The Cars 4 Release Date Is Still Suppressed! Why The Delay?

Imagine your cars suddenly start speaking, what would you do? What would they say? Do you think they’ll complain about you and question your way of dealing with them? If you’re thinking your normal day-to-day car would complain, imagine what a race car has to say. Okay, don’t imagine, just watch the Cars movie series. This franchise has been a part of our lives for almost two decades with Cars 4 becoming the new addition to it–or is it even happening?

The lush red Lightning McQueen has been entertaining us for so long, it has become an integral part of our lives. In the three seasons we have witnessed so far, we have had conflicting opinions on it. Today, let’s talk about those opinions! Let’s learn more about this movie franchise starting with the Cars 4 release date!

Cars 4 Release Date

Pixar’s Car franchise has been one experimental series but that’s no news, right? Pixar is known for experimenting with multiple tropes and bringing forward some extraordinary series like Toy Story and Inside Out. Cars is one such unique series brought to us by Pixar that centers around a car named Lightning McQueen.

We are no strangers to waiting when it comes to Pixar’s movies. Cars movies have been making us wait for years and maybe, that’s one of the reasons we haven’t been in rush for Cars 4. The first movie of the Cars franchise was released in 2006, and the second one took a five-year leap and was released in 2011. The third installment came out in 2017, after 6 years of excruciating wait. 

Following the trend set by its previous movies, the Cars 4 release date should have been out by now. But Pixar hasn’t yet announced any details and are concerns are now running high. Now that Pixar has announced its list of upcoming movies this year, our hopes are diminishing. But it is quite possible that Pixar has scheduled Cars 4 for a 2024 release. Let’s hope for the best!

Name Of The MovieCars
Part NumberPart 4
Genre animation
Cars Release Date9 June 2006
Cars 4 Release DateNot Announced

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Why Don’t We Have The Cars 4 Release Date Yet?

We bear the same question as you do. Why Pixar is delaying Cars 4? Is it even in the plans? Or was Cars 3 the end of the franchise? We have too many questions that need more answers. Cars 4 hasn’t been on Pixar’s announcement list for 2023 and neither have the makers spoken about it for once.

We blame this on season 3’s poor performance and by poor we mean it wasn’t as high-grossing as its previous movies. It landed low on the spectrum and proved to be more of an exaggeration and ending for the franchise–if you go by the speculations. The makers may be still considering it and have no confirmations to hand out. Whatever may be the reason, the Cars 4 release date is not yet out.

Cars 4 Storyline: Will Lightning Continue To Entertain Us?

Cars 4 Release Date

A talking car with an attitude to match ours and a story that has made us all root for her, Lightning McQueen is nothing like we have seen before. But being the center of three movies demands the character is continuously evolving and that the audience is enjoying the development. Yes, we enjoyed Cars 3 with all its flaws and shortcomings. But even we have to admit Cars 3 felt a lot like a goodbye.

With Lightning off the races for good, the makers don’t have enough source material for continuing with it. What could they possibly provide in a series that centers around a retired racing car? Of course, there is a possibility that Pixar would make that exciting but that seems a far-fetched idea at this point.

One possibility that we need to consider while predicting Cars 4’s plot is that Cruz Ramirez is more than ready to take over Lightning. While Lightning was anxious at first and submerged in ego, it overcame these emotions and allowed Cruz to race instead of himself. Speculations are going on that Cruz would likely take over the series if Cars 4 ever comes out. But that doesn’t mean Lightning would take a backseat, it would evolve as Cruz’s mentor and continue entertaining us.

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Cars 4: Who Could Join The Cast List?

Since this is an animated series revolving around race cars and exploring their journey, we have seen multiple characters that join and leave the series continuously. There has been one character that has stayed with us right from the beginning, yes, we are talking about our mischievous Lightning McQueen. Brought to us by Owen Wilson, Lightning is one of the leading race cars in the universe.

