had sales that amounted to about 20 lakhs before they came into Shark Tank, however, after Shark Tank, the sales changed to nearly 80 lakhs and they have picked up an investment of 1 crore for 15% of the company. Get a whey surely has been one of the best products that have come up on the shark tank India show when it comes to edibles.

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7. Namhya Foods

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

When it comes to Ayurveda, India surely has been one of the company y who has got some deep roots in it, however, due to modernization and many other factors, this sector has been ignored by the youth and medicinal teas, which used to hold a big part of this industry earlier in the days, has completely gone out of our lives. However, Namhya foods and its founder Ridhima Arora, have brought back the ideas of medicinal teas, which are directly connected to the ayurvedic world and have also introduced many other such super food items which have been ignored due to their complexities.

The pitch faced quite some issues by Ashneer Grover and Namita Thapar, however, Aman Gupta ended up investing in the company 50 lakhs for 10% equity and 50 lakhs as debt. Currently, after the company came out of the show, there have been great changes in sales and the company has been nourishing at a very high scale and people from all over the world have been opting for this product particularly.

8. Nomad Food Project

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

Now Nomad food projects have been concentrating on only one thing in particular and the market of which is quite huge in India and all over the world, to be honest. Now firstly if we look at the market, many people out there are big fans of bacon, and bacon has always been a part of our breakfasts and snacks.

However, the entire idea of bacon is being changed by this company when they are introducing bacon spreads or jams with Indian twists and many other flavors which have been overall loved by the Indian markets as well as the world market. The company’s co-founders Advaith, Siddharth Inamke, and Aditya Rai picked up funding of 40 lakhs for 20% of their company which was quite a big step for their future ventures. If we look at the sales of the company right now, they have expanded globally and their Indian market sales have also increased immensely.

9. Skippi Ice Pops

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

Again, we come to another edibles brand that has made quite a great deal of profit after coming out of the shark tank show. Now what are Skippi, they are basically popsicles that have taken up the form of local Indian popsicles which were available back in India in the early 2000s but now are rarely visible. This product hits the nostalgic spot for many of its consumers, and the quality of the product and the variety of flavors that have been offered by the company to the consumer is surely worth it.

The pitch for this investment can be found on the 6th episode of season 1 and the founders of the company, Ravi and Anuja Kabra have picked up a total of 1 crore for 15% equity in the company. Much earlier before the show started the company used to have about 1- 2 lakh in sales but now they make 70 lakhs in sales.

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10. Quirky Narri

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

Whatever the product may be, the name surely strikes the mind of all the audience out there, right? Quirky Naari is a brand that makes customized clothes mainly concentrating on denim apparel which are customized and made into some unique collections which are modern and match the taste of almost all female youth out there.

Now what’s so unique about this apparel line, it’s basically because of the innovation, have you ever imagined normal people wearing led shoes in their day-to-day life or on roads just casually, Quirky Naari has done that and introduced a new wave of fashion in the market. The owner of the startup has picked up funding of 35 lakhs for 15% equity of her company and her company sales which used to be just 2 lakhs have increased to 5 lakhs, and almost many fashion critics have recognized her and she has achieved a lot of fame from the industry.

11. Heart Up My Sleeves

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

The company’s name surely tells almost all of us what this company is regarding and what kind of products they have launched in the market. Though it has received quite a lot of criticism from some of the Sharks, some people have also acknowledged it and the founder of the company after a lot of struggles and with quite an innovative idea of detachable sleeves, which was actually at first not very much approved by the Indian market but nothing changed her determination.

Riya Khattar picked up funding of 25 lakhs for 30% equity of the company and this was mainly done because she has done quite a lot of sales and has been recognized by many people out there in the market. Though the sharks gave her the investments with the hope that she will bring much more new ideas to the company and will build a new type of business, and that is what Riya has been doing after the show and her sales have also increased considerably.

