The Snow Girls Season 2 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities!

We all enjoy carnivals, don’t we? The boisterous energy, the colorful attires, and the optimistic vibes. Who doesn’t love these? But when you lose the most important thing in a carnival, would you be able to see the optimism in the world? The Snow Girls is a mystery thriller series that revolves around the abduction of a little girl. It is bound to take you on an emotional ride and keep you anticipating the next scene.

We all enjoy thrillers that keep us on our toes, don’t we? This series bears all the elements we search for in a mystery thriller. With season 1 already capturing millions of hearts, season 2 has become a hot topic. We all want to know whether we will get a season 2 or if would we have to content ourselves with six mere episodes. Come, find all your answers now!

The Snow Girls Season 2 Release Date

Though it is centered around the abduction of a young girl, Amaya, the main lead of this show is a journalist named Miren. The Snow Girls highlights Miren’s hardships in finding Amaya. From bearing the resistance from Amaya’s parents to standing against the police department, Miren does it all. We have a stellar series that is brimming with emotions, secrets, and cliffhangers that pave way for season 2.

Season 1 premiered in late January 2023 and received a very warm response. The Snow Girls Season 2 is expected to be released in early 2024. Though the makers have not yet confirmed anything, the series will get the green light soon. The cliffhangers from season 1 have made season 2 inevitable, only the release date is not out yet. Hopefully, we will get a solid release date soon.

Name Of The ShowThe Snow Girls
Season NumberSeason 2
The Snow Girls Season 1 Release Date27th January 2023
The Snow Girls Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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The Snow Girls Season 2 Plot Details

The Snow Girls Season 2

Season 1 ended with a major cliffhanger and has opened a wide array of possible storylines that season 2 could follow. Though we found out all about Amaya’s kidnappers and her abduction case is pretty much solved, Amaya is not ready to leave us yet. She was completely brainwashed by her kidnapper and is now disoriented when she meets her real family. Season 2 could portray Amaya’s struggle to adjust to her surroundings and get over the trauma. But this seems a lesser possibility now that we know how Miren received a photograph of yet another abducted girl.

Season 2 could follow Miren’s journey to find this girl and let us witness the depth of her scars. Ever since we witnessed her obsession to get justice for Amaya, we knew Miren was more than she let on. In the flashbacks we saw, Miren’s dark past getting clearer but it is not yet completely clear to us.

Since this series is based on Javier Castillo’s bestselling novel series, we can expect season 2 to cover the second novel of this series. At the end of season 2, Miren received a photograph with the name, Lauren. We are expecting her to embark on the journey of finding Lauren and defeating the kidnapper who openly challenged her all the while dealing with her grisly past.

The Snow Girls Season 2 Cast List

This Spanish series has a rich cast ensemble with Milene Smit leading the crew. She portrays our titular journalist, Miren, who is burdened by her past yet motivated by it as well. Miren helps Amaya’s parents, Ana and Alvaro, immensely but there is an underlying reason for her help. That reason binds Miren to her past and gets us hooked on her.

Amaya’s parents, Ana and Alvaro Martin are portrayed by Loreto Mauleon and Raul Prieto. The Martin couple is crushed after their daughter’s abduction. While Alvaro blames himself for letting Amaya’s fingers slip through his, Ana holds no grudge against her husband. This grief-stricken couple will break your heart and leave your eyes swollen.

Though Amaya doesn’t have many scenes in this series, she serves as one of the lead characters of this series. Amaya Martin, the abducted girl, is brought to us by Emma Sanchez. The other cast members include Jose Corondo, Tristan Ulloa, and Aixa Villagran.

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The Snow Girls Season 1 Summary

The Snow Girls Season 2

Like every disaster, there are no warning bells before everything is tattered down. The 5-year-old Amaya holds her father’s hand as the Martin family enjoys the infamous Spanish parade. They are all happy until Amaya slips through Alvaro’s fingers and their happiness turns into dread. They try everything, search Amaya everywhere only to come empty-handed.

Here comes Miren, the inexperienced journalist who watches Amaya’s case closely. When the police department is about to rule out Amaya’s case closed, Miren goes beyond and above to prove them wrong. In the snippets we get from her past, Amaya’s case brings out dark memories for Miren. Yet she fights them and stays strong while digging for the truth.

In the end, when we are about to lose hope, the story takes another route and Miren gets closer to the kidnapper. Amaya is kidnapped by __ who brainwashes her to a point that she doesn’t feel connected to her parents anymore, believing that __ is her mother. When we feel like the series is about to end, we get a new twist. Miren is at the recital of her new book when she receives a photograph of a young girl named Lauren. Season 2 is expected to continue from here.

Is The Snow Girls Series Worth Watching?

While the story is compelling, the characters lack the emotions we desire from such an emotional thriller mystery. The story jumps from past to present quickly, keeping us oblivious to the details of Miren’s past. We want to dive deeper into her past and know why she is so invested in Amaya’s case. The makers lack to providing these details. Maybe, they’re reserving it for season 2.

Overall, this series is a perfect blend of angst, drama, mystery, thrill, and suspense. Though there are points where we want to shake Miren and snatch the aloofness from her, we certainly understand why she is so cold towards the world. This dark Spanish series has become one of the most popular Netflix series these days and rightly so.

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Inspiration Behind The Snow Girls Series

The Snow Girls revolves around Miren’s journey more than Amaya’s even if it felt like Amaya’s journey at first. From the moment Miren is presented to us, with her tenaciousness and unyielding strength, we start to wonder about the inspiration behind the series. We start to wonder if it is a true story even if we already know it is adapted from Javier Castillo’s novel series.

Javier has manifested this novel series purely from his creative imagination. This isn’t a true story neither Castillo has written it from any prior experience. Miren is a purely fictional character Castillo has brought to us in his novel series first and later brought to the cinematic world.

The Snow Girls Deals With Heavy Issues

We all know how sensitive abduction and abuse topics are. Dealing with them in a series isn’t an easy task. Matters could go worse any second, especially when killings are involved in the mix as well. It is speculated that Miren has killed Amaya’s kidnapper and while there are no confirmations yet, the possibilities are quite high.

The Snow Girls deals with heavy issues but does justice to all of them. It doesn’t stretch things or belittle them which has made this series so popular. Season 2 will be dealing with more sensitive issues like that of Miren’s gloomy past. Hopefully, Javier and the makers would keep the momentum going.

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Why The Name “The Snow Girls”?

This is the question that is probably nagging you as well. For a series that is brimming with scorching emotions, why is it named after snow? You might be thinking it is because of Miren’s cold, aloof nature. But be prepared to be proved wrong because Miren’s nature is nowhere related to the name of this series.

The snow in the name of this mystery thriller represents bleakness here. When Miren finds Amaya, she uses the same phrase highlighting that she found her amid snow when everything seemed bleak. The series is as intense and meaningful as its name. Hopefully, season 2 would be the same as well!


If we talk about the ratings of the series, it got 6.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Snow Girls Series About?

It is about the kidnapping of a little girl named Amaya and the journey of finding her.

2. Is The Snow Girls Series Worth Watching?

If you’re into mystery thrillers, you can give this series a try.

3. Who Is The Lead Of The Snow Girls Series?

Miren, the journalist, is the lead actress in this show.

4. Will There Be A Season 2 Of The Snow Girls Series?

Yes, there may be a second season of this show. But there are no confirmations about it yet.

5. Is There A Trailer For The Snow Girls Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available yet. But we will get the trailer for season 2 soon!

6. Where To Watch The Snow Girls Series?

The Snow Girls is a Netflix series. Catch up on the mystery of Amaya’s kidnapping on this streaming giant!

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