Where Is Raja Kolander Now? Is He Still Alive?

Raja Kolander is an Indian Convicted Serial Killer and Cannibal who Killed and Ate something like 15 Victims in India. He is notable for Brutally Killing Dhirendra Singh columnist close by his brother by marriage Ram Niranjan. Raja is the Focus of the new Hit Netflix Documentary Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer. Kolander is 60 Years old starting around 2022.

Brought into the world in 1962 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, he has not uncovered any data regarding his precise date of birth, birthday, and Zodiac Sign. Raja was hitched to His Wife and Longtime Partner Phoolan Devi. Phoolan is a notable Indian lawmaker and an individual from the Gram Panchayat. The Couple shares two Sons Together, specifically Adalat and Bail Kolander.

Where Is Raja Kolander Now?

Where Is Raja Kolander Now?

Kolander is still in denial that he committed those crimes back in the day. Even today, he helps his prison mates in various ways by writing letters to the Court and getting them bail. Even in the documentary, it was evident that he made fans everywhere he went. Nobody could think of him as a killer. He started meditation and tantric practices inside the jail and was also allowed to live in a single cell where he still performed his rituals and prayers. Kolander became an Intellect after imprisonment as he started reading books related to law and Criminal Justice. That’s the present scenario of The Indian Butcher; He even fooled the jail police politically.

Kolander is still alive and is as yet carrying out his Life Punishment in Prison. Be that as it may, Little is known session the Serial Killers Current Whereabouts. Raj Kolander & Vakshraj Kol received life sentences on November 30, 2012, with Dhirendra Singh’s assassination being considered one of the “rarest of rare” cases. They served their original sentence in the Naini jail before being sent to Lucknow. The two are currently incarcerated in an Unnao jail carrying out their sentences.

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Is Raja Kolander Still Alive?

Yes, Raja Kolander is alive and is still in prison. He was given life imprisonment after the heinous act he did. This came to us when Netflix released a series about him. In the second season of Indian Predator, Netflix took us to Raja Kolander in prison and described what he thinks about this.

The shocking thing is, when Raja Kolander was interviewed by Netflix about the serial killing, he still managed to tell the audience he is innocent and he hasn’t done anything. In addition to this, Raja also mentioned how is his life in prison and also told about the first few years of prison life and the difficulties he faced. He also mentioned that in the starting years of his imprisonment, he helped the cops solve the case. But, this was denied by the officers. They mentioned he was just doing this to make his reputation in the show. In addition to this, he is now learning spiritual energy.

Raja Kolander Early And Personal Life

Raja was Born and Raised in India by His LOving Parents. He experienced childhood in a nearby yet intently Knit Indian family, and his Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kolander, were exceptionally Hardworking and Trie all that they Could to guarantee that they accommodated their Young Family. Little is had some significant awareness of his Early Life and Family.

Kolander comes from the Kol people group and has something like One Known Sister. We can’t Confirm How Many families he has as this data still can’t seem to be made freely accessible. For his Educational Background, Raja joined in and Graduated from secondary school with passing marks. He might have joined College and may hold a degree or confirmation in a specific field, yet this presently can’t seem to become apparent.

Raja and his Ex-Wife share two Children, specifically Adalat and Bail Kolander. His children have gotten a position of safety far from all the negativity surrounding their dad.

Raja Kolander Actual Story

The story starts in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj (at that point, for the most part, known as Allahabad). Dhirendra Singh, a writer working for an area Hindi step by step alluded to as Aaj, went lacking on December 14, 2001.

When the recorder didn’t return house for two days, SN Tripathi, the then Station Home Officer (SHO) of the Kydganj municipality, procured the concern. However, cellphone observation techniques have not been that predominant for 20 years; Tripathi’s staff followed down Singh’s cell, from which a name was made to a landline on the evening of December 16.

This name was made to a family in Prayagraj’s Chheoki area, the landline possessed by a young lady inquisitively named ‘Phoolan Devi’ and her better half Raja Kolander. Chheoki was in Naini, a region of modern space viewed as Prayagraj’s twin city.

Though Phoolan Devi was an individual from the local panchayat, Kolander used to function as an impromptu specialist and a driver at a specialist’s law-producing office. At last, Singh’s examination and the police cross examinations drove his staff to a farmhouse in Naini, which the police found inside the farmhouse and its area shocking, no doubt.

That is when Kolander came to the title as he admitted to killing the columnist. The media would continue to be passionate about Kolander of what the police saw later. When the police struck the farmhouse, Kolander was working from the experts in a Tata Sumo. His affair with vehicles wasn’t new as he used to run a group worried about plundering cars, with even the Sumo being one in everything about takes. Taking pictures inside again was stage one.

Kolander’s business, as usual, included catching, after which hacking the victim’s bodies into various things, basically the same as Indian Predator Season 1’s Chandrakant Jha. Although Jha used to dump the butchered remains outside Tihar Jail, Kolander was most famous for cooking a couple of the body parts.