If we go by speculations and Cruz Ramirez continues the legacy of McQueen, we can expect Cristela Alonzo in the cast list. Of course, there will be multiple supporting characters in the movie–if the said movie happens. Let’s wait and watch what the makers have in store for us!

Cars 3: The Ending Could Have Been Better

We know, holding grudges against the way Cars 3 ended is pointless. But there’s still a tiny part that keeps mulling over the ending of this movie–and possibly the franchise. We saw that Lightning McQueen officially accepted that it couldn’t compete against the agile cars and let Cruz replace itself in the final race.

That was quite a mature ending with Lightning accepting its old age and giving a chance to its trainer turned replacement turned student, Cruz. The VFX used was on-point, Owen like all the previous seasons did a great job and the makers did work hard to present us with an animated series like this. If this was the last installment in the series, we are ready to wish Lightning a goodbye and great post-retirement life.

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Cars 2 Review: Why Did The Sequel Take 5 Years?

We cannot blame this delay on anyone but the makers. And, if you look closely, the makers are not to be blamed wholly either. Cars movie, when it was first introduced to us, was just another animated movie targeting kids. Though many adults enjoyed it and it raked millions worldwide, the franchise’s future wasn’t as glimmering.

So, when Cars 2 was to be planned, the makers needed to target adults as well. Hence the delay, but a delay worth it. Cars 2 was a considerable improvement from its prequel, highlighting the issues between two best friends who don’t belong in the same category. While Lightning has become the star race car, Mater is just a regular truck.

This imbalance between their capabilities stirs chaos in their relationship, daring both, Lightning and Mater, to balance their lifestyles and friendship. Yes, the film has multiple shortcomings including the exaggeration of Mater’s jealousy and Lightning’s dumb personality. Nonetheless, Cars 2 is a significant improvement over the first movie.

Cars Movie: How Did It All Begin?

Cars 4 Release Date

Set in a world where no humans exist and cars are the only significant creatures, the Cars series is a fresh take on the lives of cars. Here, cars are not just a form of transport. They have their own lives, possess distinct emotions, and bear luscious dreams. One such car that dreams to become the top-notch racing car and winning the cup, Lightning McQueen, gets lost on its way to the race.

Here begins Lightning’s journey to find its way back, win the race and title, and become the best of the best. It is met with lots of hurdles from Doc Hudson, a former race car. It also gains a friend in Mater, the tow truck. Overall, Cars began with a bang but landed flat for some people. Because of its somewhat dull approach and lack of Pixar-style magic, it didn’t become the star series Pixar wanted it to be.

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Is The Cars Movie Series Underrated?

It depends on whether you are a fan of the movie series or you lie on the other side of the spectrum. If you have enjoyed Cars, you’ll most definitely believe that it is underrated. Given that the series has potential and the execution has been done very cleverly, we wouldn’t disagree with you either. Sparing all of its shortcomings–which sometimes weigh heavily on the movies–Cars didn’t receive the fame its merchandise did.

If you are not a fan, you wouldn’t feel like it is an underrated series. Cars have grossed millions worldwide, its merchandise is still one of the most trending ones. We have all come across bags and stationery items that have Lightning cars imprinted on them. Even if you are not a fan, you would have to agree that Cars have left an impact on our lives forever.


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Cars 4: FAQs

1. What Is The Cars Franchise About?

It is about a race car entitled Lightning McQueen and its journey toward becoming the best race car ever.

2. Is Cars 4 Approved?

No, this movie isn’t approved yet.

3. Why Don’t We Have Cars 4 Release Date Yet?

It could be because the makers are pondering over the storyline or considering ending the series with Cars 3.

4. Are Cars Movies Worth Watching?

If you’re into animated fantasy series and enjoying car racing, this movie series is for you.

5. Is There A Trailer Available For Cars 4?

No, there is no trailer available for Cars 4 yet.

6. Where To Watch Cars 4 Online?

You can watch the entire Cars series on Disney+ Hotstar.

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