Who Is Noah Thompson Girlfriend? Exploring His Relationship Status!

One of the most-watched shows worldwide is American Idol show and its different country-based versions are available out there.

However there has been no show which has matched the superiority of American Idol and that’s just because it’s the starting of a huge franchise that has been going on for years a followed by that the show has got some get dramatic moments, which are as well as realistic, almost every American or any person who has been into reality shows has watched this show once in his lifetime, and we are not seeing any changes in the viewers count of the show, anyhow.

It has been increasing over the years and that’s how it will continue over time. Now coming to the main topic, as we all know the American idol show has been going through a lot of ups and downs and some accusations which have made people a bit cryptic about the show, but the winner surely didn’t have to face any of those problems, because we all knew how much this man deserved to be the true American idol. His name is none other than as we all know Noah Thompson.

Now for all those who don’t know much about this show and stuff, American Idol is basically a show which has been inspired by the story pop idol which was the British version of the show, and its basically a singing show where auditions are given by thousands and thousands of people from all over America and if they have got something worthy of being the idol of America when it comes to singing, they are selected and they choose various teams they can join and compete against one another in weekly episodes where they are groomed and the person who is able to give out the most and improve like no one else, he or she ends up winning.

Noah Thompson Girlfriend

Now Noah, if you have watched this show, has been one of the sweetest guys we have ever seen on the stage of American idol, he is just adorable and seems very gentle and fun loving and if you have watched all those episodes, you may have also heard about his son Walter who is just a mini version of Noah, however, with this there is also a question regarding who is the mother of Noah’s son.

Now if you have been following his social media and other sectors, you may have heard of the name Angel Dixon who has been Noah’s girlfriend and the mother to Noah’s son. They have been dating since 2018 and that has surely been a long time, they were high school kids that fell in love and surely their relationship looks quite adorable by now.

At the same time, some other things that had to be noticed in this entire scenario are that there have been a lot of other rumors which is quite normal to create a lot of problems in the relationship between Noah and Angel. The runner-up from the 2022 season of the show, was quite another fan favorite and that is hunter girl, and as we all know, hunter girl was quite close to Noah Thomson. We have seen a lot of TikTok and other stuff where we have seen hunter girl and Noah hanging out and spending time together, but at the same time these rumors have been cleared out by Noah and both of them have given statements that they were only friends and nothing more.

Other than that Noah has always been quite a private person and that is another big reason that we haven’t found out about Angel Dixon for quite a long time, but we also can’t deny the fact that she posts her along with his son sometimes and that surely shows how much of a loving father and a goof boyfriend he is. Though they haven’t married yet, they live together and make an absolutely beautiful family of three.

Though the readers as we all know are still not satisfied with this much information regarding Angel Dixon and yes, we understand how you feel, however, no worries as the article still hasn’t come to an end, and here we are going to give you every bit of information about her.

Who Is Angel Dixon?

Noah Thompson Girlfriend

The big name that has been the main highlight of the article is Angel Dixon, she is none other than Noah Thompson’s girlfriend who is the 2022 American Idol winner. Yes, girls, we do know that Noah is quite handsome, adorable, and hot at the same time, but we are really sorry to let you know that Noah is quite a family man and he has got a child whose name is Walter and that’s from his long-running relationship with Angel Dixon. They have been dating since their high school days when both of them were young and through all these years when Noah has struggled so much, Angel surely has been by his side and made sure Noah achieves what he has achieved now.

Now Angel Dixon was born in the year 2001 and she is a year elder than Noah, however, they both attended Lawrence high school in Louisiana. Angel is from Kentucky and her father is a police officer, she has not been quite a very good student ever, but she has surely maintained her grades, she went to college, while Noah was there making sure he gets a job so that he can take care of the family. She is also a social media influencer and if you have seen her Instagram profile, you would surely know that she is surely quite successful in life after her struggles.

Based on the rumors we have heard, they started back in the year 2017 but some sources have also disclosed it to be 2018. They got Walter in the year 2021 and that was just after a few years of their relationship, however, the way we have seen the family together it surely seems that Noah and Angel will soon end up tying the knot and settling down as a family as Walter is growing up too and they have got a beautiful future coming forward for them.

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Noah Thompson’s Net Worth

Noah has not been from a very rich family before he came to American Idol and from what we have heard after passing out from college, he has been looking for small jobs and he never got something that is quite worth settling for or was enough to pay his and his family’s daily needs, however soon as we know his life completely changes when he ended up beating all those people in the American Idol show and securing the top rank and finally winning the title of the show. This surely ended up giving him quite an exposure and that is what changed his entire life completely.

Noah has been earning only from his singing and music career and he has got no other sources of earning, however that doesn’t mean he doesn’t earn a lot, he has been doing a lot of concerts after winning the show and those surely do earn him a  lot of money, following that he has also received quite some recognition which has ended up making do a lot of collaboration with other renowned artists which also means that there have been a lot of money transactions involved for him. Based on all our sources and the minimum his net worth can be, its no less than 1.5 million dollars as of now and we need to consider the fact that it’s just the start of his career and he actually has a long way to go and earn a lot more for himself and his family.

Noah Thompson’ Early Life

Noah has always been quite a private person as we have already mentioned in the previous statements and so nothing lot has been found on him since his high schools days and his family but the good fun-loving nature that we do see in him right now, that has been a part of him all his life. He has always been in love with music and he has completed high school. High school has surely given him a lot of exposure and that is also the place where he ended up meeting his future wife and his present girlfriend Angel Dixon.

Noah Thompson’s Personal Life

Noah Thompson Girlfriend

 Noah is a very private person and has not revealed the names of his parents on any platform but from our sources, we have found out that he is actually the youngest child in the family and he has got three siblings, one elder brother, and two elder sisters. We all know that Noah and Angel haven’t been married as of now, but their relationship surely seems quite steady and we can hope that they will end up tying the knot quite soon, and we all know about Noah’s adorable son Walter, who has often been referred to by many fans as mini-Noah.

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Noah Thompson Girlfriend- FAQs

1. Are Noah and Angel still together?

Yes, Noah and angel are still dating and maybe they will get married very soon.

2. What’s the name of Noah Thompson’s girlfriend?

Noah has been dating Angel Dixon since both of them were in high school.

3. Does Noah Thompson Like Hunter Girl?

Noah and hunter Girl are actually very good friends and nothing more.

4. What is Hunter Girl doing now?

She is currently doing live performances and recording her original songs.

5. What’s the name of Noah Thompsons’s son?

Noah Thompson’s son’s name is Walter.

6. Who is Noah Thompson’s baby momma?

Noah Thompson’s Girlfriends Angel Dixon is actually his son’s mother.

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