Is African Queens: Njinga Based On A True Story? Who Was Queen Njinga? Is She A Ruler Or A Killer?

In an era where kings were the only rulers and queens existed merely to serve the king, an African queen rose to prominence. She proved the world wrong and fought against everyone who challenged her ability. Her sole motive was to protect her nation and free it from the dark clutches of the Portuguese. African Queens: Njinga explores the journey of this self-sufficient woman who ruled Africa for several decades.

With Black History Month looming on the horizon, we all feel a certain sense of respect towards the African people, don’t we? They are probably the most tortured people of the 1500 decade. Most tortured and probably the bravest as well. Let’s explore more about this upcoming Netflix series African Queens: Njinga now!

Is African Queens: Njinga Based On A True Story?

Strength is not only physical, your power lies in your mindset as well. Queen Njinga proved that very well. She brought numerous men down and enjoyed the power. Njinga was full of confidence, her beauty and power made her almost invincible. But history as it was, she was way more complex than what we all have been believing.

African Queens: Njinga is based on the life of Queen Njinga. It’ll be exploring the intricate details of the most powerful queen in the history of Africa. Scheduled to release on February 15, 2023, this series has already started to garner fans. To all the history lovers, your wait will soon come to an end!

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Is African Queens: Njinga A Documentary Series?

African Queens: Njinga

Narrated to us by Jada Pinkett Smith, African Queens: Njinga is a documentary series centred around the life of Njinga. It will be highlighting her life from childhood until she became the ruler of Angola. The monarchs never have it easy. They have a glamorous life on the outside but inside, they hide several skeletons in their closet.

Many people believe that Queen Njinga was one of these people. She had impeccable strength but she was hungry for power. Some people claim that Queen Njinga killed her brother so that she could rule Angolo. And some people worship her and appraise her for her strength and how she suffered for the people of Angolo. We’re about to get a clear picture of this mysterious queen in this upcoming Netflix series.

Cast List Of African Queens: Njinga

Since this is a documentary series and Queen Njinga is no more alive nor does her family members are present now, we don’t expect many members in the cast. African Queens: Njinga is a series that will be aired in four parts, each one being for almost an hour. All these parts will be presented to us in a narrative format by the producer and the mastermind behind this series, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Smith has always spoken about women’s empowerment, especially the upliftment of African women. This is another step of hers in this direction. She’ll be presenting truly verified stories of Queen Njinga and will be revealing some never-known-before facts about the mysterious queen. Hopefully, she would make it interesting!

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Who Was Queen Njinga?

African Queens: Njinga

Queen Njinga is an untangled mystery. Born to the rulers of Ndongo, the half-divided state of Angola, Njinga was always interested in the workings of the monarch. She often sneaked up on her father and explored how he conducted his assemblies, how he ruled and what problems did he face. 

When Njinga’s father dropped dead, the Portuguese captured her brother and her hometown. Now Njinga was left helpless and Ndongo became an unbearable hell. She decided to get her brother out and save her people, follow the monarch and fight against the Portuguese. Somehow, she managed to get her brother out but he soon passed away and all the blame fell on her.

Njinga then proceeded to sidestep the haters and save her people from the clutches of the Portuguese. It took her several years, lots of convincing and even more hardships to free her nation. But in the end, there were still some people left who questioned her authenticity. Though they should have never blamed Njinga for such atrocity, Njinga was smart enough not to care.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is African Queens: Njinga Based On A True Story?

Yes, it is based on a true story.

2. What Is African Queens: Njinga Series Based On?

This series is based on the life of the queen of Angolo, Africa.

3. Is African Queens: Njinga Based On The Life Of Queen Njinga?

Yes, it is centred around Queen Njinga’s life.

4. Is African Queens: Njinga A Documentary Series?

Yes, it is a documentary series that will be released on February 15, 2023.

5. Is There A Trailer Available For African Queens: Njinga Series?

Yes, there is an insightful trailer available for this upcoming series.

6. Where To Watch African Queens: Njinga?

Catch up on all the updates on Queen Njinga’s life with Jada only on Netflix.

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