Southern Charm Season 9 Release Date: Show Gets Renewed For Another Go!

Southern Charm is an American Television Show. Brian Kestner and Whitney Sudler-Smith developed the show. Mia Sable composes the music for the series. Executive producers for the series include Aaron Rothman, Jason Wienberg, Irad Eyal, Bryan Kestner, Jessica Chesler, Whitney Sudler-Smith, and Morgan Miller. Haymaker Productions produces Southern Charm, which is televised on Bravo.

The show follows the corporate and personal lives of seven socialites in the Charleston, South Carolina area. The series also concentrates on Southern heritage and culture, as well as the political landscape of the South. The Bravo TV network broadcast the series on March 3, 2014. Over the course of seven seasons, the show has aired 83 episodes. Each episode has a 42-minute running duration. As a result, fans are excitedly anticipating the release of the next season. So let’s get to the page to explore.

Southern Charm Season 9 Release Date

Southern Charm’s first season debuted on March 3, 2014, and concluded on May 5, 2014. Season 2 began on March 16, 2015, and ended on May 25, 2015. Season 3 began on April 4, 2016, and finished on July 5, 2016. Season 4 premiered on April 3, 2017, and concluded on July 17, 2017. Season 5 began on April 5, 2018, and finished on July 30, 2018. Season 6 premiered on May 15, 2017, and concluded on August 28, 2017.

Name of the ShowSouthern Charm
Season NumberSeason 9
GenreReality Show
Southern Charm Season 1 Release Date3 September 2020
Southern Charm Season 9 Release DateNot Announced Yet

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, production for season 7 of Southern Charm was delayed but resumed in early September, and the season finally began on October 29, 2020, and finished on February 11, 2021. The 8th season of this American show is going to be released on the 23rd of June 2022. For sure this show will again hit the show and raise the fan’s interest in its next season.

But here’s the good news, Southern Charm has been renewed for another season. Season 9 is coming back. The shooting has already started. But there are major updates on the cast. Since season one we have seen plenty of characters changing from time to time. The biggest update came when Kathryn gave an interview mentioning she has resigned from the show.

She said she remembers when she was just 21, she joined the show and it has been many years and now she would like to do something else. This would be the biggest change in season 9 when you will not see Kathryn anymore.

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Southern Charm Season 9 Cast

Southern Charm Season 9 Release Date

Several cast members arrived and departed during the run of Southern Charm. Only three key members lineup from season one remain after Cameran Eubanks’ departure after season six. Craig Conover, Shep Rose, and Kathryn Dennis are said to be the only cast members from season one who will return for the next season. Madison LeCroy, Venita Aspen, Leva Bonaparte, John Pringle, Olivia Flowers, Marcie Hobbs (Shep’s sister), Chleb Ravenell, Naomie Olindo, Austen Kroll, Whitney Sudler-Smith will feature with Kathryn, Shep, and Craig.

Southern Charm Season 9 Story

I know that this is very disheartening for you all to know about the status of the 9th season of your favorite show. But what can we do as of now it is what it is. If we talk about the story of the upcoming season, this is a reality show as we all know then definitely the contestants will be different if the makers decide to come back with the next installment.

Till now, the makers of the show have not decided or disclosed anything regarding the release of the next installment but yes, as it is a reality show so we can only say that the plot of the show will be remaining the same but the contestants definitely will be different. So, now just wait and watch, if you have not watched the show yet, watch it now and wait for the next season to come.

Southern Charm Season 8 Story

Southern Charm is a film that follows the stories and activities of seven socialites in Charleston, South Carolina. The diverse character of the show concentrates on their personal and professional lives as they maneuver through life. Season 7 finds the group reuniting for a Southern Charm Reunion, which sparks a flurry of emotions. Craig and Madison’s friendship is in jeopardy, while John, a new cast member, is in hot water after breaking the “bro code.” Austen ends his relationship with his girlfriend and begins to accept it. Meanwhile, Madison makes a piece of unexpected news about another blossoming romance, while Kathryn and Leva try to work out their differences and reach an agreement.

Season 8 is planned to begin in 2022, and it will feature both familiar and new characters. The only main actors expected to be back for season 8 are Kathryn, Shep, and Craig. Season 8 will include new cast members Austen Kroll and his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy. John Pringle and Leva Bonaparte were featured in Season 7, and we will most likely see them again in Season 8. Naomi Olindo will be back for Season 8, but not as a full-time cast member. Season 8 will also show the consequences of “Winter Drama” for Craig and Austen. Southern Charm has a spin-off show called Winter Drama.

Where to Watch Southern Charm Online?

Southern Charm is available to watch on Bravo TV’s official website, the Penguin streaming platform, and YouTube TV. The docuseries follows a group of Charleston individuals as they go about their daily lives. On Peacock, you can watch full episodes of Southern Charm and other reality shows. See what it’s like to Peacock by watching our free episodes. Free access to 95 complete episodes of Southern Charm.

Ratings And Reviews

Southern Charm is one of the most popular American TV reality shows. So if we talk about the ratings of the show on different platforms, then we would like to inform you that, Common Sense Media rated it 1 out of 5. And Rating Graph rated it 7.1 out of 10. The show received 6.4 out of 10 on IMDb. You can check the results below:

So, if you observe the ratings of the show on different platforms, then you can sense this thing that the show is very average and you can watch it only once at least I feel the same. If you are really interested in knowing the lives of different businesspeople then you can definitely watch all the seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a season 9 Southern Charm?

The show has not been released yet, but it has been renewed.

2. Where can I watch season 9 of Southern Charm?

Once the show is released you can watch it on Bravo TV.

3. Will there be a new season of Southern Charm in 2023?

Season 9 might come anytime soon, but there is no release date yet.

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