Agatha Raisin Season 5 Release Date: Is The Show Renewed?

The craze for comedy shows amongst the young generation is increasing day by day. And on this, a show like Agatha Raisin with a pinch of criminal investigation makes this craze, crazier. So, here we gonna talk about this Agatha Raisin, I know you had understood this already. If you really like to watch messy comedy dramas, then you can definitely go for this. It is one of the most popular British television shows.

Released back on 26 December 2014, the show Agatha Raisin is based on a book written by M.C. Beaton. By seeing the popularity of the first season on Sky One, Acorn TV then called its second season. Well, here we have some great information for you all regarding Agatha Raisin.

Agatha Raisin Season 5 Release Date

The last season which is the fourth season of Agatha Raisin was released on 21 December 2021 and ended on 20 February 2022, so, it’s been almost one year since the show’s fourth season ended. But guys, now you do not have to worry and I’m sure that you do not need to wait anymore for Agatha Raisin Season 5. Fortunately, unused has come regarding the release of Agatha Raisin Season 5.

Well I know guys you are anxiously waiting for the good news regarding Agatha Raisin Season 5, and here it is. Your favorite show, Agatha Raisin has been renewed for the 5th season but unfortunately, till now there is no exact official release date revealed yet. Agatha Raisin is now coming back with the next installment. Maybe soon the makers will announce the release date as well.

Name Of The ShowAgatha Raisin
Season NumberSeason 5
Agatha Raisin Season 1 Release Date26 December 2014
Agatha Raisin Season 5 Release DateRenewed

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Agatha Raisin Season 5 Story Possibilities

Agatha Raisin is a story of a former PR agent who now solves crime mysteries in a small village in Great Britain. She wants to live a very peaceful life in a village but here comes the mystery, in the show, you will see how Agatha solves this crime mystery although involved in a dangerous event.

If we talk about the story of season 5, then we would like to inform you that till now there is no official information regarding the upcoming story. But hope for the best if season 5 comes, most probably it will show you the next fresh story with the same plot. Or maybe it can be the continuation of the story which was shown in season 4.

Agatha Raisin Season 5 Possible Cast

Agatha Raisin Season 5 Release Date

No official confirmation regarding the cast of season 5 as of now. But if you are one of those who have not watched this show yet we will definitely tell you the characters and cast names here in this article. So, starting with the first, the main lead of the show named Agatha Raisin is played by Ashley Jensen, additionally, the show also has Jason Merrells in the role of Sir Charles Fraith, Jamie Glover as James Lacey, Lucy Liemann as Sarah Bloxby, Mathew Home as Roy Silver, Matt McCooey as DC Bill Wong, and Katy Wix in the role of Gemma Simpson, but she will only be seen in the first two seaons.

Apart from them there are many recurring actors as well in the show, their names are as follows: Caroline Langrishe as Sheila Barr, Rhashan Stone as Jez Bloxby, Tim Stern as Gene Harvey, Richard Durden as Mr.Boggle, and Daisy Beaumont as Mary Fortune.

Where Can You Watch This Show Online?

Well, till now we cannot tell you that where will the fifth season of the show be released. But if you want to watch all the previous seasons of Agatha Raisin, you can wath them on Amazon Prime Videos.

Ratings: Agatha Raisin

This amazing show was loved by the audience, and it got 7.2 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

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Agatha Raisin Season 5 Release Date- FAQs

How many total seasons are there for Agatha Raisin?

There is a total of 4 seasons as of now.

How many total episodes are there for Agatha Raisin?

There is a total of 20 episodes in 4 seasons.

Will there ever be Agatha Raisin Season 5?

Yes, the 5th season of Agatha Raisin has already been confirmed by the makers.

What is Agatha Raisin Season 5 Release Date?

Till now there has been no exact release date for Agatha Raisin Season 5.

Where can we watch Agatha Raisin?

You can watch Agatha Raisin on Amazon prime videos.

When was Agatha Raisin initially released?

It was released on 26 December 2014.

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