Cheer Season 3 Release Date, Cast And Predicted Spoilers!

Have you ever been to a sports competition?

In sports competitions, besides the athletes, many others are also involved in the whole picture. A sports competition is brought to life only if everybody is working together. The athletes alone do not make the competition, it is the collaborative work of everybody else who become successful in bringing the competition together. Of course, the athletes are a major factor, but we should not be overlooking others who are there in the scenario because their hard work matters too. They should not be left alone, or cornered, they deserve to stand in the light just like the athletes. 

Having already established a picture of a sports competition where the light falls on everybody included, let us move to our topic of discussion which is cheerleaders. Sports competitions held in India may or may not have cheerleaders. However, schools, colleges, and universities in the United States have an area for the growth of cheerleaders. Cheerleaders including cheerleading are popular there. Along with the sports competitors, the cheerleaders also work hard and are very skillful at their jobs. Almost every educational institution has a sports team along with a cheerleading team. Being a member of the cheerleading team is considered respectable like being a member of a sports team. 

Even if the cheerleaders are given their much-deserved importance and appreciation, students who indulged in this activity cannot get scholarships in this field after finishing school. This is a sad fact considering the sports team members get supported through scholarships under the sports quota even after they graduate, but the cheerleaders do not. No matter how hard the cheerleaders work, in reality, they are still considered less. It has to be brought to light that cheerleaders are equally sporty just like the members of the sports team. The dangerous stunts and the difficult dance moves require training and hard work that the cheerleaders go through to achieve their positions. 

You must be wondering why we are discussing cheerleaders suddenly. It is because in this article we are going to discuss the Netflix docuseries Cheer. Before we delve right into the topic, you should know some basic information about the topic which is why the detailed introduction was provided. To know more about cheerleaders and cheerleading, you should continue reading the article. This is one such topic that you should not miss out on. 

Cheer Season 3 Release Date

Cheer Season 3 Release Date

Cheer is an American Netflix documentary series that aired for the first time in 2020. The series has been made to put forward the struggle of cheerleaders on screen. Currently, the series has two seasons, and the second one being released in 2022. There are 15 episodes in total, six episodes in season 1 and nine episodes in season 2. 

Netflix has not yet confirmed Cheer season 3. There is no news regarding the renewal or cancelation of the show. The creators of the show came up with the second season two years after the first season was released. Since the release of the show’s second season, it has only been a year. If the time duration between the first two seasons of the show is taken into consideration, we can assume that we still have time before the creators decide to drop the third season. 

However, these are only speculations. As stated earlier, we have not received any word from the production unit of the show. The show may or may not return for its third run. If the show returns, we will get some information, but if the show does not then the creators may not be vocal about it, hence leaving it to the interpretation of the audience. 

Name Of The ShowCheer
Season NumberSeason 3
Genre sports
Cheer Season 1 Release Date8th January 2020
Cheer Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

Cheer Docuseries’ Story

What does the show Cheer portray? The show has aimed towards portraying the world of cheerleaders.

Cheerleading is a form of encouragement. It is carried out primarily during sports competitions to encourage the athletes who are involved in the particular game for which the cheerleaders are cheerleading. As human beings, we cannot deny that a little bit of encouragement does not motivate us. We all are emotional creatures. The motivation to do better is nudged through some cheers from our friends or families or known ones. Therefore, the work of cheerleaders is imperative in the field of sports. If we want to see our favorite team bearing away all the prizes, we will have to indulge in a good amount of cheerleading. 

Cheerleading can be of various types. It can be raising the flags of the team we support and shouting encouraging slogans, or it can be an encouraging dance move or stunt that can get the blood boiling with encouragement. Cheerleading gained massive importance when in 1951 the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) was founded in the United States. Since the inception of the NCA, cheerleaders have gained something they can work for. It was in the NCA where new forms of cheerleading like the herkie jump, the spirit stick, or the pom-pom were first performed.

The NCA is known for holding camps, summer camps to be specific, where the cheerleaders can participate in order to gain skills that would make them the best in their fields. All the training is conducted by and under the supervision of qualified trainers. 

