That’s My Jam Season 2 Release Date Gets The Confirmation! Start Counting The Days Now!

What’s your favorite pastime? The majority of us would vote for music, right? We all enjoy the soothing melodies and the energetic beats. What about games? Who doesn’t want to become a child again and play games? Combining our two favorite pastimes, That’s My Jam, has become one unique show of its kind.

We have got one superbly crafted series that brings out the inner child in us. Littered with music, and brimming with humor, That’s My Jam is all ready to hail back with a new season. The makers have approved the series for a second season and have confirmed the release date as well. Explore everything about That’s My Jam Season 2 now!

That’s My Jam Season 2 Release Date

We have seen countless game shows that revolve around celebrities’ trying to make us laugh. We have witnessed talk shows and musical shows. And we have also seen musical game shows. So what’s unique about this show? It isn’t scripted. Yes, this NBC musical game show has no fixed script but guaranteed humor.

Season 1 received abundant love from America and all over the world. It was watched by over 250 million people which is why season 2 is in such great demand. Season 1 premiered in early 2022 and received confirmation a few months later. That’s My Jam season 2 will premiere on March 7, 2023. It is going to be coming back with a bang and multiple games in a while!

Name Of The ShowThat’s My Jam
Season NumberSeason 2
Genrereality show
That’s My Jam Season 1 Release Date29 November 2021
That’s My Jam Season 2 Release Date7 March 2023

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That’s My Jam Season 2 Storyline

That’s My Jam Season 2

Season 1 didn’t follow a script and neither will season 2. Just like the last time, we will have to trust Jimmy Fallon and hope he will bring a great show. Though there’s no predefined script, That’s My Jam follows a set pattern. It is an episode-based series in which we get to witness new celebrities in each episode trying to win the episode.

The episode begins with Fallon’s grand entry and the tune we have all come to love. Then we are introduced to the four celebrities who will form two teams and compete against each other. They play games like LipSync, Air Guitar, Don’t Spray It, and many more. They make us topple over in laughter and treat us to a wonderful hour. Season 2 is expected to follow the same format with new guests and fresh games.

Who Could Be In The Cast Of That’s My Jam Season 2?

The Voice coaches were seen in the starting episode of That’s My Jam series followed by other celebrities. This season will feature new guests, hopefully, more from America this time. Though we cannot predict the guest list since it is kept top-secret, we can expect actresses and popular TV personalities to star in the show.

The guest list has been kept a secret but the host wouldn’t be changing. Jimmy Fallon will be returning with new games and more laughing moments. There were speculations that the host for this season would be changing but those were just rumors. Jimmy Fallon is all set to host this show!

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That’s My Jam Season 1: Should You Watch It?

Now, this is a tricky question. That’s My Jam has become quite a popular show. More than 250 million people have watched it but the ratings aren’t as stellar. NBC’s musical comedy show didn’t perform very well in the digital market. The format is unique but not as great as it was expected to be.

For all the viewers who are looking for a pastime, this musical comedy is a perfect choice. You’ll get to meet several celebrities and watch them getting water splashed on their face, hear them struggling to blend lyrics of two different songs, and have a great time. 

But if you’re looking for a musical show where there would be extremely talented singers competing against each other, you’re in for a sore disappointment. So, the answer to this question depends on what you’re expecting from the That’s My Jam series.

That’s My Jam Season 2 Is Under A Lot Of Pressure

That’s My Jam Season 2

You might be wondering why such a well-received series is under tremendous pressure. The format is great, the celebrities are sporty and the games are nice as well. Then why is the series not the most beloved one? It isn’t as if the series hasn’t performed well, it is just that it hasn’t reached the brilliant-level mark.

This is the reason season 2 is under tremendous pressure. Fallon would have to come up with some fresh ideas this season. No one can question his talent, Jimmy can guarantee you a great time. Hopefully, his talent would prove to be fruitful for him and us. And hopefully, he wouldn’t succumb under pressure.

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That’s My Jam Is Honoured As NBC’s Best-Ever Digital Non-Scripted Show

Despite having flaws, That’s My Jam has become NBC’s best-ever digital non-scripted series. Brought to us by Fallon, this is one beautifully crafted series that has been loved by millions. Though there are points where we start expecting more, this series is not to be blamed for that. It is we, the audience, to be blamed for being over-expectant.

Fallon, with his bright cheerful personality and amazing talent, has uplifted the show. When we talk about reality shows, we know they don’t have a certain fixed storyline. Even though they follow a certain format, the winners are not fixed. That’s My Jam stands firm on this concept and has received a warm response. Season 2 is expected to turn this warmth into full-blown love.

That’s My Jam Has Become Jimmy Fallon’s First Primetime NBC Series

Just like That’s My Jam has become NBC’s best-ever digital non-scripted show, it also marks Fallon’s first-ever primetime NBC series. He has done quite well for a first-timer he has given his best and made our eyes water with laughter.

Jimmy Fallon is quite famous for his show entitled, The Tonight Show: Starring Jimmy Fallon. It is a talk show that has inspired Fallon to come up with a musical show. He assembled elements from his show and formulated this series that has won several titles already. Season 2 will mark Fallon’s second primetime series for NBC.

That’s My Jam Has Close Resemblance To Jimmy Fallon’s Previous Show

That’s My Jam Season 2

It is still unclear whether it is a complaint, an accusation, or a mere observation. But it is something to bear in mind for everyone who has watched this show or is planning to do so. We all know Fallon has infused multiple elements from his previous shows and established this series. But many people have stated that That’s My Jam bears a close resemblance to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The music, Fallon’s cheerful personality, and even the theme seem to be mimicking Jimmy’s previous show. But there are still multiple elements that make this series stand out. Fallon has brought an energy to the show that couldn’t be denied.

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That’s My Jam Has Inspired More Shows

We all know winning these many titles makes a show an inspiration. That’s My Jam is no stranger to this fact since it has become a show that has inspired other shows as well. This is an American musical comedy series that has inspired the creation of That’s My Jam hosted by BBC in Britain.

There are other shows as well that are inspired by Fallon’s unique idea. And multiple other shows are influenced by Jimmy and his ability to lighten up other series. Hopefully, season 2 would continue season 1’s legacy and improvize where it lacks.

Slay It–Don’t Spray It Becomes The Most Played Game Of That’s My Jam Series

That’s My Jam season 1 contains six episodes, all ranging under the 1-hour mark. In each episode, we get to witness four celebrities who later form two pairs and compete against each other. They play various games like Perfect Mashup, Wheel of Impossible Karaoke, and Disco Charades.

Out of all these games, Slay It–Don’t Spray It has become the most played game since it is played in every episode of season 1. Though we adore this game, we want something more this time. In season 2, we expect more unique games.

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On IMDb, the show got 7.3 ratings out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is That’s My Jam Series About?

This is a musical game show hosted by Jimmy Fallon in which multiple celebrities play unique games and make us laugh.

2. Who Is The Host Of The That’s My Jam Series?

Jimmy Fallon is the host of this series.

3. Is That’s My Jam Season 2 Approved?

Yes, it is approved for release on March 7, 2023.

4. Is That’s My Jam Series Worth Watching?

If you’re looking for a pastime and enjoy watching musical shows blended with humor, you can give this series a try.

5. Is There A Trailer Available For That’s My Jam Season 2?

As of now, there is no trailer available. But we will get an entertaining trailer soon.

6. Where To Watch That’s My Jam Season 2?

There are multiple options available for you to watch this series. You can stream it on NBC’s official site and streaming platform, Peacock, as well as on Hulu.

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