American Ultra 2 Release Date Updates And Possible Spoilers!

Today, we have come back with another interesting movie, and I am sure if you are a lover of spy thrillers along with the comedy genre then definitely you would have not missed it. So guys, today we’re gonna talk about the most interesting as well as thrilling movie, American Ultra. It is an American spy thriller plus comedy movie which is directed by Nima Nourizadeh. Written by Max Landis the movie was released back on 21 August 2015. Well, don’t know about today, but at that time people did not like this movie. That’s why the movie earned only $30 million with a budget of $28 million.

Well, if we talk about its reviews and ratings, the film got mixed reviews from the audience and critics. On IMDb, it got only 6.1 ratings which are almost average. Do not worry guys, we are demotivating you but if you want to watch this movie, you definitely can watch it on Amazon Prime Videos. Initially, the movie was released by Lionsgate and also got enough theatrical release in the countries like United States, Canada, as well as India. So, for those who have already watched this movie, we bring something very informative here. Hope, you will read the full article to get all the necessary information about American Ultra 2.

American Ultra 2 Release Date

So guys, the very first part of the movie was released in the year 2015 on 21 August. It’s been almost 8 years since the movie was released. But do not worry, you will definitely get something for yourself whether it will be good news or a piece of bad news.

Name of the MovieAmerican Ultra
Part NumberPart 2
GenreAction, Comedy
American Ultra Release Date21 August 2015
American Ultra 2 Release DateNot Announced

Come back to the topic, and we would like to inform you that, unfortunately, till now, there is no official information has been revealed from the sides of the makers. The director of the movie Nima Nourizadeh once said that if the audience want to see the sequel of American Ultra, then he would think about it. But, at this point in time, we cannot say anything for sure, most probably the second part will never come. Nima was also at the time of release focusing on his next projects.

Nima also said, Max already has a plan for the sequel, he planned everything for the second part even before the release of the first part. But in 2015, they were waiting for a response from the audience. So, as we have mentioned above that in response the film got nothing, that’s why we can say that the sequel is difficult. No doubt, Max is an enthusiastic writer, but it’s not only about the writing, a film always is a mixture of various roles.

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American Ultra 2 Cast Possibilities

As we have mentioned above as well that till now there is no information regarding the release of the second part. So we cannot tell you the exact names of the actors who will be going to perform the required characters. But yes, for those who have not watched the movie yet, we can definitely mention the star cast here.

American Ultra part one has the following actors which we have mentioned with their respective character names. First of all, it has Jesse Eisenberg in the role of Mike Howell, in addition to him, the movie also has Kristen Stewart who played the role of Phoebe Larson, then Topher Grace will be seen as Adrian Yates. Apart from them, the film also casts Walton Goggins as Laugher, John Leguizamo as Rose, Connie Britton as Victoria Lasseter, Lavell Crawford as Big Harold, Monique Ganderton as Crane, Bill Pullman played the role of Raymond Krueger, Tony Hale as Petey Douglas, and at the end, it also has Stuart Greer in the character of Sheriff Watts.

So, this was the whole star cast of the movie, American Ultra. In the second part, most probably the same star cast will be seen playing their respective roles. And this also confirms that whenever Nima will make American Ultra 2, Kristen and Jesse can be seen playing the lead characters.

What Will Be The Story of American Ultra 2?

The story of American Ultra 2 is not known as of now because the makers have not revealed anything regarding this movie yet. Maybe this time the story will be different but focused on the same plot. We cannot say anything regarding the upcoming story but we will make sure that whenever we get any information, we first update this part of the article.

American Ultra 2 Trailer

The trailer for the second part has not come yet. But if you have not watched this movie, we would like to suggest you that first watch the trailer of American Ultra part 1. We have attached the trailer above for your comfort.

Where To Watch American Ultra 2 Online?

If you are one of those who want to watch this action-comedy then go and watch it now on Amazon Prime Videos. But do not forget to leave a review in the comment section.

American Ultra Story

American Ultra is a movie which is directed by Nima Nourizadeh, the movie was originally released in English language but now you can watch it in the Hindi language as well. The story of the movie starts when a police officer showed the evidence to Mike which he found against him. And now the real story starts, Mike is a stoner and lives in a small town in West Virginia, he also works in the general store. s the story continues you will see Mike was living with his girlfriend Phoebe. And he wanted to propose to her marriage, and in order to make this happen, he earns money by working in a general store.

But Mike has a problem with panic attacks, whenever he goes out he always has these attacks. But why I am telling you this? Wait, we will give you all the answers. Actually, Mike planned a trip to Hawaii with Phoebe in order to propose to her, but at the airport, he got a panic attack. On the other hand, in Langley, CIA Agent, Victoria Lasseter got a coded warning that Mike was going to be murdered by Adrain Yates. Actually, Mike was an alone survivor of a Wiseman Ultra Program. So, this was the synopsis of the movie, hope, when you watch this movie, you will definitely like this..

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The movie has a rating of 6.1 out of 10 on IMDb. Check the analytical data below:

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American Ultra 2- FAQs

When will American Ultra 2 be released?

There is no information regarding this yet.

When was American Ultra released?

The movie was released on 21 August 2015.

How many parts of American Ultra are there as of now?

There is only one part of the movie as of now.

Where can I watch American Ultra online?

You can watch the movie on Amazon prime videos.

Is American Ultra based on a true story?

Not exactly, but we can say that the writer Max Landis was inspired by a similar story.

Who is American Ultra’s director?

Nima Nourizadeh is the director of this movie.

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