Dear Edward Season 2 Release Date: Is The Show Renewed?

Another intriguing drama series is about to be released on Apple TV+, all eyes are stuck on Dear Edward Season 1. Jason Katims is on our radar. We can’t wait to see what will be the storyline of Season 1! But hey there, have you received any updates on Dear Edward Season 2? Well, this happens to be the most asked question out there, fans would love to dig deep into the upcoming American drama series, the storyline of Dear Edward is looking quite fascinating to us and thus, we hope to see another season of the show. But as of now, Apple TV+ has not said anything about Dear Edward Season 2. Some sources claim the show has been renewed for another run and this has fired up numerous rumors out there. 

Dear Edward Season 2 Release Date

Dear Edward Season 2 Release Date

Ann Napolitano’s famous novel, Dear Edward is in high talk. The novel was released back in January 2020 and is still seen among the best novel series out there. The popular drama series which has been created by Jason Katims will revolve around the storyline of this epic storybook. Fans are highly excited to see the graphical adaptation of the novel series. Coming to the main discussion of the day, as per our estimates, Dear Edward is not yet renewed for Season 2. Apple TV+ is still pretty much silent on the renewal status of Dear Edward. The renewal of the upcoming American drama series directly depends upon the popularity of the series. 

Name Of The ShowDear Edward
Season NumberSeason 2
Dear Edward Season 1 Release Date 3 February 2023
Dear Edward Season 2 Release Date Not Announced

Apple TV will surely review the ratings of Dear Edward Season 1, if the show manages to cross the bar of 6 or 7, then we might see another season of the show. Moreover, we are still waiting to see the last episode of Dear Edward Season 1. If the show departs with a major cliffhanger, then we will surely get to see another season of the show.

Renewal of any thriller drama or sci-fi animated series highly depends on the availability of source material and the popularity of that particular show. Hopefully, Dear Edward Season 1 will not disappoint us! If the heart-warming drama series gets renewed for Season 2, then the next installment of the series will probably roll out next year, somewhere in February or March 2024.

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Dear Edward Season 1 Synopsis 

Dear Edward Season 2 Release Date

They say if you share your grief then with time, your pain might diminish. We bring you to Young Edward Adler, this is his story of survival, this his journey of pain and grief, this is where he lost all his family members! It all started with that brutal plane crash. The story intensifies further when Edward connects with other people who too are surviving the trauma of losing their loved ones. This story speaks about healing from your pain, Dear Edward is not just a tale of sorrow, but it also tells us how to overcome depression and loneliness. 

Edward wasn’t the only one who lost everything, many people in the plane couldn’t survive and their family still feels stuck with the thought of losing their loved ones forever! Unlike others, Edward was lucky enough to survive through the last.

After the accident, he moved in with his uncle and aunt, but the story doesn’t end there, in fact, his struggle starts from here! From getting past his pain to reaching out to more people like him who as well lost their loved ones in that brutal plane accident, this story is surely filled with emotional scenes and heart-warming speeches. Let’s hope we get to see more than one season of the show. 

What Will Be The Story Of Dear Edward Season 2? 

As we mentioned above, the upcoming American drama series, Dear Edward is yet on hold. The series is not renewed and we don’t have any concrete release date for Dear Edward Season 2. If they plan to divide the novel series into two to three parts, then we will surely have some room for Season 2.

Well, whether there are any hopes left for Dear Edward Season 2 or not, highly depends on the story of Dear Edward Season 1. Our wait ends here, the popular drama series is currently streaming on Apple TV+, do let us know what you think about Dear Edward Season 1. That’s all for now, to know more about intriguing and exciting drama series, stay connected with us, just right here.


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Dear Edward Season 2 Release Date – FAQs

1. Is Dear Edward making a comeback with Season 2?

Dear Edward Season 2 is yet to be confirmed by Apple TV+.

2. When will Dear Edward Season 2 premiere?

According to our guesses, Dear Edward Season 2 might roll out somewhere in February or March 2024.

3. Is Dear Edward Season 1 streaming online?

Dear Edward Season 1 was scheduled to be released on 3rd February 2023, currently, the drama series is streaming on Apple TV+.

4. How many episodes are there in Dear Edward Season 1?

Dear Edward has a total of 10 episodes.

5. Has Apple TV+ canceled Dear Edward Season 2?

No, Apple TV+ has yet not canceled Dear Edward Season 2.

6. Is the upcoming American drama series, Dear Edward based on a true story?

Yes, Dear Edward is based on a true story! The series tries to depict the story of Airways Flight 771!

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