Why Did Sierra Mist Change Its Name? Everything We Know!

We are living in a world where drinking beverages is now very common but we can not say that all beverages have been discovered now. It’s been more than a century since we got to drink many popular beverages and we all know how popular Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Thumbs Up are. 

These drinks never get old and we are sure that we will never get tired of drinking Thumbs Up, Pepsi, Cola, etc because the taste has been set on our taste buds and we can never say goodbye to it but have you ever thought what will happen if your favorite drink or beverage will stop selling? And eventually, the company will stop making your favorite drink. 

Just having this kind of thought makes you feel so sad and you feel heartbroken but imagine if this will happen for real. There is one such drink that has been getting loved by many beverage lovers since the day it started to sell but recently people are being too lost on the internet because there are many questions related to that particular drink and those questions are getting searched by many beverage lovers. So, today you will also get to know all the information about that particular beverage. 

Why Did Sierra Mist Change Its Name?

Sierra Mist

“Sierra Mist” is one of the most popular beverages, this lemon-lime flavored soft drink was introduced in the year 1999 by Pepsico. This particular soft drink has a long history. When it was first discovered it was available in the entire United States by 2003 but from 2000 to 2006 the original formula of this drink was not changed, after that from 2006 to 2010, the ingredient changed to high-fructose corn syrup. 

In 2010, the drink got changed to Sierra Mist Natural because PepsiCo replaced the original Sierra Mist Formula with this and there was a change in the ingredient because of the presence of Sucrose instead of high fructose corn syrup. 

In 2013, the name of this drink again got changed and it was simply called Sierra Mist and in 2014 there were some changes in the ingredient as the addition of Stevia took place that year. But the change of ingredients did not work out as customers started to complain that the taste of the drink is not good and they are not liking it, So in 2015, PepsiCo again announced that the name of Sierra Mist would change to “Mist Twst” and in 2016, the name was officially changed. 

In 2018, the name of this soft drink again got changed, and again it was renamed “Sierra Mist” from Mist Twst. In 2023, Pepsi officially stated that the brand would be discontinued and Sierra Mist replaced with Starry. 

So, now, Sierra Mist is officially known as Starry. This is the reason why Sierra Mist changed its name. Pepsi has officially started all these and this is the whole history of Sierra Mist. After going through this article, what do you think about the changes Sierra Mist has witnessed since it was discovered? 

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What is Sierra Mist? 

Sierra Mist is a soft drink and its flavor is Lemon-lime. This drink was first introduced in the year 1999 and now it is still getting sold out but over these years, Sierra Mist has witnessed so many changes. 

Is Sierra Mist Popular?

Sierra Mist

We can say that Sierra Mist is one of the most popular beverages but we can not say that it is still very popular because this soft drink has gone through many changes which is why people started to lose interest in drinking this soft drink. 

Why People are curious about Sierra Mist?

People are curious about Sierra Mist because this soft drink is very popular and it has been getting sold out really well since the very beginning but after going through so many changes people started to feel salty about this soft drink, so they are very curious to know every information about this drink. 

1. Does Sierra Mist taste good?

Yes, it tastes good because the flavor of this drink is Lemon-lime.

2. Is Sierra Mist still getting sold in the market?

Yes, but the name of Sierra Mist is changed now so now it is getting sold as Starry.

3. What is the new name of Sierra Mist?

The new name of Sierra Mist is Starry.

4. When was Sierra Mist introduced?

It was introduced in the year 1999.

5. Who introduced Sierra Mist?

PepsiCo introduced this soft drink.

6. What is the flavor of Sierra Mist?

The flavor of Sierra Mist is Lemon-lime

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