Love Never Lies: Poland Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Predicted Storyline!

What wouldn’t you risk for your love? We go beyond everything to keep our partners happy, even lying to them sometimes. White lies are often more beneficial than harsh truths. But in the long haul, trust matters the most in a relationship. Love Never Lies: Poland is a series that tests the amount of trust between a couple. While it might not have felt very appealing to the audience at first, we slowly got to know more about it and started to enjoy the surprise element this show brings.

This series incorporates every element we need in a good show. It is brimming with fun, angst drama, shocking twists and overflowing emotions. With the first season getting such a warm response, season 2 has become a hot topic. If you’re yet another fan of this show, dive in and explore more about Love Never Lies: Poland season 2 now!

Love Never Lies: Poland Season 2 Release Date

We’ve seen multiple reality shows that put couples to the test, haven’t we? Even before we begin streaming the show, we know it’ll be consisting of irresistible temptations for the couples, jealousy and a host that would be as approachable as strict. This show covers everything but there is an added element that makes it stand out from the others. Its brilliant use of technology and lack of proper script has made it one of the most-viewed reality shows.

Name Of The ShowLove Never Lies: Poland
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreReality Show
Love Never Lies: Poland Season 1 Release Date25 January 2023
Love Never Lies: Poland Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Love Never Lies is a Netflix franchise that picks up a few couples and puts their loyalty to test. In Love Never Lies: Poland, six couples from Poland are challenged. The first season was released on January 25, 2023, and received a warm response. Though there are no confirmations and very less chances of this show returning with a second season, we are keeping our hopes high. If everything goes, Love Never Lies: Poland Season 2 will be debuting in early 2024.

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Love Never Lies: Poland Season 2 Storyline

Love Never Lies: Poland Season 2

Love Never Lies: Poland is a web series that centres around six couples from Poland who are already at the lowest point of their relationship. They are brought together in a villa where several temptations and one question reside: Will their love survive the ultimate blow? These couples are asked questions in multiple rounds. For each truth they speak, they win a certain amount and for every lie, they lose the same amount.

How to know whether they’re lying or not? This show uses a modern lie-detecting technique called EyeDetect in which the movement of their pupils decides the honesty of their statement. And the questions are cruel enough to put a permanent dent in their relationship. The couples have to choose whether they want to tell the truth, win the money and risk their already fragile relationship or save it with a simple lie–which is not as easy as it sounds.

Love Never Lies: Poland Season 2 Cast

In season 1, we witnessed six couples from Poland willing to put their unstable relationship under duress and know if their partner is as honest as they believe them to be. If we get a season 2, these six couples wouldn’t be returning. Instead, we will be getting new couples who are as insecure as they are in love.

The hostess, Maja Bohosiewicz, would be returning with the second season with her bright smiling and sharp mind. We all know how interesting Maja has made this first-ever unscripted Poland show. If we get a second season, there are possibilities that we would get a different host, but it doesn’t seem like that would be the case.

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Love Never Lies: Poland Season 1 Review And Summary

Love Never Lies: Poland Season 2

Season 1 begins by highlighting how fragile the relationship between these couples is. They are burdened with doubt, sure that their partners are lying and yet, somehow struggling to hold onto their love. The first few episodes seem slightly boring when Maja introduces us to all these couples.

But the show kicks again when the temptations increase and so does the pressure. The level of questions heightens and so do the insecurities. Emotions flow freely in this show with jealousy and sometimes love topping the list. Overall it is a series you could give a try if you’re into reality shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Love Never Lies Franchise About?

This franchise brings together six couples and tests their loyalty with the aid of the EyeDetect technique.

2. Is Love Never Lies: Poland Season 1 Worth Watching?

If you’re into reality shows, this is a brilliantly crafted show you could try.

3. Who Is The Host Of Love Never Lies: Poland Season 1?

Maja Bohosiewicz is the host of Love Never Lies: Poland season 1.

4. Will Love Never Lies: Poland Season 2 Get Approval?

There are no confirmations from the official yet. So, it is quite possible that they’re mulling over it and will provide us with confirmation soon.

5. Is There A Trailer Available For Love Never Lies: Poland Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch Love Never Lies: Poland?

You could watch this show easily on Netflix.

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