Mobeen Season 4 Release Date: Comedy Show Gets Renewed For Another Season!

“Man like Mobeen”, the British comedy-drama is based on the lives of three mates who are from Birmingham, Mobeen the lead himself, along with Nate and Eight. It’s their daily way of leading their lives and the events that occur to them that gives rise to the entire comedy in the series, Mobeen used to be a drug dealer in the past for reference.

Presently he has all changed and in the absence of his parents he trying to raise his little sister Aks in a proper manner, though Mobeen and another guy from their trio are Muslims it’s not a big deal to us but obviously as depicted in the series of the stereotypes of how the western society looks at them. For the past three seasons, it has been a great ride filled with laughter and lifting our moods but now the real question arises.

Are we going to get a season 4 of “Man Like Mobeen”? Yes, the makers of the show have already thought of some unique ideas about the continuation of the show in season 4 and after all, it was left at a cliffhanging situation in season 3, but there always is a piece of bad news with the good news that comes, we viewers might not get a season 5 after this as the show may be considering season 4 as the final season.

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release Date

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release Date

Yes, as we already know the series may be renewed for a season 4 which may end up being its finale season, we can expect season 4 to drop by mid-2022 after it left us on a cliffhanger in season 3. The third season premiered in January 2020 and after that, it has taken a long gap due to the coronavirus situation which has already ended up delaying many more shows but comes on, we can wait a bit for such a great show to get renewed again.

Name Of The ShowMan Like Mobeen
Season NumberSeason 4
GenreComedy Drama
Man Like Mobeen Season 1 Release Date17 December 2017
Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release DateNot Announced

The show started in the year 2017 and has been a viewer favorite for the past few seasons. Each episode has a runtime of nearly 20 minutes and looking at the records of the previous seasons we can easily confirm that the finale season may also end up having 4-5 episodes which will leave up to a together of about 17-18 episodes. However, it is we are in 2022 right now and we can expect the announcement of the show anytime soon.

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What Have The Creators said?

Guz Khan Mentioned that when he was working in Hollywood, he always thought that he wanted to go back to his people and deliver something to them. Guz believes that a man-like Mobeen was one of the best things that could have happened and therefore the team decided that they are going to bring season four of the show.

In addition to this, the creators have also mentioned that man like mobeen has everything preplanned for season four. The director said that the writers have already created a twisty plus funny storyline for the next season. The writers have also included hilarious new characters for the audience to enjoy.

It seems everything is already planned for season four and therefore fans do not have to worry about the next season as the creators are already working on it.

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Story

In season 4 which may be the finale season, we can expect to see what happened in the small-time skip period shown before the end of season 3, we all are waiting for an explanation of how Mobeen and Nate ended up in prison, and we can expect the seeking of revenge by Mobeen and Nate in the new season and also one of the biggest questions that stay, is whether Eight is dead?

will also be answered hopefully, we can also expect at the same time to not miss the evil khan who left for Pakistan, we need to see what he deserves after whatever he has done and obviously, we can’t miss our little Aks who has decided to study to train as a doctor and how she is doing, altogether it’s going to be a great ride for us to hop on.

Man Like Mobeen Season 3 Recap

The first two seasons of the series, it was full of fun and laughter but from the third season there has been a change in the entire vibe of the series with much less laughter and twists everywhere, we see how one of Mobeen’s friend end up stealing Azaar’s car and the cocaine inside it, which soon ends up being Khan’s cocaine.

We soon see how Mobeen has to work for khan and a series of complete violence goes out throughout the entire series, we see Mobeen getting back to the life he once left and how he hates it, soon the story turns and towards the end, we see khan’s assassin shooting Eight as the last message towards Mobeen and then we have a small time skip with utter suspense built in us, which may be solved in the next season.

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Trailer

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release Date

The trailer for season 4 of the series hasn’t been out yet but can be expected pretty soon till then if you are planning to start watching the previous seasons, they are available on Netflix and for a glimpse right now, you can check out the previous season trailers available on YouTube.

Ratings And Reviews

There is no doubt that the show has received fabulous ratings. It received 8 out of 10 according to IMDB. You can see the results below:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there another Man Like Mobeen season 4?

Man Like Mobeen is already renewed for season 4, but it has no release date yet.

2. Who Killed 8 Man Like Mobeen?

8 gest arrested by army officers.

3. Will there be a season 5 of Man Like Mobeen?

Season 5 of the show has not been renewed.

4. Has Man Like Mobeen been canceled?

No, season 4 of the show has been renewed.

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