Girls Hostel Season 4 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities!

Everybody thinks that the world of women is perfect with pink skies and that we are very shy and soft all the time. But is that the case? Are we soft and shy all the time? It is only we, women, who know what tigresses we become when our anger hits us. Am I right? You are probably nodding your head right now. The world of women is chaotic just like the world of any other gender/community. Women are not shy and soft all the time. Even if we stand up for ourselves, we cannot deny that have bloody fights among us. 

Stating that, have you ever wondered what goes on inside a girls’ hostel? You probably have not. As stated above, even if we stand up for each other, when a bunch of women stays together, they are bound to have fought among themselves. This not only happens to women, but to every other living organism. It is just that, although women are conventionally attached to being ‘calm’, things inside a girls’ hostel can become extremely violent at times. 

In this article, we will talk about the famous series Girls Hostel. If you have watched the series, you might be wondering if it is going to be renewed for a second season. You will get to know all the information that is there about the release of the next season of the show. If you have not watched the show, you should read further to get some insight into the show which will make you want to watch the show because come on, you are not the only one who wants to know what exactly happens when a bunch of women stay together for months. 

Girls Hostel Season 4 Release Date

Girls Hostel Season 4 Release Date

As of now, the Girls’ Hostel has three seasons. The third season of the show is the most recent one. It was released on 25th November 2022. According to the reports that we have found, there is no news or announcement from the creators of the show regarding the show’s fourth run. We do not know if season 4 of Girls’ Hostel will be released or not. If the creators decide to drop a fourth season, it will probably be in 2024, middle or the end of next year. 

Name Of The ShowGirls Hostel
Season NumberSeason 4
Genrecomedy drama
Girls Hostel Season 1 Release DateDecember 8, 2023
Girls Hostel Season 4 Release DateNot Announced

The first season of the show was released on December 8, 2018. The first season had five episodes. Following the success of the first season, the second season of the show was released on 19th February 2021. The second season had five episodes as well. Finally, the third season got out very recently in November of 2022. 

As of now, there are 15 episodes covering all three seasons. If the creators decide to drop a fourth season, it will probably also have five episodes. 

Girls Hostel Season 4 Story

The story of Girls’ Hostel is all about the lives of the girls living in a hostel. It encompasses how they live together, their fights, and their hardships. The show is hilarious and extremely entertaining to watch. Some fights will make you cheer for some of the girls in the show, and some moments will make you emotional as well. 

The story of the show has been loved this far. However, there are certain gaps in the show like the students are never focusing on their academics when they are in the field of medicine. Season 1 and season 2 of the show received enough love from the audience, but in season 3 the show was a disappointment for many. The script for the third season of the show has been termed as weak as many unnecessary plot twists were intertwined in the show. 

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Girls Hostel Season 4 Cast

Girls Hostel Season 4 Release Date

The cast of Girls’ Hostel includes Ahsaas Channa as Richa, Shrishti Shrivastava as Jo, Parul Gulati as Zahira Ali, Simran Natekar as Mili, Shreya Mehta as Ramya Mantri, Gagan Arora as Aarav, Khushbu Baid as Palak, Shilpa Sinha as Sukanya, Jayati Bhatia as Dr. Sarla Desai, and Trupti Khamkar as the warden. 

The show has been created by Shreyashi Sharma. Arunabh Kumar has been responsible for its production. The show has been written by Anuya Jakatdar, Shreyashi Sharma, and Alka Shukla.


Girls Hostel got 7.8 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many episodes of Girls Hostel are there?

There are 15 episodes of the show as of now. 

2. How many seasons of Girls Hostel are there?

There are three seasons of the show presently.

3. Is Ahsaas Channa in the Girls Hostel?

Yes! She is one of the leading cast members of the show.

4. Is Girls Hostel worth watching?

Yes! It is. Although season 3 of the show is not considered that great, the first two seasons received immense love from the audience. 

5. Where can I watch Girls Hostel?

You can watch the show on SonyLIV.

6. When was Girls Hostel Season 3 released?

Girls Hostel season 3 was released on 25 November 2022.

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