The journal recuperated from his Naini farmhouse, the area of a large number of the killings, gives additional realistic specifics of his primitive propensities. He valued cooking and consuming the cerebrums of his casualties.

When the juice was out of the noggin, Kolander continued to address the skulls, which he would later keep up with as prizes. Human flesh consumption has confused therapists for quite a while. Though examples of individuals consuming individuals have been recorded for many years, a fundamental topic of sexual savagery may be seen in the situation of various chronic executioners.

The scandalous man-eater/chronic executioner Jeffrey Dahmer showed inclinations of necrophilia with our assortments of his casualties. Indeed, even the implicating texts by entertainer Armie Hammer bring out barbarian requirements according to a sensual point of view. Raja Kolander centered a couple of his casualties on eating their minds and taking their knowledge. 

Concerning Kolander, his barbarianism was genuinely unpredictable. Many physical make-up parts of his casualties have been unloaded inside the farmhouse and nearby water our bodies. Generally, the skull interested him. Take the instance of his most memorable victim Kalicharan Srivastava, an individual representative of the statute assembling office.

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Srivastava intrigued Kolander, for he perceived the Kayastha station. The upper-standing, metropolitan Kayastha have customarily had the beneficial section to formal tutoring and stood firm on managerial footings like bookkeepers, record guardians, and copyists.

For Kolander, a Kayastha man would have colossal dark matter. What’s more, that is the explanation Kolander devoured the ‘mind soup’ of Srivastava. While there is no obvious evidence that Kolander enjoyed any religion-like customs, he had a peculiar fixation on the skulls of his casualties. The executioner used to envelop himself with these skulls and keep an adult (court plan paying attention to) of his own.

A divine being progressed is somewhat incessant inside the way of behaving of chronic executioners, and perhaps Raja Kolander felt an indistinguishable extreme needing down on his cranial prizes.

In truth, his beginning distinguish was Ram Niranjan, and he rechristened himself Raja (lord). Similarly, Phoolan Devi was, at first, by and large known as Gomati. If the non-public discussions with skulls weren’t adequate, Kolander would later paint the heads and hang them by a string on the parts of a tree outside his Naini farmhouse. His obsession with his casualties’ standing is clear from how each victim’s rank or last name was composed behind the noggin, beginning from ‘Srivastava’ to ‘Pandit’ to ‘Muslim.’

Was this piece of a contorted human penance custom or another demonstration of Raja Kolander’s conspicuous god progressed? The answer stays hazy. Following Kolander’s admission to the police, he guaranteed that Dhirendra Singh had gotten a hunch about his illegal auto trade and possible killings.

Sooner than Singh might inspect any, still up in the air to get achieved with him for good. The killing of Dhirendra Singh was a cooperative attempt along with his brother by marriage Vakshraj Kol. Kolander tricked Singh into his farmhouse that December evening, with the two talking cycle a chimney. Rapidly, Kol showed up on the scene and shot the columnist inside the again with a desi Katta (weapon).

The team arranged off Singh’s body as they unloaded the stays at Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, 130 km from Kolander’s Naini farmhouse. The previously mentioned Tata Sumo (taken from a killed youth in Rae Bareily) was the fast vehicle. However, Kolander was captured in 2001, and it took more than ten years for him to be accused of the manslaughter of Dhirendra Singh. However, skulls and bones have been recuperated from his farmhouse, and he may in no way, shape, or form be accused of the killings no matter what the confession booth accounts in his journal.

On November 30, 2012, Raj Kolander, along with Vakshraj Kol, was condemned for all times, with Dhirendra Singh’s manslaughter being ordered as a ‘most extraordinary of phenomenal’ case. They were initially imprisoned in Naini prison, embraced by a stretch in Lucknow. By and by, the two are carrying out their punishment in jail in Unnao. From the Indian Predator trailer, it’s characteristic that the narrative team has gotten exceptional passage to the executioner because the recording incorporates a noticeably matured Kolander.

Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Netflix Web Series

Where Is Raja Kolander Now?

Netflix appeared with its Indian genuine wrongdoing narrative series Indian Predator, the initial segment of which dug into the violations of Chandrakant Jha, or the Butcher of Delhi. The sophomore season debuts on September 7, with India Today TV’s computerized vertical India Today Originals filling in as the maker of Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer.

This season would zero in on Raja Kolander, a supposed man-eater with a kill count north of 15 individuals. At the point at which he killed a writer, his journal came to the front, uncovering his past wrongdoings in stunning subtlety.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Raja Kolander still alive?

Yes, Raja Kolander is still alive.

2. How old is Raja Kolender?

Raja Kolander is 60 years old now.

3. Who is Raja Kalandar wife?

 Phoolan Devi was his wife.

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