12. Yangkiez

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

Yangkies may be one of those names that you are not very familiar with if you have watched the entire first season of the show, however no worries because it’s the episode where you end up seeing Momo Mami. Yes, that surely ends up clicking in the minds of a lot of audiences and as we all know the name of the company previously used to be blue pine industries, and it was featured in the first episode of the first season of the show.

The founders of the company ended up picking up funding of 75 lakhs for 16% equity from the company and though the company is still known by the name of Momo Mami and they have started introducing many new products to their food chains, they have also increased their sales with advertising and many other facilities and big shark Aman Gupta has played a big role in their success.

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13. Keto India

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

This pitch surely left a deep mark in the minds of all the audience out there, the founder of the company Shahil Pruthi started the company after facing some health problems in his mother’s life, and then he understood that living healthy is very important. Now keto as we all know has been a very well know the opted method by many people all over the world to lose weight and get back into shape or live a healthy lifestyle.

Keto India is basically the only app that does keto consultancy at such a huge scale all over the world and is very successful, and they actually haven’t received any funding from any of the sharks, however recently they changed their name to Livofy and have raised 550 thousand US dollars after changing the name. this product has been growing and will grow much more for sure.

14. Beyond Water

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

Beyond water, is surely something that will make you question yourself, everyone out there survives on water, and come on, water has been an indispensable part of everyone’s life, but if someone comes up to you and tells you that they have got something which is better than water, would you believe it? That was the same expression the shark tank investor had towards this company.

The founders of this company, Devang and Shachi Singhania, basically aimed at making the act of drinking water much more attractive and fun for all the people out there and also adding some more nutrients to it and that is why they started this company. This company picked up funding of 75 lakhs for 15% equity from two of the biggest sharks in the show, Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar, and all of the investors have actually started helping out the company and making their sales go much higher than they used to be.

15. Beyond Snacks

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

Now one of the most innovative products that came into the show was surely this one. Beyond snacks is basically a chips-based company however they are not the normal potato chips that we consume almost every day. We all have heard about banana chips and how they are very famous from the southern region of India, beyond snacks founder, manas Madhu, has basically branded those Kerala banana chips and chose a much healthier procedure to make these chips and turned the product into a banger.

Even before the show, the product was available in some malls and other shops all over the world, and soon after the product made it to the show, the distribution started all over India and it started being available in small shops too. There are many flavors of the product available and they have picked up funding of 50 lakhs for 2.5% of the company.

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16. Farda Clothing

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

When it comes to the apparel world, and fashion industry another company that has received a lot of recognition from the show, has been the Farda clothing company which has been making clothes exactly for the youth and people who want to wear something modern, smart, and unique and be a part of the ongoing fashion and at the same time, not letting off their Indian culture.

Farda clothing has been a company that has earned the interest of many Sharks and many investors, and the owner of the company Chahat Pahuja and Sanskar Mishra have picked funding of 30 lakhs for 20% equity of the company since then the sales have gone up and has achieved a lot of customer base from all over the country.

17. In A Can

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

The name of the company says it all, in a can is a company that serves us cocktails in a can. Come on we have always felt that feeling when we are sitting in the comfort of our homes, and somehow if someone would serve us some cocktails without going out, In A Can just does that and we don’t have to go through the complexity of making the drink.

The founder of the company has picked up funding of 1 crore for 10% equity of the company and the investors actually felt like this is quite an ana unique product and it has got a future in the Indian market as well as the global market. The sales have gone considerably higher since the show and we will have to wait for it to achieve its actual valuation.

18. Bamboo India

Shark Tank India’s Most Successful Product

The last product on the list is not solely here for the business it has done, but also here for the vision it has got, bamboo products have always been promoted all over India as they are good for the environment as well as the humans, however, they have never been branded and sold as this company does.

Bamboo India has taken initiative to make products out of bamboo and sell it all over the globe and has earned themselves a funding of 50 lakhs in funding for 3.5% equity in the company and the rest 30 lakhs was given to them as debt. Now after the show, the customers started to know this company and the funding helped them to advertise and diversify the products which have helped them in their sales.


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