NCA is also the place where the cheerleaders can get a stage to showcase their skills and talents. It is a competitive ground for the cheerleaders where they can compete against cheerleaders from other schools and gain their respective positions. The National Cheerleading Championship is held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

The inception of the show happened when the director of Last Chance U, Greg Whiteley, discovered competitive cheerleading accidentally. Greg instantly decided that he will bring what he has discovered on screen so that more people can know about the cheerleading industry. 

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Besides focusing on whatever is mentioned at the beginning of this particular section, Whiteley mainly focuses on the cheerleading team of Navarro College. The cheerleaders of the said college are trained by Monica Aldama. Aldama was once a cheerleader during her days in college. She is highly educated and is quite passionate about cheerleading. Aldama took up the job of training the cheerleaders of Navarro College due to the college’s location which was favorable for her family’s purposes. 

Because of Aldama, the cheerleading team of Navarro College has gained popularity. She has been behind in building the team from nothing to its present (popular) state. Director Greg Whiteley portrays all these things in the documentary series Cheer. Starting from the history of cheerleading to whatever the industry is today, Whiteley has tried to cover every aspect in his series. 

The show encapsulates the rivalry between Navarro College’s cheerleading team as well as Trinity Valley Community College’s cheerleading team. This rivalry has made the docuseries more intense. If you have watched the anime Haikyuu, you would understand what rivalry between two sports teams of two different schools/colleges means. The intense situations can get your adrenaline rushing and your blood pumping in your arteries. 

If you try watching the series, you are sure to love it. Greg Whiteley has come up with something completely new by focusing on cheerleaders in a series. 

Cheer Season 3 Cast and Crew

Cheer Season 3 Release Date

The cast of Cheer season 3, if we get a third run of the docuseries, is expected to remain the same as the previous seasons. 

The cast of the series includes Monica Aldama, Jerry Harris, Gabi Butler, Morgan Simianer, Lexi Brumback, Mackenzie Sherbum, Shannon Woolsey, and La’ Darius Mashall. 

The show has been created by Greg Whiteley. The executive producer of the show has been Andrew Fried. Yuri Tomanek and Joseph Minadeo have been the composers behind the show. The production companies included in bringing the show to the audience included One Potato Production and Broadwalk Pictures Caviar. Netflix has licensed the show. 

The first season of the show premiered on January 8, 2020, and the second season of the show premiered on January 12, 2022. 

Cheer Episodes

Episodes of the first season include: “God Blessed Texas”, “Making Mat”, “Blood, Sweat and Cheers”, “Hit Zero”, “Full Out”, and “Daytona”.

Episodes of the second season include: “Everybody Hopes”, “Here’s to We”, “Dracut Girl”, “Hell Week”, “Jerry”, “Tumbling”, “Mining for Tenths”, “Daytona pt. 1: Don’t be that Guy”, and “Daytona pt. 2: If the Judges Disagree”. 

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Cheer Season 3 Trailer

Cheer Season 3 Release Date

The trailer for season 3 has not been released yet because it is not confirmed if we will have season 3. However, Netflix has released the trailer for the first two seasons which you will be able to find on Netflix’s official YouTube channel. 

Cheer Review

The docuseries Cheer has been loved by almost all. The rating of Cheer is 7.75/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. 96% of the people who have watched the show have loved it. 

Ratings: Cheer

The show has 8.1 ratings out of tan on IMDb.

Google Trends

FAQS about Cheer

1. How many episodes of Cheer are there?

Cheer has 15 episodes as of now. 

2. What is the running time per episode of Cheer?

Each episode of Cheer has an average running time of 57-62 minutes. 

3. Which college is shown in Cheer?

The cheerleading team of Navarro College has been shown in Cheer.

4. Who is the coach in Cheer?

Monica Aldama is the coach of the cheerleading team in Cheer. 

5. Which college is the rival in Cheer?

The cheerleading team of Trinity Valley Community College is the rival of Navarro College’s cheerleading team. 

6. Where can I watch Cheer?

You can watch Cheer on Netflix but with a subscription. 

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