Constance Nunes Net Worth: How Much This Car Mechanic Earns In America?

Since we were kids, we have witnessed that interest in automobiles has always been attached to boys. As in, boys are supposed to be fascinated by cars and play with them. This was an extremely sexist approach that we all have faced at a certain point in our lives. However, the world has come far from that point of view. Today, we do not find that sexist approach working anymore, it has not been completely obliterated, but the rigid rules surrounding this concept have been wiped out to a great extent. 

Now, if a woman is interested in automobiles, she is not shamed. Women not only drive these automobiles, but some of them also work as mechanics. Being a mechanic is not limited to boys anymore. Yes! If you want to become a ‘car doctor’, or a mechanic for cars, you most definitely can. 

Some popular personalities have helped in strengthening this idea. In this article, we will discuss the television personality, Constance Nunes. You may have heard her name from a Netflix show. If you have not, you are urged to read forward because she is the woman mechanic in the show and you would most definitely want to know about her. Although our primary focus will be on her net worth, we will also try to engage in other topics surrounding Nunes as well. 

Constance Nunes’s Net Worth

Constance Nunes Net Worth

Constance Nunes is a woman of many jobs. She is a model, a car mechanic, and also a television host. She gained much-deserved popularity after her appearance in the Netflix reality show: Car Masters: Rust to Riches. Her multiple professions are sources of her fortune. 

As of 2022, Constance Nunes’ net worth is estimated to be around $ 2 million approximately. The primary source of her income is her career in modeling. Besides being a model, she has earned her wealth by being a professional car mechanic. The Netflix reality show forms another reason for her current wealth. 

Who is Constance Nunes?

Constance Nunes is an American model of Portuguese descent. She is also a television personality. Nunes was born on November 17, 1989. She was born and brought up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Her current residence of Nunes is in Temecula, California. She is 33 years old as of now and will turn 34 later this year. 

Constance has become a household name since her appearance in the show Car Masters: Rust to Riches. She gained popularity after people got to know about her skills in the automobile industry. The woman is a model, as well as a car mechanic, the combination of the two makes her impeccable. Wrangler, Jlux Label, and Jockey are her print clients in her modeling career.  

Constance has proved that you do not need to be a man to remain in a profession concerning automobiles. She has also proved that women can have an extensive area of knowledge about cars and be invested in them as much as a man. 

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Constance Nunes Career

Constance Nunes Net Worth

Nunes started her journey as a model in 2008. It was the year when she first debuted as a model in Los Angeles. Following her debut, she got various other opportunities. As stated earlier, she has appeared in various print advertisements for Jeep Wrangler, Jockey, and Adore Apparel. 

She was seen in other advertisements as well. Finishing Touch, Reebok, and Motorola signed her for appearing in their commercials promoting their products. She was also seen in Model Mayhem and Kia’s Super Bowl advertisement. 

As pointed out earlier, her career is not only limited to her being a model. Nunes has worked as a stuntwoman in quite a few Hollywood movies. Her experience in the automobile industry began when she started to work as an aftermarket director in Ford, Audi, BMW, and Acura’s service departments. It was here that she gained experience in the world of cars. 

Not only this, her career expanded when she worked at VP Racing Fuel and 4 Wheel Parts. She is not exactly an influencer on social media, but a personality like hers will influence thousands of people across the world. She is active on her social media handles, especially Instagram. Working never stops for Nunes. Through her Instagram handle, she has been promoting brands like JLUXLABEL and Energy Drinks. 

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FAQS about Constance Nunes

1. Is Constance Nunes married?

Yes! She is a married woman. She has been married to her husband Jared Toller since February 9, 2019. 

2. What is the age of Constance Nunes?

She is 33 years old as of now and will turn 34 later this year.

3. What does Constance Nunes do?

Constance is a Portuguese-American model who is also a mechanic and a television host. 

4. What is the net worth of Constance Nunes now?

The net worth of Constance Nunes is estimated to be $ 2 Million. 

5. What is Constance Nunes doing now?

Recently, Constance Nunes opened her car shop and has named it CARS by Constance. There she is known for repairing and restoring old cars of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. 

6. Where does Constance Nunes stay?

Constance Nunes’ recent residency is in Temecula, California. 

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