Solar Opposites Season 4 Release Date Is Supposed To Stay Behind The Curtains For Longer! But The Confirmation Is Out!

When aliens land on Earth, they usually have an ulterior purpose, don’t they? Either they are trying to conquer our planet or are here to study us. But what if these foreign creatures land on Earth accidentally? It opens a wide array of possible storylines and situations that will end up making us cradle our stomachs as we laugh. 

Solar Opposites is an anime series that is centered around four aliens who have landed on Earth accidentally and are now trying to somehow adjust to the situation. It has been over three seasons that these super-cute, super hilarious aliens have been making us laugh. So, why wouldn’t we want another dose? Why wouldn’t we be looking for season 4 updates? Here is everything you need to know about Solar Opposites’ season 4 release date and everything else!

Solar Opposites Season 4 Release Date

In July 2022, we got to witness season 3 of this brilliant show. But before it, we got the confirmation that season 4 would be returning. The makers were beyond excited and hinted that they were planning for a fifth season as well. Of course, it was one of the best news for all of us, Solar Opposites fans. But the makers ended up the discussion there and left us wondering about the release date.

Even now, after almost a year, we have no concrete release date to go by. We are left with speculations and hanging on to the confirmation. If season 4 is to follow the trend set by its previous seasons, we can expect it to drop any time soon. Solar Opposites’ season 4 release date is speculated to be scheduled in July 2024. But we don’t have any confirmations yet and the silence on the makers’ side is disturbing, to say the least. Nonetheless, we’re keeping our hopes high and doubts away.

Name Of The ShowSolar Opposites
Season NumberSeason 4
Solar Opposites Season 1 Release Date8th may 2020
Solar Opposites Season 4 Release DateRenewed

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Solar Opposites Season 4: What Could Be New This Time?

Solar Opposites Season 4

Korvo, Terry, Yumyulack, Jesse, and Puppa–our alien crew–have made it their mission to entertain us wholly. Season 4’s storyline is a mess though. While some sources cite that season 4 would be showcasing these aliens in an office environment. They’ll be trying to balance office life, something they cannot do right no matter how much they try. It will become an office comedy anime where Korvo and Terry would have to survive each other and work on something they aren’t familiar with.

Then, there are speculations that season 4 would stress more on The Wall and we would get to see a new adventure. Just to remind you, The Wall is Yumyulack’s isolated container where he stuffs humans he deems worthy. And by worthy, we mean they are rude, couldn’t care about anybody else, and have managed to get on Yumyulack’s radar.

But in the end, these are all just speculations. We have no solid confirmation but we do know no matter what storyline season 4 goes by, it’d be very much entertaining. We all have to wait for the confirmation or until the show gets released so we could watch it ourselves.

Solar Opposites Season 4 Characters List

This series follows five major characters who have made this series one of the best American animes. All these five characters will be joining season 4., how could they not? The entire show is about them. Starting with the crew leader, Korvo, would be voiced once again by Justin Roiland. He is the one everyone relies on, the strength of the crew who is on a mission to get away from Earth and find a new planet for themselves.

Then we have Terry who is on our team and doesn’t hate us like Korvo. He’ll be voiced by the incredibly talented Thomas Middleditch. Terry is our beloved character, isn’t he? We cannot get over his cuteness and fun-loving nature, of course, there is a part of us that likes him more because he likes us as well.

Yumyulack and Jesse are the replicants of Korvo and Terry but they have shimmering personalities as well. While Yumyulack enjoys trapping humans in his dark chamber, Jesse is the soft-hearted yang to his yin. They are voiced by Sean Glambrone and Mary Mack and of course, they’ll be returning this season. 

The last member of their crew, Puppa, who is yet a toddler alien but with several superpowers, will be joining us this season as well. There are going to be multiple other characters as well like Cherie, Glen, and Pezlie who’ll be seen this season too. Though there are no confirmations yet, it is rumored that there are going to be multiple characters joining Solar Opposites season 4.

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Solar Opposites: Quickly Summarizing The Three Seasons

Solar Opposites Season 4 Release Date

When a mission goes wrong, these aliens crash land on Earth. They were out to find residence on some other planet but since their mission failed, they have to make do somehow. We get to meet these aliens after a year of them already residing in a local town. Even though we know you’re questioning it, just go with the follow and leave your logical part aside because there are multiple elements in this anime you’d find absurd. But that’s a given with this series revolving around aliens, clones, and science fiction.

Now, they cannot outright claim that they’re aliens and are staying here for the time being, can they? So, they decide to portray themselves as a family. Korvo and Terry pretend Yumyulack and Jesse are their kids instead of their replicas. They enroll Yumyulack and Jesse in a local school while Korvo struggles to find a new planet for them. 

Korvo never shies away from hiding his disdain no matter how much Terry tries to convince him otherwise. They go on bickering about humans, Korvo ridiculing Terry each time he sides with humans. They face multiple situations, go on surviving in a foreign town and keep entertaining us throughout three seasons.

Solar Opposites: Will The New Season Be Affected By The Controversies?

In late January 2023 Justin Roiland, the voice behind Korvo, landed himself in big trouble. He was accused of domestic violence in 2020 but this year, that case got out of his hand. Now, the influence of his lawsuit on Solar Opposites has become a major question. Since we have no concrete release date or confirmations for season 4 yet, the audience is getting concerned deeply.

You must be known very well about Rick and Morty, the infamous anime series. Justin Roiland is the creator of this anime series. We all know how he had to forego the rights of this show because of this ongoing lawsuit. Since Solar Opposites’ makers are reluctant about commenting, we have no idea if Solar Opposites season 4 is going to be impacted by it or not.

Moreover, there is the fact that Solar Opposites is accused to promote gender politics. Jesse once exclaimed that Gender politics is fun which received heavy criticism because of it. Though it’s been a long time since it happened, the impact is still fresh on our minds. Solar Opposites is an adult anime, we come expecting some heavy content and harsh dialogues but this one was too much. Hopefully, season 4 would be more mature and won’t be affected by any controversies.

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Solar Opposites: The Wall Is More Than You Think

Solar Opposites Season 4 Release Date

You must be thinking The Wall is where Yumyulack prisons the human who is overly mean or extraordinarily arrogant. And while you’re right, The Wall is not just that. It has become a whole new world in itself. Here, these prisoners enjoy their life but that’s not all.

The Wall is accused to be one of the most disturbing tropes of Solar Opposites because of its concept. It was supposed to be a kind of hole, just that but eventually, it got bigger and more complex. It became a kind of small town divided into classes like our world is. Because of it, Solar Opposite is accused to be promoting classes and political wars which an anime shouldn’t.


The show has 8.0 ratings out of tan on IMDb. Check the images below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Solar Opposites Anime About?

It is a sci-fi anime that centers around four aliens who surprisingly land on Earth and are trying to settle down here.

2. Is Solar Opposites A Japanese Anime?

No, this isn’t a Japanese anime but a popular American animated comedy series.

3. Who Is The Lead Of Solar Opposites Anime?

Four main characters are serving as the lead of this anime series, Tery, Korvo, Jesse, and Yumulack. And of course, there is our cute little color-changing Puppa.

4. Is Solar Opposites Season 4 Approved?

Yes, season 4 is approved but there is no official release date out yet. It is speculated that season 4 would air in July 2024 but those are just speculations yet.

5. Is There A Trailer Available For Solar Opposites Season 4?

No, there isn’t a trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch Solar Opposites Season 4?

You can watch this amazing sci-fi comedy anime on Hulu meanwhile we get the confirmation for season 4.

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