Lookism Season 2 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities!

Well, nowadays people are just crazy about animes and Korean Dramas. Today we have the latest updates on one such much-awaited webtoon for you – Lookism. People are eagerly waiting for its release and its possible sequel. Well, if you do not have any prior knowledge of Lookism or perhaps webtoons then do not worry, here is everything you need to know.

We can definitely find a lot of fans of Japanese anime, but what if we talk about South Korean anime or Manhwa? Well guys, Lookism is just an amazing manhwa and anime series. Illustrated by Park Tae-Joon, initially, the manhwa was published on 20 November 2014. But now it is also available in anime form.

I know, the fans of Lookism are anxiously waiting for the second part to be released soon. But unfortunately, guys till now we do not have official information regarding the same. Hope that the makers would not make us sad. Only good lucks for the future of this beautiful anime.

Lookism Season 2 Release Date

Lookism Season 2 Release Date

Lookism is originally a Korean Manhwa written by Zixuan Wang. The webtoon was initially published weekly on Naver WEBTOON in November 2014 which gained a lot of popularity worldwide. Hence it was then made into a Chinese Television Series which had 38 episodes each with a runtime of 30 minutes and was streamed on WeTV Network. Now in this article, we are talking about a Korean version of Lookism in webtoon style that is yet to be released on Netflix.

The webtoon was teased to be released on November 4th but was postponed due to the tragic Halloween stampede incident in Seoul. Now Netflix has officially announced that ‘Lookism’ will be released on 8th December 2022 at the Tudum event held on 25th September 2022. Till now there are no official updates related to its possible sequel Lookism Season 2.

Name of the ShowLookism
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreComedy, Drama
Lookism Season 1 Release Date8 December 2022
Lookism Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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Lookism Story

Lookism is a story of a high school student named Park Hyung Seok, He was ugly and fat. He was never popular because of his looks and was often bullied and harassed by his classmates. He feels too uncomfortable to go to school and argues with his mother to leave the city and go somewhere else. Later they move on to a new town. One night he discovers a supernatural ability that enables him to switch bodies, one his original body which was ugly, unattractive, and obese, and the other which was tall, masculine, and very attractive. From there, his life takes a drastic change he uses his handsome body form as his primary body during the daytime and while sleeping he uses his original ugly body.

The story goes on to show how looks matter, how attractive people are treated by society, and how ugly people are treated. Discrimination, Racism in workplaces, schools, colleges, Gym and various other aspects of society are shown in his series.

Where To Watch Lookism?

The official release date of Lookism is set to 8th December 2022 on the popular OTT platform Netflix. The Webtoon is expected to be released in the Korean Language with English subtitles.

Ratings & Reviews

On IMDb, the anime gets 7.7 ratings out of 10, which is not as bad. And the popularity of the show is increasing day by day.

Google Trends

Lookism- The Chinese Drama (2019)

Lookism Season 2 Release Date

Do not get confused. In this section, we will be looking at Lookism- The Chinese Drama (2019). As mentioned before, the original Korean Manhwa was taken as a reference and a Chinese Drama was made in 2019 by Chinese director Wu Jian Xin. The first episode was aired on September 26 2019 and the final episode was aired on December 1st, 2019.

The drama has a rating of 7.7/10 on MyDramaList and 5.4/10 ratings on The IMBD. This drama series belonged to the category of Suspense and Romance. The cast of the series included Lomon as the “Handsome body” of Tuo Wen Shuai, Wayne Zhang as the “Ugly body ” of  Tuo Wen Shuai, Wang Zi Xuan as Tao Qiao, Dino Lee as Gu Qi Guang, Zhuang Sen as Li Zhen Cheng.

Should we expect Lookism Season 2?

Till now we only know about the release date of the first season of Lookism Webtoon, The plot of the story is also not officially shared. It is too early to even talk about the Season 2 of the Webtoon. For now, Let us just hope that season 1 of the Webtoon releases without any obstacles.

Should You Wait? – My Conclusion

If you are an anime lover and like versatility, then you may also like this webtoon which has some anime flavor and a unique plot. Set Your clocks to 8th December 2022.

Difference Between Anime And Webtoon

If you are confused with these fancy names, don’t be here is a brief explanation. Anime is basically a cartoon that is designed in Japanese Art style whereas a Webtoon is also a cartoon that is designed in Korean Art style and is specially optimized for online viewing, The offline version of these is referred to as Manhwa. This is the only fundamental difference between Anime And Webtoons.

Lookism Season 2- FAQs

Q1. Has the trailer for Lookism Season 2 been released?

Q2. How many seasons are there in total for Lookism anime?

Only one season till now has been released.

Q3. How many episodes will be there in Lookism Season 1?

There is a total of eight episodes in Lookism season 1.

Q4. Where did the Lookism season 1 end?

Lookism season 1 ended with a performance at the school’s festival.

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